Aisha Hinds and Misha Green discuss the future of WGN's 'Underground' series

Aisha Hinds discusses her role as Harriet Tubman on WGN's "Underground" as well as her upcoming projects.
17:21 | 05/16/17

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Transcript for Aisha Hinds and Misha Green discuss the future of WGN's 'Underground' series
It's canceling into ABC radio out I have great and wonderful women sitting right in front of me. I should hire me to green and this is underground this is the Harriet Tubman and this is the creator of the theory you. Now on I'm gonna say this is a very important series I think what could be pivotal he'd. Right now because it touches on something historical and I be needed this conversation snow. I kind of on a talky first crisis because. You play Gary tuchman. And your performance is riveting I mean it's it's it's amazing and I want to talk about first. Your initial response to the rule because I feel like. You know this. Guy has such a big undertaking. I'm it was a huge undertaken but it was one and I undertook but with great pride arms and tremendous dignity a lot of excitement. And equal amounts of trepidation you know wanting to certainly honor this woman's legacy. She lived. With such. Boldness you know with such courage with such selflessness. And sort of unknown weeding the you know authority and power in the moment you know she was doing a thing that she was. Driven to do desiring I think that she believes she had a right to you know I'm certain she didn't. No the fullness the crop tops of of you know what these sacrifices would would certainly mean coming into today 2017. Competition is doing this thing and now here we are sort of a product you know manifestation of the thing that she did. And he knew the pressure. We see that you are very unnerved in this role meet me. Thought that you held with the command and authenticity which of course we we don't come in light because I have not matter in answer that at an army navy and Marines then and then and spiritual grounds. But I I think she would have been proud of what you've been able to accomplice. And and each. TU a little bit too in regards to this character because. Clearly this means touches line the beacons that and kind of what goes on with pac. And why you feel the need to so many fact that so many things that you could have started this theory on why at this particular point and Powell how did you imagine Harry Todd with. So the casting my co creator and I we talked a lot about the first season we won it to have these characters is fictional characters kind of compiled from all of these stories and really just spewing them emotionally and go on this exposure amount journey but we always knew we went to ends with Harriet Tubman and this idea of going back. And I think for season two we talked a lot about how to integrate. Those historical characters and be true to them gossip keep true to use the world of underground and the story telling. And we found you know with Harris specifically we realized while. Harry it. Had been smooth. Leg were not have to really make her into an action hero she is an action hero so it was just it was easy seamless. Kynan. Thing to move from one to the end that. Movie and I mean it seemed that way obviously I think. The reaction of fans has been a very tallying up of how these feel about the series and how amazing it is disease care dollar character's full body in front of them and then kind of you know really acting out what happened what transpired. What your initial hold the Asia in creating this series because you don't. Clearly no one ever and old what's gonna happen in this round. Of television today add on a report on initial hope in treating the series. I'm it was a very selfish it's like I I would love to see this now I would love to see. This time period not as the occupation so much but the revolution that was going on its. And I think that was the only hope I had I was like you're gonna. Let me. Make this gritty it's going to be fun it's going to be exciting to see. All the reactions on Twitter to see on the bands and how they're reacting. It's been so grains and. And I think also very time. I think it's time because I know the scheme for this season and citizen or soldier and and I feel it speaks volumes acting kind of what the climate network and everyone is kind of I'm taking T think taking art experts say but Tiki up. The only ideology. Of what they hope to will happen in being very progressive. I'll deal with was there any type of coincidence and natter with is something that you purposely set out some really push I think this season. And we we always like the theme of last year we talked about you know what kind of world for our family and I did that children was really at the forefront and and I think this season we talked citizen of a soldier adding you can't help but be a sign of the times penis some things. That it's that came from an expansionary you know the episode six Nancy where Gary tuchman talks. Gets her tub tot he was definitely more. Yeah since it around this idea and it isn't you know just taking up RNC it's what does it mean for you to be missiles there. In a time of war and when people are trying to track it's back to a world where they say America was great and I might have. As I might am looking at this time period it was not grieve for most of the currency so I think. That