Bernie Sanders Talks President-Elect Trump's Win, Keeping Him Accountable

The former Democratic presidential candidate joins "The View" co-hosts to discuss the election results.
6:26 | 11/14/16

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Transcript for Bernie Sanders Talks President-Elect Trump's Win, Keeping Him Accountable
Had almost a full week. And accept the fact that our. President elect is down they chopped and see how much it's on and what this gentlemen please welcome back. The fabulous and always but. Senator brightest men. So I don't know if you heard the song meg. Now in. Let me ask you just a rain out what happened. That's why I had a half a lap that up or news would have. Do we know is. Racists than sucks us in this country we do. On the other hand I think what happened is trumped touched a nerve. On the part of millions of people could media both of often talk about. And then as you got a million middle class for the last forty years that has been shrinking. He got people working to a three jolts you have a single mom who can't afford 121000 goals we have for child care. You gotta work crews seeing as jawed go to China. You gotta parents whose wondering how in God's name but I make 40000 you're more going to be able to send my kid to college. You got a sixty year old worker today was 500 dollars and the bike and is facing retirement. You got millions of people living in extraordinary economic anxiety and meanwhile the very richest people. And largest corporations avoid phenomenally well at people assign all over the country black and white locking up what about me who's gonna stand up but it. And in my view of a Democratic Party has not been as strong as it should be it's like yeah we're gonna slam with the working people when you did. Why did I get. So a few of the candidate they say he would've won have been written about the. Who knows and who will have to know but the point is we gotta talk about the future how we go forward. And there're couple things on one. Nobody won. When a balk when when mr. trump says. That he's going to be for the working class you don't want with a hole from a comfortable with the law. We're going eldest girl all the things that he said. You'll want to raise wages at a company had. We got help small they shouldn't minimal wage fellow southerner and a quarter well let's raise the fifteen bucks and I'll you what they've been. Then they've. Women who make and 79 cents on the dull anyone think that that is just that the year 2000 and since they pay equity for women workers. Art our infrastructure our roads and aboriginal to this assaulting trump has been talking about let's work together let's great millions of dogs. Rebuilding all water systems always what do plants Al rail system aren't. Trade aren't. Trouble I think their point some enormously April longtime workers all over this country are saying their draw up going to China and Mexico. Their wages of bullet down significantly let's create a trade policy to get corporate America does thought investing in this country. What about. But cost of prescription drugs why don't we pay the highest prices in the world for the medicine that we need while the pharmaceutical industry is making huge profits. Now mr. trump talked about it we're gonna hold them accountable all your prepared to take on. The pharmaceutical industry are you prepared to take on Wall Street whose greed does vote so much on to our country. So here's the point that's humble one numbered so what we will not accept will not accept this country has struggled to whom many years. In the fight against discrimination. And the fight against big tree fresh. We are not only accept. A president trying to the boy that's up we ducked little girls. Who wearing purchase. What else scared to death but somebody is going to be picked an account while all the luck. Our enemies are not so lucky you know dog so Mexican American working in a tomato peeled make annoyed bucks well. Both about our enemies and I don't want millions of people to be worried tonight. About families being suffered on seeing too much about the we're gonna fight against sexism and racism. And subtle phobia. Okay which brings bit of my question is a lot of people are out there protesting right now what is it that we can do to make sure that Ortiz to at least keep his feet to the fire. What we should all the slip. Is that the view is that many up costs have expressed. All of the views of the vast majority of the American people. Mr. trump was very proud during his camp but that they help a multibillion out but I don't have to pay any taxes because you're paying taxes. Well you know what most Americans both they didn't like the billion as a large corporations don't pay a nickel of federal taxes art. So we. All of the majority in our ideas the white the Democratic Party has failed as bubbles or we can deal with art want basic reforms in the democratic polity. But most importantly we've got a hold them accountable and the third shrub want to touch. Oh I hope very much you know Donald Trump is nobody's fool. And during the campaign he talks about climate change being the hoax in a walk. Clinton changes on a hoax. It is a threat to this in part a planet he got to stop listening to the slide to the communities and knocked as the cold club and if he doesn't say if he doesn't. If he doesn't get our public to a planet left the program shall I know that I know that will worry. We know a lot about and I think you know you talk of people was streets aren't they when millions of people led by the LDP. Who want to transform this country say sorry mr. trump art want this planet to be healthy and habitable for my children of my grandchildren. And that is more important in the short term profits of the oil industry I think we can stop women that.

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{"duration":"6:26","description":"The former Democratic presidential candidate joins \"The View\" co-hosts to discuss the election results.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"43526845","title":"Bernie Sanders Talks President-Elect Trump's Win, Keeping Him Accountable","url":"/Entertainment/video/bernie-sanders-talks-president-elect-trumps-win-keeping-43526845"}