Steve Aoki Hits 100 Milliom Streams on Spotify and Shares His Playlists

Steve Aoki talks Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis.
2:54 | 01/30/17

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Transcript for Steve Aoki Hits 100 Milliom Streams on Spotify and Shares His Playlists
NYC. Definitely going to be doing show here prospered like my last big show is. Hammerstein ballroom of the show great the great venue. So I I have to projects coming out. Musical projects my. Have pop UP. Working with little as he verbally ID amigos. While they have much rumored to change. So that. Project coming up and I've near future three coming out. Which has. You know a bunch of collaborations. And might my biggest single of all time. That's that's really. I just can't. I I can't think all the fans so enough. And and my collaborator and and I'm partner crevice on we've Collison was just a line and it's incredible. You know just. Know it just doesn't you know seeing. The growth of this song. You get to the place where Scott ethic we we just today we hit hundred million streams. Wow lot of I was one of them. And now it's fantastic it's it's incredible since the group will be when. So with Spotify you're also were it was Spotify on. The NA playland got right yes so tell me a little bit about that yeah so. I Oprah's while of the Hebrew. Media mean what's your do you have a favorite playlist that you made about time. I mean is if you look a bit like talking about an eighth of its its like those photos are cool because. You know like it's easy to make a playlist. Of songs that you already know and you love but. When they hit me up to you a playlist of like. Cool. Japanese music and I'm like all this is excited because I allied take this project on and learn. I have a want to expose myself to do new music and and find out what I call I was called my friends like what are you guys listening to out there that's. That's breaking as underground that's what is it tell me let's let's well here and motives and best way to find out is just listen violence. What if you don't download and on fears lot of music I'd I'd like. I stuck in stock kinds of music not just liked undergrowth of elect all the cool pop stuff because the thing about Japanese music is that. You have to go there and then you'll find out about it like with the American pop music you'll everyone knows Tate smokers or. Calvin Harris or Riyadh or you know whoever else is breaking out here but in Japan. The biggest pop artists is probably not known and to so when I hear so you get a mix of everything all combined in these different. Those categories and Medford.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"Steve Aoki talks Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"45153491","title":"Steve Aoki Hits 100 Milliom Streams on Spotify and Shares His Playlists","url":"/Business/video/steve-aoki-hits-100-milliom-streams-spotify-shares-45153491"}