that was definitely bubbling up at the time writing. And another key figure. That lease on this that time was that he won the only John Legend and act does lives. Can you talk a little bit about that outlook herb do you guys know what we initial thoughts and obviously you had the undertaking a play Harry update. But what their thoughts when you're like OK so John like ninety magic done slowly at first I was at her. Thick match you know I think that John has contributed so much to this series and and seeing it sort of take flight you know he's been so supportive of it I his politics is one that he is you know an apologetic about. He has sensitivities and sensibilities about you know humanity in the way that this country is run in. He's very vocal you know against all injustices so it just. It this was a space where he could sort of inhabit a character that sort of spoke his language in on I think that it was a beautiful place for him to give voice to one of our you know heroes of the time and who better you know then and and mr. legend to play the legend who's been through project. About again we introducing these historical characters respected dispelling the monolith of the movement and every. Different opinions and that was all it was all being argued in. Happening at the same time in just for me the idea we see everything is textbook history you read about project this thing you read about tuchman not. Connecting these two people were talking and involved in working with people lightly and Stan. It may attack and that was just so exciting and we caught dining there like me so. You know we're thinking that maybe like you could. And he was slightly different avarice witness called panic. We didn't have any apprehension of claimed the role as being. Actor and we know him as a musician and producer but. He's now taking on this full throttle DD how many did you hear he had in his weight and I think you know he he kind of. Most I think he's sort of a allows his are acted to articulate itself in whatever form that is required you know and especially. With you know sort of the messaging and the story of underground being that it was probably. Just a no brainer I mean I highly doubt that he would have gotten in his own way you know wanted to say no I'm not an actor and so therefore you know I think that he knew. Exactly you know what his voice would bring to it and it's just cut his teeth. This is. My husband and I need. The good thing that scream and I mean you know I think. The amazing thing is that you know these theories as less doesn't please anticipation for what the story how it will continue all the obvious these historically based. Wikipedia and I was going on. But in many ways we're still anticipating for what role could he love this story now I have to be honest because the on clearly. You know we're new theory BC radio ABC news what the future of underground I mean there's been a lot of chatter. Out if underground will continue. Can you helped you know give us any information on what's gonna happen because. You know this is like what this second highest rated show on WGN America and I feel like you know a lot of agree on patients and I think he. No it said it when the dust settles a little bit I think we'll know more but I think. It's definitely not the end of underground whether it's with WGN Earth's with the new home we're excited to continue telling stories you know. We're heading towards a civil war and I think one of the most exciting things when we started this. Series I was like we get there because we don't we don't know the story upon the underground was a natural spy network for the north who. And that's an air Mike I'm excited to see that story Ito. I'm excited either way. I'm hoping that this is a continuation of course. On now. Clearly I am talking I think because you have. Pretty busy year for Bob clearly underground is is that meth dated and it's been amazing to watch there. The only place we're seeing you right we're seeing you like gunshots fired at a passer had simply talk a little bit about your character on that. Absolutely our monthly passage of main issues sort of a community activists and a leader in the community from a passer obviously I'm and someone who I think harnesses the voice of the community instead of wrap presents all of their cries and all of their anguish and all of their frustration and sort of is the voice between the liaison between people on the ground and the government. Our she's somebody who certainly. Is is living an awful with the hurt humanity and you know sort of confusing people at this point people are wondering you know. It's good as you haven't been. It's good is she back to you now which is eight you know because she's still a human being and she's the last. Into this situation and you know where she carries a huge birdie chance harper communities once do the right thing. I'm much also wants to rally the people you know I think she wants to speak. To that sweet spot that leads somewhere between complacency and chaos you know to sort of. Get them riled up enough to want you know step up so that she's not the only person on the front lines but that everyone is speaking for the community but she certainly. Doesn't want to push them into that chaotic place where you know. People are dying you know in in in large numbers you know without reason or cause and so. She's finding her way in that