Barbara Walters Still Feeling Weak, Plans 'View' Return

"The View" co-host gives an update about her health and future plans for work.
3:38 | 02/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Barbara Walters Still Feeling Weak, Plans 'View' Return
I guess we should really decide to show what the call from someone we mess around him very much the -- Barbara Walters. -- Coming from the chicken -- and we wanna -- has is doing I said rob -- Barbara are you now it can. Yeah I think. Hello my -- mid June. Yeah. So I'm thinking yeah. I -- and -- -- that's. Okay. Okay I'd toss back -- you. I complain to use -- joke about hot topic and -- Fact is -- yelling is yelling orders at Santa Barbara how how are you feeling likely when you spell -- you got that chicken pox. How are you doing right now because you're such a busy lady now you're forced to just sit still what's that light. -- Let me let me -- -- -- had a little bit about this it. Yes. I haven't -- -- don't like it -- on about an academic disallowed but let me just talk. Webcast I'm just about what happened was that I say. -- a temperature and I had the chicken pox and didn't know it and sell -- I was in Washington said they inoculation. How weekend. I hate scientific fact -- British embassy if -- -- -- -- -- -- very elegant place to thank. And I kept my head. And had six stitches and got as it turns out. In addition to the chickenpox -- are they found that. But that's what advise them I had never had that I had been that somebody. Somebody's company who has tradition goes and I got the chickenpox and that's. I have to I concept got a concussion. So I have been. A little -- I am not in any pain. I'm not Scott -- too much to think I'm -- yeah. That I do feel I am not just sort of the week. And tie -- and I probably want -- back on the program. And absorb about three weeks but that does not mean that I don't listen to Atkins -- good. That they want to use including you -- welcome to the shots. Hi I'm Barbara my girls wanted me to say hi and tell you how sorry they -- that you. Have gotten all the stuff that's like double doses of everything but they wanted -- to give -- their -- Not much greater get back there soap opera so I canceled the case of Calabar lotion I was gonna send -- That's exactly the case the wind instead they -- -- -- I'm glad I didn't want but you don't have -- -- says yes. But -- that's funny thing is set -- all of these years. At dawn the act and here is there is still nothing that you can put on that -- except how migration. I mean you know we've weakened -- we have started sparkling have to worry as when asked how my conscience. And you know we can do something -- are relative. You guys I -- I'm going to getting to go because you you have to give some less -- call you again but not today so -- Land back and -- that's all you want to -- we came -- me. -- quickly dollars and. We miss you. I'm.

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{"duration":"3:38","description":"\"The View\" co-host gives an update about her health and future plans for work.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"18420157","title":"Barbara Walters Still Feeling Weak, Plans 'View' Return","url":"/Entertainment/video/barbara-walters-feeling-weak-plans-view-return-18420157"}