Audio from Harvey Weinstein sting operation released

"The View" co-hosts discuss the latest in the scandal.
8:51 | 10/11/17

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Transcript for Audio from Harvey Weinstein sting operation released
A hobby Weinsteins had not reached a disturbing new level yesterday with a bombshell New York aren't going to be in a new rape allegation claims I'm a decades long pattern of abuse plus this audiotape from. And NYPD sting operation and 25 teen in is creeping. Tacklers. What little we have today it's. Usually use is there. The bar no good Muslim Mindanao and don't comfort and relief. Please include do anything that's where my children. Anywhere in conference. Com right now. And one minute if you wanna do when it comes why isn't very touched my dreams. Please search this morning views of the world. Yeah. He says now that yet another so I won't do it again also that won't do it again it when I heard that I thought that's my opening statement from a prosecutor. He said he wouldn't do it again as he did ladies and gentlemen don't allow him to do league rat you'll taste today and I was so shocked. That Cyrus Vance is Manhattan DA's office decided they didn't have enough even with that video to prosecute. Harvey winds it's an admission of get it's an admission of guilt and I can't tell you I've tried cases of rape cases with less just her word against his word and I never lost the case and that's separate case where you have an admission on tape so shame on the what I did say they are on console fusion between Cyrus Vance and behind points while. IMac and alleged there was collusion but. My understanding is that after he dropped the case his lawyer Harvey Weinstein's lawyer gave the Manhattan DA 101000 dollars and a and a ray and I am I read. Could a little room in my right about that. A few much faster validates yet yeah out got you concept advanced decided not to pursue charges his lawyer David Boies donated 101000 dollars to advance his reelection campaign. Smiles fishing while. His you know Cyrus Vance is gonna have some other questions and to answer to about other stuff where he's got money for such. It's very bizarre but now stars like Angelina Jolie and plant Paltrow. Are coming out with sexual harassment claims and will all of this. Make anyone do something about it and not just in Hollywood but just everywhere is is there anything to be done. Well the law did work here. I'm an aunt and backed back hurts me to my soul. But I also think there's this institutionalized. Sexism that's going on this institutionalized sexual harassment. And we've got to start with the HR. Offices and she in EIA icon yeah agents like Connolly not. It didn't deal with me here reaction I side street from prison his last night where he said is this going to be like the Catholic Church. With the scandals is that gonna start Hollywood gonna start unraveling in the same way but. We see late night hosts not making jokes about this when he sees Warren Michaels saying it to New York they bike can go after Harvey Weinstein. There's still a lot of men in place covering for hand. And some of the statements coming out from people like Ben Affleck to me it's not good enough by a long shot it still wouldn't get when you don't resent him. Pacman went to recommend someone to do she winds from the day that allegedly that teen this happened she went authorities. She even got. You don't have a microcosm there when we win back Larry even get our nation out so late doesn't have a lot of hope when you hear so many stories of people that did this and then they were still squad because out then after it was squashed as if he'd been. Proceeded to slander her Nino impact stories were planted about her reputation. And there are so many straight record of him calling to have things that killed that heat. We're going to be negative about him where he said. Things and it was one of those quotes I saw was I'm mysterious that he's ever seen like he he threw his power around it like. Which which brings me to my point about women need to be in positions of power I believe that that would solve the problem to a great extent. And you know we're always told that when where and vicious were being bitches at mine where am I'm where pushy where being on armed feminine but you know what out of school all that and be who we are. And just didn't. How. Had a lot of life's problems in general would be public limited power but that being said you're having discussions ended the greener before hand that women sometimes are complicit and that's by not saying any saying. Possibly covering up there's a lot of allegations and a lot of different places at all you have to do is Google and I don't have a lot Anthony. Any time swimming and meaner allegations other places that when they may have known maybe have covered up for things may be new harassment was going on in to replace it there's a lot of allegations about the staff at the Weinstein. Organization right now so for me it's just. I was I'm so compelled by this story could not consume enough information about and by the way Ronan Farrow. Good crop are staying not your worry I am guilty today this skilled night. Lot of help that we're making very much progress I mean the fact that went out gently Steven Spielberg's god daughter. They miss wealthy parents still felt like she couldn't necessarily say anything when he harassed her when it happened she went I. I don't currently went to Brad Pitt and enjoy what she wanted to be a stone back. And I wanna be a star you have to make certain compromises saying have to keep your mouth shut sometimes so may be awhile you know or to those ambitions a little thing. Yep that's them that's part. It's not found my kiddo. It's not that hard to go nowhere in the position of it ourselves well maybe not hard to do in this type of situation but let's talk about the fact that you know. This type of sexual harassment happens. Everywhere it don't doesn't only happen in Hollywood with an agenda powerful people have winners how anywhere yet so if you are and I think there's at this yesterday you know if you are the woman. Who needs this job to feed your babies and you've got your fast food supervisor grabbing your butt. What do you do well I don't know I feel I every powerful kick well here's I have to suggest. LK because. I don't think any of this is going to change us. Until. We as women start looking out for each up. When my. Now at some points. I have to look out for you if I'm Morgan in a fast and plays with the U. I have to believe that this could possibly happen to me as well that's runner I have to believe that. If in. All sectors and you know HRs are not built for the people hate offers a lot of built on what the government a half saw I feel like it. Women in ten women if that all the women on a staff say got together and said look. Come to me if something happens of seven women do that. So that if a woman. You Nelson was being harassed you mention that she's not by yourself you make sure the person who's not there and if you are able to get that information if you are able to. We're writing generally glided to what ever. When ten women not want to do wants to hang Elisa. We nonissue bent doing the acts. And we want to stop could see it yet flatten a fire want to bust you want fire all of us and then we'll all tout the outhouse. A lot of kids are afraid to lose their jobs then. I'll see what I what I think it has let her I think it's less if there's when women get together and they. Become this giant way yeah. I think it's a lot easier to stand together our exit beat down the dragon dance we try to do weekly three with eighty. In out. Police oversight boards when the community really takes charge and I think that's something I along with the laws and legislation all hell yes I got just best spokesperson for the Weinstein's Weinstein company issued the following statement regarding that New Yorkers are about Ronan Farrow. Persons of any allegations of not consensual sex are unequivocally denied by mr. Weinstein mr. Weinstein has further confirm. That there were never any acts of retaliation against any women for refusing his advances. Mr. Weinstein can speak to anonymous allegations but with respect to any women who have made allegations on the record. Mr. Weinstein believes that all that he believes that all of the rent relationships were concerned that that we are did not I doubt we say we shall we do have to go about it but I do think it's important. And we're going that should know that he's. Taken himself to get some. We have we have I lay there are not in America has the Bill O'Reilly rehab center will be right back.

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