Abe Vigoda Dies at Age 94

"The Godfather" actor was famous for character acting.
3:09 | 01/26/16

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Transcript for Abe Vigoda Dies at Age 94
Well he earned his stripes as he stage actor buddy it was in film or he made his name movies like the got father. And in TV shows like Barney Miller info go to born in Brooklyn. Died today in New Jersey he was 94 and outlive it by about three decades in the first erroneous and quite premature report. Of his death that meet him a cult figure sandy Kenyon is here now with a look back at his career sent Liz able go day is. Man who became part of the fabric of our city a city where he learned to act with the cheerful man with the standardized toiled in obscurity. For decades. Before a fiction whole party Miller made him famous. Kurdish group have not yet again and again his career was defined as bitch and nobody Miller was baited California it was said he. And able go to was always associated with our city. He was still relatively obscure New York character actor wins we'll go that was cast is Cassie up an old friend of Don Corleone eat. Who hopes in pain. To its legal with the crime family after the death of marlin Brando's character. Only to be blind sided by output she knows Michael. At the great success of the godfather and its sequel gave a big boost to his career but. Able go to actually found his greatest success in a TV sitcom. Stay away from but he is where you're gonna answer to me. Now. It's impossible to think that anyone else plays opposite how did in this way and yet this was the veteran's first steady job. He sounded like every breath might. Wrote one critic. And yet but go to lived another three decades and that show ended. Who lived there was enough cold fish and plenty of other gates. Will go to was born in our area and died he and now we like to say that Hollywood had been very kind. And this gentleman was all of us very kind to meet. A Pagoda dead at the age of ninety full. His first steady job as an actor came past the age of fifty enable go to was fond of saying his experience taught him. That if you deeply believe in what you are doing well then. Success can come at any age the man had a terrific sense of humor which he needed. A sense of humor even when we'll go to was first declared dead by mistake in 1982. When false reports he was deceased became a cold cruel joke able go to was the first to have a good lacked. The measure of the main so that Snickers commercial or just a good example of that he was so self deprecating and that was only 2010 it was a simple welcome or I any right. Like yesterday's blog never forgotten him he was very nice can be my first day of work as an entertainment reporter was the last day of filming. On why he Miller one or else. And that's he had some of the greatest quotes from the godfather the deficit that we're also put its best this year thanks so much that it can't thank you.

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{"id":36533210,"title":"Abe Vigoda Dies at Age 94","duration":"3:09","description":"\"The Godfather\" actor was famous for character acting.","url":"/Entertainment/video/abe-vigoda-dies-age-94-36533210","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}