Steve Aoki's Advice to Young Emerging Artists

ABC News' Rebecca Jarvis chats with Steve Aoki.
2:19 | 01/30/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Steve Aoki's Advice to Young Emerging Artists
The way we discover music now is I think so much different than what it was 121520. Years ago and for an artist like you. It seems to be really conducive I mean especially artists who are like you but like you ten years ago. And it now they have so many outlets between YouTube and Spotify and sound cloud. What's your advice to the young emerging artists out there who are trying to get hurt. Prior to sending your talk about like you you now you have the power in your hands. You have. Two core if you want to release it to iTunes you have self if you want to just for demos. You don't need. A label necessarily you don't need an institution to put your music out you just I think with the most important thing is. You need to get your music circulated. And it's not about making money after music you have to get your music out there you needed placed circulating. Are around this that the crowd of music that would actually valued music. And there's so many sub sub sub sub genres now in that you just focus. Inside that sub genre. And and become. You know you know densely built that yeah killed in the community and and at best of them forty communicate and talk to those artists and and if you music's really good in the at this support then it's like almost like a tier structure it just grows. And did larger community and a larger community and elves Sonny gets the point where. A big ours is like all right because the big artists especially yours. Are looking in all the communities. Is that you do I I do all time and council run my own label so right I'm always looking for doesn't matter if you're fifteen year old kid from Tennessee. Working up your laptop in your in your bedroom or your you know you're a veteran producer. You know that's been producing hits all day long it. It's like I want here. Following are the best of everything yet you know and you could be that fifteen year old kid that's just. Pushing out the most this unique sounds. And you he'd team them up with with great songwriters and you'd be you have something unique and fresh. That that kid can like really connect with a lot of people not just a small core.

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{"duration":"2:19","description":"ABC News' Rebecca Jarvis chats with Steve Aoki.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"45153316","title":"Steve Aoki's Advice to Young Emerging Artists","url":"/Business/video/steve-aokis-advice-young-emerging-artists-45153316"}