Bernie Sanders Says He Will Raise Taxes

The Democratic candidate explained his plan to raise taxes in order to eliminate privatized health care.
2:22 | 01/26/16

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Transcript for Bernie Sanders Says He Will Raise Taxes
The democratic candidates met for town hall in the Moines Iowa and Bernice modest steps up the most candidates. Which never ever had meant to take a look. What you're really asking for is one of the biggest tax hikes in history. And that is the critics we will raise taxes. Yes we will but also let us be clear Chris because I was a little bit. All of this ingenuity. Out there up. We may raise taxes. But we are also going to eliminate prior Everett health insurance premiums. For individuals and for business. So even though he says his plan will save Americans money dean. Humans and is gonna freak people out when you say freedom and a lot of analysts say Vladimir Putin's going to be right running mate in this country aren't changing the national land until the macarena. People do not want to hear it right here on my car and I. I don't want to hear it now I've got an accident get raise keep it quiet birth they don't want have a tells them and they just doing my having come. Say that because when you. Say you're gonna solve all these problems where's the money coming from they're all gonna get it gonna have to do think but that's the truth that no one wants to I want him to tell I liked him more last night because everything you say that OK let me tell really it is an ugly. We're really Kenya's lake still love. I would credit. Resonating with people because he seems like an open bodies hadn't being really honest I don't agree with many of his policies but I can't. Clutching at his team says nothing doing so good rain having said once people meet him and hear him. The change their mind. And I think and that's what he's resonating with hasn't gone up and we're not used disingenuous annuities ingenuity and read at a Paris Allen's dictionary yeah. They care except that I spent an hour sale. Yes she's gotten to make kids happy she introduced herself to you. What I am Harris Allen but even you you've got attacked Cecilia and he went. I'm record a long time ago say like that 90% range but he's backed off that he's what he's going to do is raise the marginal tax rate from I think it's 39 point six to 52%. So it's not going to be that. Ninety it a lot it's a lot but you're gonna get a lot of stuff for I heard one ground out there in the audience. Still anchored until you know.

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{"id":36528260,"title":"Bernie Sanders Says He Will Raise Taxes","duration":"2:22","description":"The Democratic candidate explained his plan to raise taxes in order to eliminate privatized health care. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/bernie-sanders-raise-taxes-36528260","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}