ABC News Anchors, Correspondents Salute Barbara Walters

Diane Sawyer, Robin Roberts, David Muir, Elizabeth Vargas and more share memories and what she means to them.
5:49 | 05/16/14

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Transcript for ABC News Anchors, Correspondents Salute Barbara Walters
It's sort of hard to sum up what Barbara means to all of let's hear what she's done for ABC news in just a few words. It's also hard to do country's -- like this. Any young person. Who grows up aspiring to be a journalist wants to be like Barbara Walters Barbara Walters didn't. Have a lot of mentors she was a pioneer she really set the stage for all of us she really set the example. I don't think there is a woman on network television today who does not -- a debt of gratitude to Barbara Walters I -- watching you. As a young woman take on all those firsts in an all male environment certainly made me feel -- little bit stronger walking -- my first police station. As one of the first female crime reporters knowing you know I'm Barbara Walters could take time presidential politics I can handle -- little crime in South Carolina. I can't imagine. When it must have been like for you in those early years and because he did what you did how you do it with such. Professionalism. -- Race. He made it possible for all of us. You know I three daughters one of them -- twenty years old and she's thinking that -- to turn. Honestly believe that it wasn't for you that would not be very possible. Look around the business today a look at my colleagues many of them grapes themselves who happen to be female I think to myself. They -- enormous amounts to you and so why when I must. -- -- in this business that we're very few Latinos and network news but there was Barbara Walters already shattering all kinds of gender barriers and glad -- see -- little did she know she was inspiring this kid from San Antonio Texas. -- -- -- but you know she also paved the way for me because through her report she gave voice to so many minorities all across this country. She's a pioneer because she was one of the first -- people of any gender. To really know -- to ask -- question. To listen to the answer and offer a human not typical news person responds. We've worked hard around here in the investigate but always points of Barbara -- is somebody who sets the standard. -- gonna sound cheesy thank you for such a TrailBlazer and for being such great if someone like hope it. For all those who interviewed people on television. To say you've been influenced by Barbara Walters. Is like saying you've been influenced by the alphabet. She asks the absolutely best questions and by doing so brings something ever subjects that you get would expect. She brings to every story the curiosity the enthusiasm the competitive drive. A cub reporter -- You should be an inspiration to any journalists had the chance to work in this building were certainly an inspiration to me. There is no better Karen. I'm so -- that went -- -- cub reporter at the homes. She believed in me. I'll never forget that act anything and I -- -- -- and inspiring -- all about my favorite question by U. Is always -- -- everything. What is the biggest misconception about. You know what's gonna steal that if it. You -- authentic before image makers knew what to college but that's all right -- what women fondly call a girl. A woman and -- -- you showed me and so many others. Fearless. So be funny. That you can get into the story without actually becoming the story. Barbara I'll never ever forget that they had to pick a profound and you were on the -- -- calling inviting me. He'd come over and think about. Three when twenty. It has the dream of a lifetime. One of the great highlights of my career lasting memories will always be going to Damascus with Barbara to interview president Bashar Assad that -- was watching a master at work. A lot of fun. So I know everyone is always saying there is no one like Barbara Walters but it is true for instance -- -- co anchoring the royal wedding. True story she would come in after working hours and hours through the night looking perfect completely fresh ready to go on the air. I was washing my hair with the staff teapot out of the parking lot. I was coming in after sleeping of the closet on the floor because I couldn't get ready in time. And sitting next to this woman who did it all and did it all perfectly and by the way I think she could have done it again. When I was in New York for meetings earlier this year I was seated at a table Barbara she couldn't attend well I walked away and -- -- I don't walk through this program. Your name tag I hope you don't mind. On a personal level she's always charming and funny. And unfailingly kind to me I will miss -- enormous. You've been a member of our family for decades so now that you're retiring. For dinner Sunday night. -- You heard what Barbara is retiring. To believe that. -- is -- retired. I've been in newsrooms to -- to believe that I'll see you in the next big. Thank you Barbara -- -- in the game change your news royalty. And it's been an honor to work with. Barbara just what -- -- congratulations on such an amazing career if you are an inspiration for all of us in courtroom we are going to -- We're gonna miss her a lot but we know she's not going far -- you for everything. Thank you for us thank you thank you we -- you think you think you. Just think -- congratulations ms. Walters will --

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{"duration":"5:49","description":"Diane Sawyer, Robin Roberts, David Muir, Elizabeth Vargas and more share memories and what she means to them.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"23751826","title":"ABC News Anchors, Correspondents Salute Barbara Walters","url":"/Entertainment/video/abc-news-journalists-salute-barbara-walters-23751826"}