An American Classic 12 Years in the Making

Why 'Boyhood' is a big screen game-changer!
10:36 | 07/11/14

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Transcript for An American Classic 12 Years in the Making
It's talked to me. Samantha how was -- week. I don't know Dennis Santa Catalina Island broke up an analyst kind of -- because she saw me talking to Billy in the cafeteria. And remember the sculpture was working on what he was unicorn and though Horne broke off so now it's easy for good thanks to -- -- -- -- I was your week. Well dead he does catch -- -- he's kind of -- Actually he's -- cigarettes from his -- he wanted me is welcome but I said no if I knew what a hard time had quit smoking dad about that. Says so -- -- -- kind of -- and. We salute to answer about what -- argument advanced to. Okay this seat that's I didn't I didn't I didn't know that I know you or even interest and abstract. To make this thing. Danny -- -- -- you know what about you Kelly you're weak you're a beauty may outweigh -- girlfriend -- -- -- an -- -- -- -- Let it happen more natural. Let's just. We'll get -- so we'll do. Starting now. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what is happening at the movies and to me. There's no greater happen at the movies right now than the movie boy. And what is this movie what's the story of a boy growing up and it takes place over twelve years and while -- a lot of things to say about it so I brilliantly. Have brought the people. Most responsible for making board. Writer director Richard linkletter that our culture -- the star who -- that child in that post. What happened to you was -- special events -- Digital is amazing which -- you didn't think. -- I don't really incidents it if you don't know you're just this celluloid -- Mike Inca. What does the bill I'll start with you Rick just so that you could set this stuff about what this is because you sitting around one day in Austin, Texas and say you know and I wanna do. Is I'm gonna make a movie and -- -- different users could -- case. Well yeah that was kind of -- that is what happened I I was trying to tell a story. And I I wanted to tell story about growing up and I was like well when -- do that. And hit all these notes in this big campus it's -- that was the idea -- we issued a little bit every year for twelve years. And you find out where do you find. This sport. This will be second win in the senate casting this incident comes substances and Q and move well we didn't pull off and pull them off a playground inhabited at -- had a head shot -- -- and agent at that time he was a young actor. -- and -- new addition you know do you remember what you did. Chad we -- it -- -- hated though I had to strip during the evening news with Ellen I was looking for -- would you be doing what do you interest it is when we draw a picture of at what did you what do you what do you do -- -- -- years. He set that out for -- that way. Now -- a seven year old I don't know how audience that co hosts are you going to be a cool teenager and your like OK higher infant. We'll be one of those one of those guys just one of those guys I know I knew it was going to be cooler theaters -- -- yen academia flu like what are -- yet known OK you might have -- You know so no -- just thought differently even as that little kid I could tell you know. He was from no ones cookie cutter mold he was going to be his own -- parents are artists clearly the parents -- Allowing their son -- you know make this kind of you know decision. But still once a year. Twelve years this -- in your face with the -- That's there where there -- some years may be at nine where -- said. Okay enough for us and did you refute that aren't I mean it -- -- -- really positive experience army and thinking. I've just learned a lot really. I was I was home schooled growing upside in the united have. A lot of what commitments the that are under obligations -- structure -- those -- an advertising and -- can't have something to them. Do you know do year after year and have have. Watch you're. Favorite Rick when Clinton. -- -- And that was my companions that might have been the first woman saw what was then of that tunnel ethical it's a six year old -- yeah overall -- witness -- animated of course this directly related to -- -- it felt as of that after waking life was you know it's feeling about. A world off its axis is it's just perfect partner how. Law. Were you shooting each year when did this what -- are low budget so we would shoot about three days a year on average. I mean the film had. It was very -- we have like -- 143 scenes in the movie so it's the films of kinda contradictory it's of a low budget like -- You know any -- -- it's the a lot of those so. -- we we crammed a lot of -- -- those days but a lot of thought went into the states -- a year I think about it I mean as a filmmaker you don't get that opportunity to. To -- -- it and then think. Film and it thing right and feel your way through -- that. What the story needs to -- so there's no time for think ever have called life -- and all you have to steal away time to think. Special in them the modern world more and more so. So it was a huge luxury though the extra. 4200. Days that this took to shoot that we weren't filming you know. Would I tried to use those and and a certain ways that would helped tell the story I think we've. -- a fun life project that's for sure. What do you remember. As the toughest thing -- had to do it and it's. Now I mean. And I think that comes to mind is is that last moment and it wasn't. No difficulty with audio and I was struggling kind of -- that -- -- -- film and -- last -- -- just. Just because of intoned the fact that it was coming to an end and is very. Intense than for all of us but -- -- for me just being in the on -- kind of trying to. Show this character come into some kind of realization and you know trying to like appreciate this project that -- been working on offer. Upon him to remember that was theater come into an and and kind of realizing that it. That you know that it was coming to an end -- -- -- had been a massive part of who items. We kind of skipped over the fact as we can see from that post there it says Laura slightly greater meaning that there's a relationship that you that -- -- Being that that you -- The you know she insisted she was about eight or nine when this was getting going in. Yeah it was it was probably my only choice that she had to once it was clear she was in an age range of the older sister. And other things in mind grown up on movie sets of he was easier for me to have her in the movie not. Half. And she just and had this is great -- she was just like she wanted he never said at any point. -- no that was Bill Gross who was it -- what little girl isn't saying in advance and then you know. But at some point and she it was fun for to have -- you know this brother sister thing that neither of them really had this alternate family patrician and she she totally enjoyed that. But I think because she was my daughter and not an action at a very different relation to the movies and I say Eller had. Where she thinks she could negotiate -- say. Hey you know I don't want to do that this year. You know -- never wavered but the other was the year seems like my character -- dying. You know a point now that would be too dramatic -- what this movie it seems so we're not gonna kill you die thirteen likened hasn't sitcom the way you know in the person wants off the show they kill -- often some exotic fashion like we're not gonna do that here. But it was -- fleeting she she ultimately. Always -- looking forward to the next year -- he had fun and so is this life you want them. -- this. Really. -- for twelve years. Are you did you want to jump back somehow into something that's done. In one. Section of time. And within one block of time rather than over twelve years well both near Mina woman you know as -- -- what I've learned more than anything -- -- that. And I really like being lost and the process of you know making something. Whatever whatever that entails. Do well Mason your character is is on the hill he's going to college it's all happening is that what you do. I think -- in -- -- ecology the votes I think I think that's next you're juggling -- -- Star Wars and you have to. Better -- things -- make that next week that are right we always ended song here. Care. No -- not being prepared is the key. This to have parents raising together what would we possibly know. He can even be something you hum again. I can't believe it -- In April from tests. It's like beaten. Is this. The speeches and to -- -- from. That's our movie in -- welcome to lose in. And. Okay you -- the -- men dead dad to room Boone. Freddie Mercury channeling it from here it's all sort of -- and seeping into boyhood -- that he did ways I never imagined it all -- Written -- I think someone should think I was pretty awesome -- That was pretty --

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