he knows she's she's she's not a career you know sort of. Activists who leads movements and and so this is new for her and I think within Matt. She's figuring out this is good to step up and people are also creating narratives you know surrounding her humanity which you know. Is it is leading her to be picked up but put into jail and she's right pause hold a whole all the public assistance get to you know there's always three sides of the story in his side my side and the truth so. There in pursuit of the truth at this point we have these final two hours it's it's export its you know look at excellent case. Yeah nitty gritty on. And I I guess you all of us are kind of anticipating what's gonna happen you can't and other characters as well. On thank you think about underground acting out this series. Like. Some connection kind of you know. Look dabble into the connections are indeed he connects I mean I'm absolutely. I think that I'm shots fired as probably Denmark and they articulation of you know what was going on in the underground I think I certainly think that passenger made. Is the manifestation you know when I mean at the famous words my Angelo that we and I hope and dream of the slave I think that the pastor Jimmy is the hope and the dream of you know Harriet Tubman where there. No Harriet Tubman that would be no place for a passenger me to have a voice in that community of gate station and so. I'm it to speak soon to. It gives context you know to what what how this country was founded you know on the backs of the enslaved and dole seems to prove that it produce is that injustice that we were dealing with today and so here we are pulling from the headlines in creating this narrative shots fired. Her care after. I. And I. Here. Yet. Certain. A large part of myself is because I think that both of these roles came as a response to a prayer that I ordered you now. I was on my way to partition four the way where they Fannie Lou Hamer. And on that day I had just been overwhelmed with a sense of grief you know with everything that I was experience in the world everything was witnessing at the time. And calm I was you know I was I was kind of angry. That I was on my way to audition to say the words that family fantasy you know different case and I was just like. How dear someone tell me I have to walk into a room and they have to make a judgment. A whether or not I'm speaking truth when last year these words that belong to Fannie Lou Hamer like. Anybody can walk into this room and what are you and as saying that we're at the annual humor and it's good that you're not gonna tell anyone that box and that. You know I thought I had so much grief inside of William and Matt manifested itself you know and being cast as Stanley Lehman Brett. Come on the way I just I I asked god to sort of use me. Com in this way you know using the faculties that he's given mis in this get that he's given me on to. To sort of speak to the the grief that I was feeling I'm sure the world is feeling you know allow me to use this platform to. To make a difference that was you know bigger than just job to job to job to job you know and I think that. These roles came as a response to that armed they certainly have been two roles that have. Our challenge me and invited me to dig deep into you know the storehouse of my faith which is something that. I have been you know necessarily put on display you know in the work that I do are sort of use it you know in the work but never had. Sort of really put it on display and opened up my heartened that way Hansel b.'s both of these roles. Required that you know and moved to be through come on certainly leaning on massive a lot. It. I figured because I have never when you. Would say mr. dean I felt that sphere so that's definitely very. Great character and really push that energy in space. Just because I know that you know this is just beginning of the many things review. On king T I read that you're gonna be in its news that god and yes I'm coming up pretty good a little bit about any of the front. Saying of having deterrent about all the things. But out and yes this summer I'll be shooting God's. We're sitting in Atlanta via the place that we shouldn't primarily in Atlanta which is amazing and then I'm isles did. Unsolved I'm which was just recently picked up. USA network and so. I'm played a little Wallace. The mother of these malls which is you know sort of Oman as acting to meet growing up in Brooklyn and being hugely influenced. The music and so with. An honor to sort of give voice even in two you know well I think was probably one you know unsung. Voices you know all of this drama between these malls in Tupa. 00. I. I. A well. Here all day but I think you ladies for stopping by eighty radio. And blessing with the president and get. Them on underground and I went to be expected which is. That being written him in her. I get back at that fully healthy accord. And. I.

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{"id":47447496,"title":"Aisha Hinds and Misha Green discuss the future of WGN's 'Underground' series","duration":"17:21","description":"Aisha Hinds discusses her role as Harriet Tubman on WGN's \"Underground\" as well as her upcoming projects. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/aisha-hinds-misha-green-discuss-future-wgns-underground-47447496","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}