Marvel's 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Breaks August Opening Records

Disney stock soars after an impressive showing at the box office in a lackluster summer for Hollywood.
6:17 | 08/04/14

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Transcript for Marvel's 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Breaks August Opening Records
It's. I've danced up a new York and as the financial markets closed at Washington -- -- Monday August 4 this story stock. One stock with a store today the parent company of ABC Disney of course Disney stock doing extremely well. Because of the new comic book film guardians of the galaxy which is breaking box office records. So here to explain it would domains -- -- -- MacKey from Yahoo! finance mister -- good Monday afternoon to use certain and the union are down I think you dynamite. Have something to do with that is the stock let's not go all attribution -- blue sky illicit high listen we're we we are just we are Kerry in the water for our respective companies that we appreciate -- is that this -- obviously breaking August opening -- how well that'd do. But 95 million which was over expectations by by quite a bit by Hollywood standards did Sommer. It was an absolute mega hit had this has been just a disastrous summer for Hollywood. Down some 30% and by some measures in terms of box office for the summer season. Largely because Hollywood's -- kind of generally speaking Powell's -- movies that appeal to an entirely different culture -- our own. But there's -- -- out of nowhere it adds that dregs of the marvel universe but they made it well they got great -- and they actually -- -- by all accounts this is. At least from the people -- doctor they -- the movie of the summer right end here it's the only -- -- -- literally out of water -- also opera. Exact and if you look at summer it is -- let's see the beginning of August so we are a little late in the season -- that -- -- talk about the -- the movie that's given -- a minute. But I wanna take a look at Disney stock they'll break it down for -- Jeff again Disney the parent company ABC how has it done that big. Based on this. How well it absolutely spectacular you know Bob Iger and honestly it and it's you work form salami to say and I'm I'm -- biased in my own the shares. They got such a fantastic job from where they were ten years ago when really it was kind of a princess based company in terms of other terror. They're. They're licensing -- characters that they have. That a little boy problem in this as a little boys didn't really know what to do themselves a -- -- boy do they ever now they -- marble. They may -- essentially this this franchise this juggernaut out of the super hero. Idea and now ever -- knocking it off the movie's appeal to a global audience. -- no one really thought they could do this it's easy to forget that day up and tell kind of this Spiderman started inching its way and that is a Sony product. These superhero movies were I'm not type it thinks it ran was big in the seventies they tried to -- -- it doesn't different times we had -- success with that man. That I Intel Disney figured out the map before they didn't have a a movie franchise of these super heroes but holy cow -- this -- done a great job with this. And under Bob -- again they got ESPN clicking the got theme parks working they've got these movies -- is cranked out. If if they can make guardians of the galaxy the dregs of the comic book universe of the intellectual property that I bought from -- work to the tune of 400 million opening weekend. They knew just about anything. That Disney magic picture but look at the comic book -- is there any that is doing better this summer blockbuster season. And I know I well advocate however choices the monitor measure because seems like -- -- their movies to watch -- -- -- it I mean it adds. And -- they're critical flops we've got transformers is probably the biggest hit of the -- summer so far. That's kind of superhero. In -- Captain America is doing okay the guardians of the galaxy is really kind of the past. Of the group so far we're getting a little tired and they don't know what to do that Sony just announced they're delaying the latest Spiderman reboot for a couple years. So work items in the middle a little bad that business spend a year of super here is thought they would peeks out they resort to roll over they have in the states. But overall Hollywood doesn't care so a -- -- audiences -- I -- Natalie here domestically but we're also looking at an international audience as well. An international audiences that have been absolutely an unbelievable driver of this. And the reason that simple do you have 2445%. Growth in the Chinese film market. You've got flat at -- box office here. That's gonna tell you how Hollywood's gonna dictate where -- movie growth is going to be and it's a tricky proposition. China still has a lot of guard they have obviously human. Humanitarian concerns the way to distribute movies they culturally protect their own home products -- they put limits on the American distribution. But man that folks over their lineup -- these movies like crazy transformers. Did three times as much box office internationally as it did domestically. And it became and I went back a few years look at the data. Here's I can tell transformers is the first major box office movie of the summer. To actually exceed box office or other revenues exceed the aircraft is just in China -- -- this -- is bigger in China than the states. It's it's the changes the map entirely in terms of a Hollywood movie prototypes of an army churn out. Eating stop with CGI. You need stuff with -- here is good vs bad narratives. And -- of the Chinese -- brown -- couldn't just stand in line to see it and that's working for the Hollywood movies. Was and those of the variables that are going to this a secret to success what -- that the push perhaps to include more ancient language don't. With English subtitles -- -- still coming out of Hollywood. But geared towards like you said that larger audience well you know you RTC in a bunch of tiny little ways -- so Captain America that was a huge (%expletive) over there. That really didn't have much of an American being -- I captain -- is based on -- buddy cop movie. And -- you're seeing some of the old patriotic themes of argue with that -- be. The Rockies vs -- or type of narrative that's -- he can't make Chinese bad guys that are trying to make a movie that's going to be big in China. And that's just simple math of Hollywood we've been that way with average major movie market that has ever existed Hollywood is as. Cultivated their tastes just sort of make and export but at this point now. You'll -- you'll see not anything negative about the Chinese and any major Hollywood motion picture for the foreseeable future. For better or worse and so we will wait and see that how -- -- on the big screen but clearly an international presence being felt right there. Mr. backing from Yahoo! finance -- like so much have a good afternoon sir absolutely. You've been watching story stock they would ABC news -- latest headlines -- debt that's where.

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{"id":24839958,"title":"Marvel's 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Breaks August Opening Records","duration":"6:17","description":"Disney stock soars after an impressive showing at the box office in a lackluster summer for Hollywood.","url":"/Business/video/story-stock-marvels-guardians-galaxy-breaks-august-opening-24839958","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}