“The Bachelor” fallout after host’s comments

The Hosts of the “2 Black Girls, 1 Rose” podcast discuss the significance of ‘Bachelor’ host Chris Harrison’s remarks defending a contestant’s allegedly racist actions.
6:38 | 02/16/21

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Transcript for “The Bachelor” fallout after host’s comments
This incident has raised some larger issues related to diversity in the bachelor franchise that want to bring in the host. Of the pod cast to black girls one rose just Dean Cain attacked just got to help break this downpours ladies good morning thanks for being here. Morning thanks for having so first off I just get your general thoughts on this whole thing just seen I'll start with you what did you think. As you so Irene that happened with her canal and then Harrison's response. And home my goodness I mean as. Two and Rachel Lindsey said it's been six weeks that we don't all this and nation. And the pictures of her party and the cherry on top. And so seeing Chris Harrison. And be so devoid of responsibility. While also learning to. What she seemed to be let her rescue. Tunnel while also interrupting Rachel Lindsey and and demeaning her her job. All at once hollow is very very overwhelming and it is and to say. East Natasha what did you think. Yeah I mean that I think we have just kind of remember who Chris Harrison this thing kind of set our expectations. Mom Chris Harrison you know over the summer Colson a black square and ends two grams showing solidarity for black lives matter and racial equality. He also took that blacks Wear down a few weeks later. Food and this is the spokesperson of the show listens to the franchise in charge of holding Rachel. Or Connell accountable. He had one job it was a very easy job condemn racism. And when period. That was his only job and he failed and he failed because he don't some type of way personally in that really showed his character and when you failure jobs that time he had no. Justine Harris CNN stepping a wave from his hosting responsibilities. But it sounds like that's. Temporary so assuming is coming back what would you like to see from him before that happens. On the folklore he comes back I would like to see him actually a news. Action lowered steps in their media are areas and his job. That he had a conversation in the very beginning of the season with mad about race that was scary time Barry Manila he didn't really have the tools. Rescission within a scene out of those tools together. I would love to see him in is insecure and it's a media presence and also all other business ventures. I'm get some of better Kirstie treating there as well. And for the bachelorette rooms on. He comforted in knowing that he's going to be equipped to do the job better it's it'd take a lot more steps than just an apology on him. And the tasks that we heard in one of those clips Harrison saying that it's not the show's responsibility to speak about. All these issues that flare up on social media with all of contestants. Lake of those controversial photos. Africa now U near mounts mega fans of the franchise you hear from thousands of other fans. What do you think should the show stay out of these kinds of issues or is it their responsibility to speak up. That's absolutely their responsibility to speak I mean this is not just. A light hearted show a bowel true love and relationships that the lot deeper than that. Com and we're talking about media representation and how if you're going to be cast the black minister. As your lead how we responsibly going to step tell his story and his yearning for love you know ABC has the boy does for eighteen years a chance to shell millions of Americans millions of women. White women and white men around the country who watch the show tune in every week. Show an image of a black man who was just okay. And they gave us Matt James they gave us the senior had so this. Om and yes diversity is important by. It's useless unless you're not really being a part of the conversation and really making systemic change so there's no there's no world expressing ninth when he money where you can completely and to yourself from. And he responsibility to. Tell that seems a story or any consensus of color story Obama with some real hair. And it's a completely anti yourself out of social issues that are happening and are very real world. So interesting given that how significant do you think it is that we have the first black bachelor and 25 season and that the contestants this season. Are more diverse than we've seen in the past. She. Yeah I think it is a great immediately by unit that outlet bachelor I think there's adversity. On the only show in just that picture although he is is a really beautiful picture and a diverse asked however we have remember that this is a shock and reaction. Huge art league's murder. And this was a year reaction where he was announced in June heated air filming until October. No cost and I'm George Little age. Eight minutes on video seems like they're constantly had to get this let bachelor Alex is entirely too heavy for there. I'm so it's. Great and nice to see a little bit a little too late. So Natasha what would you like to see happen next with this franchise how to they go about. Walking away from this in a productive way for everybody. Yeah how I mean I think adjusting to son. Blake who it's clear that diversity and just casting. Morton dozens of color. Is not enough. We need to see some real systemic change with in the franchise is on the linking your spokes person being acquit tabbed conversations about race and diversity. On you quit this eagle on you know a contestant has documented and racism have the words to explain why that's wrong. I think I wanna see more diverse the behind the camera. Com who aren't you know who's on site therapists for our conceptions of color on mission of the token. Cared for a while there and that's the situation. Who are the casting directors were the producers. Including more leadership of color on the table. Because you cannot just had never seen without having real intentional system and changed and how. The franchise is gonna move forward. Adjusting K and the task just got from two black girls one rose the pod cast we so appreciate your time today thank you ladies. Thank you do you.

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{"duration":"6:38","description":"The Hosts of the “2 Black Girls, 1 Rose” podcast discuss the significance of ‘Bachelor’ host Chris Harrison’s remarks defending a contestant’s allegedly racist actions. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"75928796","title":"“The Bachelor” fallout after host’s comments","url":"/Entertainment/video/bachelor-fallout-hosts-comments-75928796"}