Art Blooms Underground in Washington

ABC News' Ali Dukakis checks out an art installation in a defunct trolley station, made entirely out of plastic balls repurposed from a ball pit for adults.
10:00 | 05/27/16

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Transcript for Art Blooms Underground in Washington
EV news reports. I'm underground. If you're 800 call me angry. Correspondent last summer went to the beach. The building and here in east team but basically a my fault it's. He found me. He. Board member on underground. An. All of its fall word. Here. And never the design contest where designers. And plans for what lakes you can read. Ultimately they decided on whether designers. Here to see them. And well last twelve race track free baby me yeah. We'll know I can tell us more it soon. Then yeah bomb and it just. Sons of the still. Bloomberg 650000. Dollars over the ball hit the building museum and volunteers came and packed up follows the 14100. It's actually brought them over to tractor trailers. We didn't bring some. And remarks on the measure just how many money and not drawn attention but it was fun very fun video yeah. And then actually I mean was due. Senator needs ball. And then we Justin. Stewart and these tunnels which certainly don't act there's a lot of storage spaces. Unused right now so let's just. Backtrack and talk about this the power act. This isn't. The coupon underground. City that closed calling public trolley station closed in 1960. Yeah that's straight at the moment the city an entire organization released from the city teens listening. And it actually thinking Wallingford coupon undergraduates. The arts coalition for the underground. Anyway we're gonna and we're gonna walk yeah. We'll let me me me crap. So still want. Milk quality remained returned the ball and cute. He's extremely during a victory. And they have the cost them and that's coming together until this first part they built. And then milk bars where the public gets to interact. On now unfortunately. No I was. They show their work in the final months where his opening it. Act in Italy. The times yet to watch volunteers from the community condoms. Later he accidentally an assembly line. Eating and not keeping gloomy feeling hot and elm hurt me. He's happy yeah Catholic. Look like says. I. She deserves discovered and a manhunt police. Have little milk and. And so we're 200 moment. Maybe he's. The agency project when com yeah. Numbers coming in saying. They see them play. That it. A lot of people eat. Eat eat eat eat me. Thank you note that needs to be. Police. Didn't and yeah their efforts to hollow. Yeah and that. I like Atlanta's. Laying yeah. So it continues and you GE. Working together and so in the intersections where people can actually. Hughes and deep and an excellent one person who wanted to people need Lincoln Memorial. Now didn't inning town fire fuel. Tripling the dragon. People are really sometimes. Change. Thinking a look at bar you have what an Italian. And even it fell over us. A couple times I mean it's you know it's not rigging and tiny. Oh yeah yeah number handy and he. So right away I mean yeah. I'm one of milder than us right now is not. Yeah it's terror are alert. And he chair at. Our parents who passionately just. It would be any. Yeah. Your experience and you're. Excellent credit services and memories. Like yeah and this brings. Oh yeah see you think this will become regular. You wouldn't aren't engine or machine are doing the little things aren't sure. It's where I actually springs. Freedom. Greater risk for the arts in. Yeah elements here in. Let's hear either nation. And when it's important. Sure it. Hear and wherever we can. Okay. And neither literal trolley track Sunday. Earlier Rick hall. Yeah yeah. She has hurt and anger between it and under the boardwalk but over here and I'm. Yeah. Yeah. And brings you can't very well it's. Huge hundred. Yeah. I. Care. And hire people. Are. Hello I'm yeah. Using a hover around. Small bands and so they the minority community. See them yes I spoke dishonest really get it done here if you're not using application and in my union drums are like yeah. It's really really happy. Go their way back in the tunnel yeah. Ma. They don't I see you. I'm not a you know around all night yeah. I mean it. I don't know that I would not mind her home but I just feel supported and he made our. This incredible iron. Excuse me I'm beautiful Wednesday. Yeah me yeah. I mean some are saying. Daimler. Building and insulation. Solid state until Lumia. Now. Next year in Josh Sousa and designers. It was a time it's so when the plane went. We are deliberating a lot of ideas. We've been collecting interest from numerous parties everything from English. Two. Are connecting the public and girls yeah things wrong live performances. Each program winners theater whether it's music when there it is somebody happening here maybe Iran lady. You know any extreme sports in like yeah. Here students risky work. Kind of changes like these are beginning in center. And so what we're doing the work we're keeping our minds open. And we're not turning anybody right now we're seeing each. Find something that continues to gracious. Rational act. Basically EE musicals movies condition. We'll congratulate. Candidates nasal out right away. Resolve that. Yeah brown. But orange and Arafat areas where it. Are free. Water at that time fairy tea shockingly deep but I think fast but it got all the time we have. Thank you so much both the UEU. And Texas. A great great art installation. Well thank you aren't underground well hop more hard pressed in the future mount street he's eaten I would knew him.

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{"duration":"10:00","description":"ABC News' Ali Dukakis checks out an art installation in a defunct trolley station, made entirely out of plastic balls repurposed from a ball pit for adults. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39435067","title":"Art Blooms Underground in Washington","url":"/Entertainment/video/art-blooms-underground-washington-39435067"}