Stunning Plot Twist for 'The Interview'

Sony will release the film in over 200 theaters tomorrow.
4:26 | 12/24/14

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Transcript for Stunning Plot Twist for 'The Interview'
Okay. It's Wednesday December 24 the markets a New York. Are open an hour big number this morning 200. Score one for the good guys. Sony in a surprising about face is now going to release the inner view. And approximately 200 independent theaters nationwide. It's just another Hollywood plot twist. In this strange tale for the Seth Rogen and James Franco comedy. About the fictional assassination of North Korean leader Kim John Allen. Hello everyone I'm Michelle Franzen here in New York. Here are the details Daniel Douglas Gabriel of the Washington Post so what brought about this stunning reversal for Sony release in the interview now. You know there is a lot. Of public pressure and a lot of support for this film being released as a sign of supporting independence and free speech end. Net and media generally and especially within Hollywood and so a lot of these independent theaters made the decision that they would be willing to take on the risk of showing this screening this film. Despite the threats of violence from hackers. And their grab it on a free speech but doesn't it also seemed like mount teen outside pressure President Obama even Wayne in forcing Sony's handed reconsidering. Oh there was. Quite a lot of public pressure coming from Washington certainly the president as well as congressional Republicans and Democrats all had their part to say about it the importance that the US in any industry not kowtowing to four in dictator or any kind of foreign government period so I think. Sony was willing to take this risk as long as there were theaters willing to. Showed this film so that's that's kind of what got us where we are rate now. All right let's talk about the business side of this the movie's not out at the multiplexes just yet the tick answer. Selling out quickly amongst the theaters plane the movie so despite the headaches that this pack attack caused for Sony. Couldn't just turn it turn not turn around to be a good PR move. Oh certainly ME all of this containing that have been announced are sold out at this point but. There there are some risk for some of the larger theaters getting on board with this so it. It's it's interesting to see whether or you know good that strong sales of this movie will encourage other theaters to sign on and not just these independent guys. All right we've also got the BOD view at home option that buzzing around two do we know anything more about that Sony hasn't made any official word whether they're gonna do video. On demand an option for this film yet but it's a strong possibility especially. Ed does lead to physical decisions for them to make because usually deal movies it goes straight to its video like that don't do quite as well however the fact that the largest theaters aren't showing it. Makes makes it more possible that they'll probably take that option what does corporate America taking away from this incident. And Hollywood for what happened. And also airing on the side of free speech could we see more of this as well as new security measures for corporate America. I think the. Generally this year has been a story about shoring up cyber defenses. Outside of just this film you've seen different banks and companies have their systems hacked to one where the other at which all drives home led general narratives that to corporate America needs to do a better job of protecting. It's vital information is consumer information. Found that the hands of hackers. As far as the idea of free speech here at me generally Hollywood airs on the side of free speech regardless of how objectionable. Material made peace is this case is a little bit different because. Those who oppose the film or not only vocal about their opposition but they took action so that needed their threats of violence feel a little bit more credible because they're willing to take some kind of action. In tune in support of their opposition to the film I don't think that we're gonna see a lot of other cases where CD isn't going to pull. Films out of fear general Lee you know this. This system especially holly within Hollywood has has been AEA pinnacle of supporting free speech and this case is just a little bit different. All right Danielle Douglas Gabriel from the Washington Post thanks for joining us and happy holidays seem to you. You of course can keep up with the latest headlines right here on You've been watching the big number. I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"duration":"4:26","description":"Sony will release the film in over 200 theaters tomorrow.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"27812563","title":"Stunning Plot Twist for 'The Interview'","url":"/Business/video/stunning-plot-twist-interview-27812563"}