American Music Awards Preview

The stars of music will gather for the AMA Awards in Los Angeles.
3:00 | 11/17/12

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Transcript for American Music Awards Preview
Variety is once again the key to the American music awards. Fifteen performers will take the stage with styles ranging from pop to rock to hip hop and everything in between whom we also celebrating the -- Forty it. Birthday. So long we just -- -- to have foreign -- managing to replace them. I've heard a lot about AM me you know and his his fortieth right and I'm performing tonight you know not. Only -- performing. But I'm going to perform with someone very special. From country princes Taylor Swift to pit bull. Paula Abdul to Lincoln Park we'll see the best in 2012. On Sunday night's three hour music -- show. Two top stars could walk away with an arm full of trophies. Tied for the most AMA nominations this year with four -- Rihanna and Mickey in the knowledge. I hope -- stops again for me on the red carpet Sunday I think we had a special bond. Back in 2010. Among the -- -- -- you know I kids -- you can do like an idiot and I had become the big music reporter. It's a like how do you want -- very good -- human but by having a good to have a new best friend. This is George and -- reporting for ABC news.

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{"id":17748835,"title":"American Music Awards Preview","duration":"3:00","description":"The stars of music will gather for the AMA Awards in Los Angeles.","url":"/Entertainment/video/american-music-awards-preview-17748835","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}