April 28, 2005: Ellen Pompeo on how she was discovered by an agent while bartending

During her early days on "Grey's Anatomy," Pompeo talks about her acting start.
3:17 | 11/07/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for April 28, 2005: Ellen Pompeo on how she was discovered by an agent while bartending
If you watch the ABC show Grey's Anatomy and homeless around here do on Sunday night's you know Ellen Pompeo as their right in the halls of Seattle hospital where surgery and searching for meaning and soul and sacks all collide she plays Meredith grace a fledgling intern who's trying to juggle life. Love and and the tragedy at home it's a new medical drama Grey's Anatomy and hello column from parents really nice to me you're having watched you know this weeks faith if I had. I was saying to you earlier if you look at your life. I'm it does look like Cinderella story to tell me this you are actually bar tending your working at a bar. And I agent discover you don't give me a break I what is in SoHo. It was quite a long time ago and that used to did you believe that's when an agent sent to you come try out come actually thought she was trying to pick me up the first half. I. I always marry very leery you know and done and she wasn't. And isn't anything you know you're in commercials. And it's all beginning where your head you always wanted to be an actor growing up in Boston. Boston I did draw them boss I sort of did. That didn't really know how to go about it. And it came to me watching last week you're in you're getting in trouble here. Recruit more like yes you have doubled and if the straight and what do but one of the things that it makes the show interesting is that everybody's just at the edge of their competence. And the head to their ability to hold on here. But you did get in trouble but for Patrick Dempsey and hand we've learn about your mom who has alzheimer's and this is such an interesting idea. To try to portray this on camera with caperton is tapering. She's fantastic and it's a very delicate issue and we have to be very sensitive about it but also honest. And it's touched a lot of people a lot of people have come up to me and sent that you know they love the story line. And so I think we're doing a good job for turning it honestly but because it it it can be quite. Brutal so there's never just one stress on the lives of these these people in the medical drama which I liken it was written by a woman you can tell. The funeral characters are so much more funds under. In this I think you can tell yes she's fantastic conference due to think when you go in a hospital. Every time. Going and their lives are they really. Pay attention and attention of me in the show was of critical complication. It's a book by until one day which is a book will that we ill man. Actually when they gave us the book when we started the pilot. And somebody sits me yesterday you know so is it true that in turns really don't know what they're doing when they start at the hospital in this. Because it really doing everything for the first time I know that's very comforting you probably you know once away from teaching hospitals. It's two they really have to do everything for the first time this the first time for everything. Snow it's okay that we don't know what we're doing because. Me and first time for you. Happy time. Yes you believe it. I'm a lot of fingers crossed that line yes I'm having a lot of.

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{"duration":"3:17","description":"During her early days on \"Grey's Anatomy,\" Pompeo talks about her acting start.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"50993444","title":"April 28, 2005: Ellen Pompeo on how she was discovered by an agent while bartending","url":"/Entertainment/video/april-28-2005-ellen-pompeo-discovered-agent-bartending-50993444"}