ARCHIVAL VIDEO: John Lennon Killed in 1980

Dec. 8, 1980: Lennon was shot and killed outside his New York City apartment building.
4:26 | 12/08/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ARCHIVAL VIDEO: John Lennon Killed in 1980
He was shocked late this evening in front of his apartment building in New York City. Apparently he was killed almost immediately a man who shot John Lannan walked up to the musician as he was leaving his limousine. According to eyewitnesses who said Bristol and on. And then fired at him point blank at least five times. Standing by now in New York with more details is ABC's Linda Asher. John Lennon was murdered on his way home just outside the celebrated Manhattan apartment house the Dakota where he lived with his wife Yoko Ono and a five year old son. Apparently he stepped out of the limousine and headed through the gates towards the vestibule when a man emerged and fired seven times. According to police sources at the man had been seen at the apartment house earlier and later in the evening when Lennon arrived. The man appeared to be rational he called out Lenin's name then crouched police sciele. And fired. The four cops pulled John Lennon out and put him into the back of a police car and is now he was bleeding from his mouth anything he was terrible site. John Lennon's body was immediately rushed in a police car here to Roosevelt hospital just thirteen blocks away from his apartment in upper Manhattan. He was dead on arrival they tried resuscitation and they tried transfusions. But nothing works if you. Had multiple gunshot wounds in his chest. In his left arm and in his back. There were seven wounds in his body. And implement. I don't know exactly how many bullets there where there were seven. I could. There was a significant injury the major vessels inside the chest which cause there. Massive amount of blood loss which probably resulted in his death. Do you lose consciousness I don't know evenly in all I'm certain that I would elderly woman died first shutout. Students that didn't stop a number of Lennon's fans from gathering at the hospital land at his apartment house. To pray. And to remember. Insurer ABC news New York. John Lennon was shot a well known New York apartment building the Dakota house on. West 72 street and ABC's Rita sends a standing by live at the Dakota now. We don't want to what have you been able to learn since the shooting. Greater sentence than your image. I don't know you're on. Great instead what we know about this suspect at this time is first of all his identity 25 year old Mark David Chapman. He comes from Hawaii police tell me he's been to the New York area about a week. And began to hang around the Dakota apartment over the weekend asking about John Lennon. He apparently ran into him up for the first time this evening about 5 o'clock. Asking Lenin for his autograph Lenin gave it to him on the jacket cover the idea of a record. Lennon went off to a recording session and we are told that Chapman no remained at the hotel. Until mr. Lenin returned about 11 o'clock this evening. Police officials. Describe what happened this way they say the Chapman came up from behind. Yeah about mr. Lennon's name and ante to 38 revolver. There were at least five shots spent they were seven gunshot wounds three. Considering both in entrance and exit wounds. The worst damage came from the chest wounds. Lenin they shouted that I know I've been shot he stumbled up several steps into the Dakota and collapsed inside and an office area. And was taken immediately to Roosevelt hospital where we are told he was dead on arrival. There is little known about that 25 year old Chapman only that he's been staying at a local YU. Several days and then another hotel in the last a day or two. I he has have been taken to the twentieth police precinct. Fingerprinted they're checking for prior arrest records also allowed for any. Know him. They don't have any yet there they charged him officially would murder but the reason for this attack. Unknown. Yet. Accurate sense.

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{"duration":"4:26","description":"Dec. 8, 1980: Lennon was shot and killed outside his New York City apartment building.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44064021","title":"ARCHIVAL VIDEO: John Lennon Killed in 1980","url":"/Entertainment/video/archival-video-john-lennon-killed-1980-44064021"}