Amanda Peet on Her Decision Not to Go Under the Knife

The actress tells "The View" co-hosts her reasons for aging gracefully in Hollywood.
7:57 | 05/13/16

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Transcript for Amanda Peet on Her Decision Not to Go Under the Knife
Okay. It recently made headlines by our candidate refreshing comment about plastic surgery aging gracefully at Hollywood. Does welcome the very talented and courageous Amanda Pete. At lovely. And look lovely way to get that kind of response you know clearly lied many ran on enacted so final. And anything into a you know what are your children three of them sent a civil of them a reprieve. And Joseph I. Cook I. You know one of the reasons we want to have you want because. These deep you know you've tickled our fancy this week that an essay that you wrote. Let me say on millennium letter dot com which is a newsletter created by Lena dot com yet the crew of longing and yes and Penni Conner. Lena is one of a kimes I must say and that you wrote about the things that you will and will not do in the in the department alleged the gold aesthetics. Right so why did you write that Latin. That well. Jenny hunter approached me where we air moms at the same school and it's just something I've been thinking about a lot yes I'm 44. A lot of people I know do you injectable bulging. Have worked on and so it was in huge topic of conversation. Just with my friends and stuff so. So I decided to really settled down and think about it and what did you get behind I decided that. The way I feel about getting work done this sort of like the rain. Olympia Dukakis is in moonstruck when she realizes her husband's cheating on her and then she. She goes aren't asking people why and finally meant do you feed brother says. The quest safety and death. Yeah. Augustine thinks king yeah like I'm not only is he goes got mop. I want you know no matter what you're doing and I just like everybody else I'm. Not actually feared he Cindy. Had your teeth bleached teen how to manage your hair you've had your skin peeled and links him but she dropped a life that only I truly heinous so I mean I can't I don't really have a leg to stand on while you might not mind now I want you to align asked. Well I think. I think probably if I were a physicist or something I wouldn't be as worried about it but I think for me to. Be a decent model for my daughter is I felt like. Marty coming and it deficit because I'm an actress and I'm so much of what we do you know our looks have so much relatives. In our work and it's absurd it's absurd for them to grow up thinking that's normal. But tonight airline industry is in the world. Yes so what are you gonna do about it when youths face starts to age and did not getting any work what you gonna do. How the character because their other characters that need to be played it is that what you would that's my question I never understood that I don't. Lean my age for not getting job singing you know act saying hey Kathleen good business starts to contract for women were older but I also never hit. I never hit the big time so that's to what she did of course. Yeah. And that's and knowing big time. Interesting as you mentioned your daughters and it's as moms we have so many moms in the audience as as moms. I guess we are the role models especially for a little girl so what do you tell your little girls about. Just half you know how and how they feel good about themselves in this society when our looks as women are so focused upon. Yeah I mean it's it's a very tough. It's a very tough subject matter and they're just they're not even preteens yet so that it it's it was hoping that it really started thinking about when a when an eating drinking was about six and she would just Simi inherent make up. And you know and then my sister's a doctor incumbent Dan and her daughter was so. He wouldn't hurt just so anything in blue real and by how many shoes I have. And movements that. Shouldn't. Yes that is why you need air I hear you say you drop a line at injections and done under the knife right that's breed of online. That's how outlook. And my questions and we obviously talked about it on the panel and actually shine some light on what we would do where. Other comets are back. Ash that she's been getting from this article. It's been really lovely I'm seeing so many people have been really support is an honestly it was just my eighth. Neuroses I don't I'm not trying to preach anything to anyone else I think everyone should do what makes them feel good I was only just thing. This is this is where I become a really neurotic about about what I'm portraying to my daughter Allison and about. You know what went businesses and how I catch hikes you sort of tip the scale. A little bit away from what I chose to do your sister's a doctor and you looked to her. At you know as to how to age gracefully. Will she just doesn't care she. Doesn't have any currency for her we know she's just not in this world and you know she's very utility Carrey and kind of outlook in terms of fashion and didn't he get even saved my government can't fashion and she just. I I think yeah and she feels beautiful I think there and she Indian which did not to well who would trust a doctor was all made up by the when I got what I know how high set off an on the show I am a fan of the injectable and I've done I've done some of it but when I go. My doctor has none. And it is she's a woman and freaks me out I'm might what does she know that I don't know because she's injecting need it's even Matt. Yeah. We are eight race Iliescu and Larry I wouldn't for our rabbi. Remind him I love my back at the last. I'm Linda and step back out and this woman he moved her this I was meeting with us rabbi and she and literally she couldn't move her faith. I was like I don't know if that's an you can easily spiritual dying. I don't need help you think fear and death. Yeah you're not really that comfortable. And every got. Ask your recognizable meeting definite fear of death is about so let's talk plugging the fronts because your husband is one of the show's creators. When you found out that. It fits that's my husband and I are obsessed with the show but when you found out that John Snow was dead she. What happened between you and your husband. And I. How. I didn't know you're gonna die in fact IE he tried to check me he threw me a picture of him with that haircut that he had to I heard rumors and so when he died I was. Outraged. At you're has actually husband in a very personal up profound way and his partner's wife and I decided to sir do an intervention and like listing in the it's. You've crossed the line you're gonna leave all the fans do you know how to radar not and you sat him down any got to the plea where he just had to tell me because I was. Both grew lake I don't know I love you anymore. Okay. Very. Thank you loosening illness have been very interesting topic where you confess that you have injectable. I have.

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{"duration":"7:57","description":"The actress tells \"The View\" co-hosts her reasons for aging gracefully in Hollywood. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39099270","title":"Amanda Peet on Her Decision Not to Go Under the Knife","url":"/Entertainment/video/amanda-peet-decision-knife-39099270"}