Alien enthusiasts head to Area 51 in Nevada

Hundreds of people expected to attend event in Nevada after Facebook page encourages people to storm Area 51.
3:45 | 09/20/19

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Transcript for Alien enthusiasts head to Area 51 in Nevada
Moving on to something a little bit lighter remember a few months ago there was a FaceBook page saying to storm. Area 51 will that and then is today and it's under way in southern Nevada it was an Internet joke but the military is taking it seriously. As many as 151000 people are expected to be there's I want to bring in will car was on the ground in Rachel Nevada right outside of bearing area 51. And I heard it's cold there so will what's going on. Yeah I guess I got my head informers out here does get quite cold here overnight in the desert so what you said. This started out as a joke on base but remember it's at let's storm area 51 more than two million people. Sign up for that so the guy who created that post realize. That might be a problem it especially when FBI agents showed up at his doorstep so he actually decided to turn this raid into a raid of sorts and having music festival out here and Rachel Nevada which is the closest town. To area 51. The issue is that Rachel only has a population of 54 and they really don't have the infrastructure. To have that type of music festival so the creator the first publisher of that FaceBook post. Realize this could be a bad idea this could turn into another fire festival remember that festival I don't. In the Bahamas that went so wrong so what he and the sponsors decided to do was RC take. They're part of the vessel to Las Vegas there were some major corporate sponsors including Bud Light right here you can say they actually have a bottle that they've been distributing you can see the alien. On the bottle but. Some of the people here and Rachel said you know what you can still come here if you want to it's been a little disorganized but they are still trying to have their own music festival here. And they said at a hub this. Makeshift stage. Late yesterday considers what in pillars are gonna have some music out here later on today but again the concern has been. Really if they have the infrastructure out here in the distance you can see. All of those Porta potty is lined up there's also some through trucks. We've seen about a hundred or so people show up in or vis you got them RB is back here people are camping out here. Trying to have a good time op. A lot of people say that's what a show up for the experience to see exactly what will happen we have to talk to a couple people. Who tell us. They still plan on storming area it to one which is actually all over this mountainside about forty miles from where we are right now it is not easy to get to but some people tells they plan on hiking there. Going up to the front gates. And seeing exactly what will happen so we're not really sure what to expect we're not looser exactly how many people to expect. I'll hear in the deaths are we are expecting some music and I can tell you that besides. This little guy there haven't been any alien sightings. As of yet but a lot of people out there really still holding on the hope that they could see something out of this world Tivoli. Yeah Wilson not quite an invasion more just like a lot of curiosity I'm are you planning to stay for the weekend. It's been a human in days and so far you did today and we're just rolling with the punches out here depends on how many people come exactly what happens so. The fluid situation on our end but. We are one of the ones rev nor bid because there's quite literally. No orders day's sleep eat around here so we had to get in our vita come and that's where our entire crew slept last night if they got any slave. Because some people are plans a pretty loud music has been Torre has turned and quite a party out here but that's where were staying for right now it's. Irate and will inexperience. In dean and keep us updated on what happens good to see you. You bet.

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{"duration":"3:45","description":"Hundreds of people expected to attend event in Nevada after Facebook page encourages people to storm Area 51.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"65752681","title":"Alien enthusiasts head to Area 51 in Nevada","url":"/Entertainment/video/alien-enthusiasts-head-area-51-nevada-65752681"}