Wine Fit for the Pope for Less Than $20

Cristina Mariani-May, co-CEO of Banfi Vintners, one of the Vatican’s favorite winemakers, gives tips on how to buy cheap wine that tastes good.
5:38 | 07/24/14

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Transcript for Wine Fit for the Pope for Less Than $20
We'll for centuries -- the world has witnessed the extraordinary masses held by the Pope this spiritual lessons the breaking of the bread. That red wine poured into a golden chalice well in fact the Vatican consumes more wine -- -- per head. -- any other country but did you ever wonder where -- the -- actually come from what are they drinking. Well joining me now with that answer is Christina -- Downey may she is co CEO -- -- vendors her ancestors were in charge of the entire food wine kitchen. And staff in the Vatican. And now her wine is one of the top imported wines in America and it's so nice to have you with as -- and remove this glass out of the way has people can really get us that's for the -- that you brattle logs we're gonna get to those in just a minute but. This -- pretty incredible so here is -- your grandfather's. I want my grandfather is on track and ran and a -- She did Pope icy Atlantic and she was in charge of the teaching and the staff and of course the wine cellar. For the Pope and she was the first woman who -- in the nine to be honored to and pass a law changed since she could -- within that city. So it would it had to be a big job keeping that wine -- stopped. Early on dignitaries yes absolutely yes of course because there -- a lot of dignitaries it wasn't just the Pope enjoying the white himself absolutely not it was a showcase for the world really since she and of course when. Everything happens nearly around the table especially in Europe and especially in the Vatican so it's all about that in line. I can imagine there have to be some very interesting and we stories passed down through the years about the Vatican -- and maybe you can share with us that real well I have fun stories of my grandfather was racy sort of the company was -- on hand Anthony. And she was actually buried we in the Vatican City and she was -- first woman who -- in -- nine to be honored this is in the early nineteen hundreds. He -- -- because she was so close to -- icy Atlantic. Still a few years ago with my my husband went to -- find a great and you don't really Italy it about picture at the deceased sure so I saw my first picture obtained in the end -- -- And I understood what they allowed it -- -- with thousands of celibate men because she was no looker by any scientific. So that I finally understood but she had an amazing -- and that's what people always looking for good wines concluding that congress is what is this secret ticket lines. The secret to good want who -- many -- healthy grapes natural grapes we have a line beauty in Tuscany caucus sent a -- the animal Latino. And where we really focus on -- and natural and organic. On -- so really that's the start if you start with healthy grapes he can make that line that you can't make -- want them back -- Good grapes -- Gary integrates as a as our and then of course it's a very long process a lot of patients a lot of passion. And a lot on the open mindedness just to enjoy all different flavors depending on the weather conditions as well and the weather is so important I look out -- California right now in particular Napa where so many of the wineries in this country are east. And the wildfires what are you heard are there any issues well I was just overseas I didn't hear much overseas -- I see it's year eight ease the problems the water conditions. As well as the temperature climate of the swinging so we can get very hot one season -- -- cool -- So we're very fortunate that. He really have to protect yourself in the agricultural business by diversifying to we have a -- also called Pacific rim. Which is in Washington State where it's been very hot this summer and there's a lot of fires out there as well. But fortunately not as much neared the agricultural. Grape growing regions and the winds. That are below twenty dollars immediately use there at the top drinks for the summer what do you -- they really do so I have anything on a good budget because I say we have this delicious wine club -- -- and we say -- the hard C in Italian -- and that every day. Right so for me it's all about just after a long day enjoying something that's very personal -- -- they want to have babies are protesting so cabernet solving all. They -- low and -- amazing. Every day and I also love -- -- -- shows very light Chris San -- -- you know egregious it's only about twelve dollars so former biker. The last year flavors because it comes from central Italy we also have a beautiful riesling from Washington -- -- and these links can be various. Living on the sweeter side in great -- spicy food. And in the last of my favorite is the -- golly that's our solar. Red sparkle -- for summertime little -- goes perfect with blackberries and strawberries and sadly it's out in the summer time something with -- with sparkle because it's always saying celebration today you can enjoy -- -- time but it feels like a little bit of -- -- -- -- and I think that something that Italian sparkling wines are on fire right -- people and let me percent lead for -- those delays are -- because you can topic of the day. And just really celebrate life and an entity can. So for that person who's walking into wine shop in the next 24 hours trying to get ready for the weekend. What should they asked for as they walk into that wine -- Well you know I often say also seek to brand names sometimes that you might feel comfortable -- -- a producer. Today he's a quality producer still view. Also though going to -- one topic -- say it I like -- producer. What can you recommend me something else that might be in similar style that I would like and don't be afraid to experiment -- his life is short. Annually gets lit ones out I love that -- -- and that there Christina thank you so much for joining us thanks Rebecca really great stuff.

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{"duration":"5:38","description":"Cristina Mariani-May, co-CEO of Banfi Vintners, one of the Vatican’s favorite winemakers, gives tips on how to buy cheap wine that tastes good.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"24698064","title":"Wine Fit for the Pope for Less Than $20","url":"/Business/video/wine-fit-pope-20-24698064"}