Top Tech Trends for 2014

Original investor on Waze & Paypal reveals the next startups that will change the way we live.
3:00 | 12/17/13

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Transcript for Top Tech Trends for 2014
-- the hottest start -- trends in tech next year John Malloy as co-founder of blue run ventures and he joins us on Skype from Menlo California. He's an original investor in PayPal in ways. Can't -- nice to talk -- John. I -- you. So we wanna talk about the first Trenton which you say is real time information its access to that information and -- is one of your investment is an example but there's also a company called -- Right. So a real piece of the trend is that the of the 21 century computing pot farmers are -- -- -- And it goes around about the real world again. We -- we -- that phone or wireless sensors there's a lot of there's a lot of capability so what I'm really interest in our services that can take advantage. Of what's already out there in the marketplace. Who is doing a -- -- I'm sorry as the question sorry Jack who is doing that -- -- take well it. So the first example would have been ways. Or his ways. And it because you know every phone has GPS chipset and so because of that we were able to build a service over years. That was able to give you real time traffic information. Which is incredibly important every commuter out there and you know it's an age old problem. What you know what's going on around me wise wrote stop and it it -- it a very common sense way. Everybody in front of you also has -- communication devices as GPS chipset. -- so great we're actually able to build a service overtime and it gives you that he shows you what's happening on the ground and people they help each other -- and the idea ways. So that's an example of sort of real time news real value of real time in any case this I think -- Go ahead. That then I think -- it was kind of the next wave it's a little bit different Internet it also takes advantage of the fact school. -- -- -- -- Sensible -- out there. The fact there but he's hosting hotspots. Asian. About it nets beyond for example Mandela this memorial service. That created a tremendous amount of content across a lot of networks want the engine does he's did you win any. Actually looking in -- let's -- on grounds where. And actually seem like all the great photographs all the great content it's being created by everybody -- participate. So that's another example sort of being taken and it's the other entity you're actually -- to consume content it's being created by -- Devices you say the next big trend is interactive environments John who Wear the big players there that you got your -- -- An interactive environments. That that's. Another category which is exciting to -- and and is. It's you we ought devices that we have -- have all of our all of our video content on an all our music content on them. Oslo there's services that now allow us dual axis this interact with our room and as a company I -- really like -- -- called sound wall. -- -- -- they basically create very high quality prints. This is on -- wall that looked just like you know any other print or any other pitcher you don't really notice them they're quite attractive. Until you actually turn on your on your music content with your device. He -- -- play your play list with a rumor around. -- that that would be an example so I think it's a big trend -- I'm excited about. At some point I think that particularly for people that live in York city your place is literally loud. You should have an interactive environment the wall that things are paying a new law could actually -- you sound dampening for example and give you quieter environment that's what you needed. Because nobody can now -- connected with -- you know low power Bluetooth. Or why -- or Wi-Fi. And so they can be Smart and it doesn't claim doesn't take a lot but it certainly gives a lot of power to us is users who have this sort of control devices are and at all times. And all our contents back -- the cloud we can access through this. All right -- John Malloy thanks so much for joining us we know you had to get up bright and early to be with us from California this morning well worth -- thanks happy new year.

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{"id":21248476,"title":"Top Tech Trends for 2014","duration":"3:00","description":"Original investor on Waze & Paypal reveals the next startups that will change the way we live.","url":"/Business/video/top-tech-trends-2014-21248476","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}