Amazing "Graceland"

Check out all the buzz for season 3.
5:37 | 06/17/15

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Transcript for Amazing "Graceland"
Shown great thing gearing up for a big return summer season victory. And Dennis and John is here in the studio with us today thanks for stopping by thank you for asking graduation season three under way thank you where does this zen like field. From. You know what eight he probably him trying to keep it together and brokerages is a character who then watch has one season two he's been through a lot. And that his spirituality as a way in which tracks to kind of like anchor himself and then it just keep it together since he's not Cezanne and spit it look at what would have it gets these in the themes we've been CBC's and your car coming up Carmen rebalancing atonement and hence the they're very big words for a very complex situation elaborate then yeah well. If not in season two a lot of the characters in the house of Graceland like you know did some things we're not really so cool now and so season three what we're trying to you know there's that the themes of atonement and pennants are. You know there's a kind of buzzwords because everybody's kind of turn and there were trying to pay for. Papers sense rag man okay are so if the facility questions and it just be just between US won't air any of this thing is that alive I don't know that the fans are freaking out about it on Twitter we just are not really can at least say too much about right about if the capacity in which is backs of solutions so let's go back to the to beginning. I understand in the lobbying efforts for this role yet that there was a lot of pressure for agent believed to be white is that correct you know what I don't think that there was pressure for agent breaks anyway I just think that that isn't meant and how they initially imagined him and when when my representatives were like hey you know what Daniel Sanjaya can play this role I think that they would like in the way. With the actually we think he could we got to see him addition we have yet he's got to sell it to us threats I went in there about four and I got it but it but it wasn't like I don't think that they were like. Only there was there was a lobby like he's got to be a white character just don't think they had imagined him as anybody in those looking. Differently tough tough role to play an active as as a characteristic can mean more complex and were sent to see a little bit. More. Yeah I'm I wouldn't say I mean it's a challenge and you know as an actor you don't want anything that's literally like a yeah on its so easy that it doesn't require anything from you. You but. You know you have been and I'm glad to be challenged by the complexity of the ruling that the rating is released and and I'm and I'm glad that demands a lot of me as an actor talked. It's talking about the demands of you as an actor and take it back to that perhaps turning point in your career when you Wear the lonely sailor. Sex in the city here Bradshaw may ask them some some flirty exchanges with you events. Omaha I was I mean that was that was huge for my career mean that happened to be the season premiere of the panel member that was the third of the four seasons sex in the city at the it was the fourth rather. It was the season where the that was the season where the show really caught on fire. And so I was just fortunate to be in the season premiere. And it was the first the first episode after nine elevenths. So a lot of people were a lot of eyes were on that particular episode so mean that showed that it was it was a tremendous blessing for me just beyond the one episode of the G if you wanna continue wallet that show after a year of experience you had should it was wonderful with a nice but as a precaution efficacy of something that offended her she chose the city of New York over me which I mean I can't blame. Health check with the New York tonight. Probably a lot of men and women out there that would probably if that that he Brad job after it up this vision but anyways such as such is life that. When asking what is the main question that most of the fans that stop you on the street us. They usually are trying to place me honestly like what people stopped in the street they're like they know that they know me but they're not really sure they know me from select where you on CSI Miami. Or was it rescue me rent sometimes those say like sex in the city right they sometimes they get rates and to get a room but it's usually like to figure out where they know me from. Also is devil wears Prada double Saudia I mean and that film I mean brief talk cultural. You know he more home mark that it may share he had no that was that was also like the huge blessing really just have the smallest wrong moment in it was a to be able to act in the presence of Merrill Streep to this day is like one of the things that point two as like. You know one of the most amazing moments workers to be in the room in the and then mostly on state in the country house yes we like then yes that was I am an Egyptian Broadway royalty the way it but I think it speaks to your ability that. I mean you've just taken on these rules that acts such diversity. I've been lucky you know I've been fortunate because there's a lot of really really tells actors out there who have the ability. To do to work in different mediums and to do different kinds of roles in the just don't get the opportunity to show that. And you know I've been I've been very fortunate that I've been able to do some theaters and TV and some phone and my bills doing well to do what's next I don't know. Honestly I don't know what's happening after season three of Richland. I'll be auditioning. For anybody out there is gets jab. Elton Ethiopia and all right and some are planned gift makes a request coming I don't know that relatively we're going to be shooting Graceland throughout the summer right and when that's over you know I think we've probably don't like August's the end of July August of the summer's kind of over that when we -- come back to new York and you know. Having element. We're gonna keep and die in Afghanistan John thanks what you study by Graceland kicks up very soon thanks for having me appreciate you things.

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