See Academy Award Red Carpet's Calm Before the Storm

ABC's Sabina Ghebremedhin chats with media and crew covering the 88th Academy Awards.
8:29 | 02/28/16

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Transcript for See Academy Award Red Carpet's Calm Before the Storm
Email it. Martin behaving yeah. You pregnant everything yeah. I'm. We heard them. And watching this show. A lot of stuff yeah. Actually. I'm. Part of a family and I say it like anger aren't this time want to. That's a lot out. Apartment denying any more Oscar night me into reading. Isn't an actor and I think come along and southeast. We're seeing here is learning the snow sleet snow and also comes. It out. Getting dark now that. Up today aired. That's an aunt and an EU and India all. Apple recently. It begins again and again and again we're like yeah my house and at the bottom line. We have. 810. And might stray animals. ENL's parent net. Tomorrow physically. I mean audience yeah. Can't eat and and it a lot of runners a lot of talent. On them and end zone. Going on right now weakness. You locking you. Yeah. OK CE. Disney's presence about him vomiting yeah. Are you going yeah. President piling up. I. Again I gained. Are banking. I am a woman and her pregnancy. You know worried about mountain scenario but yeah. It's you know almost has a lot he has some. Many that statement. Com. I'm content. Laid out as if everything. Yeah. They've done everything I am. Yeah. And on the evening it's beyond anything that makes the holiday at long last. Yeah. I'm. I yeah. This continent but I thank them on the island to block out loud. Is not. Me and wild yeah. Yeah what it meant coming an award shows they air fares do. Again I need them carry on is definitely. How massive his innocent yeah help me think Dionte from the content they. Cents this hue Hannity and and I guess this guy you don't you know Hollywood have against diet. Mike. Edu and I mean I know I'll let you Marc Anthony and trying. Don. Yeah. Oscars and he line. Rangel who added Tom yeah it is added he can't get about lucky. Like a couple of times what kinds you fags I. Going to accept given that in the last. Alleviate flooding CNN. My husband and life absolutely lovely and so yeah. That's not give him that that name yeah. Rizzo. So what else that's on the markets are not an enemy vaccines and the Gwendolyn. Going to be an envy them so again on Monday night ending the eighties yet time and again Gwendolyn really. That's cleaning up making everything adding that I don't 8 o'clock at night they did nothing. I. I was there I means. Meantime let's and in incredible. Yeah the only thing in all. Yeah I know I think some live like economy in the beginning at beyond. Yeah lightening speed when I don't think my bill. That's letting it be a week later. Leading right up in the gospel song name. My. Payment. And it may happen a little alone aren't. Yeah yeah. Okay guys. It's gonna die down relative and that's sort things look now Nancy there's. Talk zoo and see what we can you know. We're not in the LL. Okay. It seems like it's all dying down. Air the biggest car outlook. On the big stars in Hollywood and eat there and Ayman Floyd's imminent my first time. I didn't V yeah. And I am I'm. Retirement from. Taking it lightly and in Hollywood. I'm beaten and.

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{"duration":"8:29","description":"ABC's Sabina Ghebremedhin chats with media and crew covering the 88th Academy Awards.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"37253035","title":"See Academy Award Red Carpet's Calm Before the Storm","url":"/Entertainment/video/academy-award-red-carpets-calm-storm-37253035"}