Best supporting actress Oscar nominee talks first nod

Marina de Tavira shares her excitement moments after finding out she was nominated for her performance in "Roma."
6:01 | 01/22/19

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Transcript for Best supporting actress Oscar nominee talks first nod
Look exciting we have marina Dayton there was nominated for best supporting actress on the phone so first off kindred only since what is Sunday morning for you. Oh my god. I I I don't even have words I really will never ever expect that this who come. Oh my gosh thank you. All of us so well deserved what I want to know first informants is where you wake. Is Venus theory people say they're not awake but they're really up waiting to hear they're gonna get nominated. While I was awake because I was I mean he wasn't like expecting. That lack that the stadium could get nominated but nine court stepped up foreign terror as far and made legalities but there really isn't out of the to rule. I never answer anything that it made it without you and I don't I mean I. I think I have at I'm really need to wake up I think I'm you went with an athlete I'm blaming. I don't think so we're doing this isn't real. You think Oscar nominated actress. Not. Me. I've already dry lab. I mean only looked at have got to feel. Dual boot my uncle my gosh. Yet Marino this might get their. Referring to congratulate says programs on Friday congratulates sends I know you're aside. But after watching your performance I did definitely see why you were nominated. As us miserably in his cell a big fan and new lines and the way that your hand on the new want to be cared turret the evolution of the strong white game ever family it's a complete vulnerability at the and the beat cnet's you have with your family was absolutely incredible and the way you brought on the suburbs -- said that. Had a major impact on this sounds that you are deserve being so in Joliet and others are deserving and those who were the other marine I have a question for you though what is it about Rome that has attracted so many people at this film what do you think is a secret sauce of this down. Well I think he's because we are counted they still at bay state life because it's not about something that we little bit true it's about like. We we wild children and we'll have a car from a how close we are all lost someone in in the back in the way of becoming an adult. And I think everybody can ruby they. It can really prepare our panel that at this same time will become universal is act I think we all can relate to it and that's. That's it it comes from the high demand for saw like people are very very special place that we have well been cook. Yes there is using Manson and Abbott asked the question of what is a secret sauce and over the data from that wins. I think in your character particular marina it goes to being able to find your voice not figure character she was able to find her voice and the C that was lost its feed her children. Men's in the house so menacing her husband and her boys got lost in that and even in talking about the career shift. In or the sacrifices that so many single moms and abroad have truly make so thank you for highlighting that that's something I never thought about but again. You're acting the new ones of you home for a so cheers and salute to you my friend. Thank you so much and I really want to thank my mom because she she actually. Did that for us for me and my fifth general brother silk. This is or her and of course. Well purpose mother Christine. Yes and C a busy couple weeks coming up now my friend yet again in drag as he got to get ready to go to the Oscar as we know what do today what you do now let me ask you wake up and here you're not need an Oscar. I am I'm just walking very I just I woke up my firm and I was yapping at him and what my cat I got nominated and you look like what does he. We were expecting that it was a detonated mating. They'll and you look like but not gonna need me get you are not well. Is he going to be okay yeah within a room back and forth with a twenty real estate deals is very not. We'll Sunday would face to the Oscar is that I I I certainly hope so yeah. CD and a toxic. Marina thank you so much we noticed on your phone's beeping is that there's so many people are trying to call you right now we. Like this this is an anti down. Let me. I ran. My family. Nobody can believe it and I I still can't you at night I have to say did. Really I didn't even expect this adult. Fifth at a theater. What you does that ring Saturday and announced that two out of marine that is loved the way that this so betrayed Mexico a different light I think we always have a way of looking at Mets are misery one dimensional one class migrant workforce and it was really beautiful to see on the different classes on the dismissals economic structures of Mexico. And to see really Mexican incensed striving professional lights and settings in particular as doctors and hospitals and so. Again cheers to you for beings as a part of a pivotal found there may help shakes narratives and change in mindset on identity in class. Exactly I think what do just that at the important thing. That we look at each other than that we acknowledge alcohol. I mean up. Nick he can't. As a little bit indigenous communities that we have here is that it's so beautiful and that has been suffering for ages realizing that at this film may help. So that we can influence in the start so to repair old oh quote damage that's been done. Very true now Maria again thank you so much Albert would you go because if your photo still beeping. Oh yeah only thought dear family talked dear friends and huge and hundreds. Yeah and I'm Diana. We're supporting the film. Because all the awards that all the bad could permit but it is means absolutely. Important part. Well that's been happening believing get tired of course I would get my marina.

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{"duration":"6:01","description":"Marina de Tavira shares her excitement moments after finding out she was nominated for her performance in \"Roma.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"60541907","title":"Best supporting actress Oscar nominee talks first nod","url":"/Entertainment/video/best-supporting-actress-oscar-nominee-talks-nod-60541907"}