'Three Billboards' star Sam Rockwell on Oscar buzz: 'It's kind of overwhelming'

Rockwell appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" to talk his role in the film "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri."
18:40 | 12/06/17

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Transcript for 'Three Billboards' star Sam Rockwell on Oscar buzz: 'It's kind of overwhelming'
Next. You'll ladies quit Yankee roots and looters. Society or on TV the other day diet and you would give. I mean you know. Kim across Ruger and things Hussein. And because groups use these campers and Steve this and about time we got home to your momma kicks in. It's come and go home to momma momma momma I told us India out. So twelfth. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn way we tell you. What's great that's happening at them and there's a moving down item to Mel for retired three billboard. Outside editing Missouri. I don't care it's too much feeder remember just call it three billboard. But you'll see Frances McDormand in that and you will see my guests today Sam Rockwell who is. Seen. On. I mean me speaking. He just complete. Through this whole movie and yet he's brilliant it everything he does to do it in a hot mess and a hot summer day hateful have you. A simple boy with a dream to play. Then why I. How did this happen Martin as a sick. An eight yes. He thought of me we've worked together before we get a play together. Handing easy spoke Cain yes with Christopher Walken and Anthony Mackie Zoellick is on and we. Which he indirect John Crowley directed who directed Brooklyn known. And then he directed seven cycle wrote directed them technocrats when they also applauded the yes any sodomy that and then nom. We did that with woody and Colin and a man that was and then who's in this and in sandy market with my mom was actually in seven psychopaths and she was cut so he wrote in this role as my mother. Anxious to get a lot lot of love service well she sure yeah yeah she's Napoleon Dynamite you know yeah. And woody. Is back and we got the incredible Frances McDormand. She is pretty great yet she's great. So how what does that experience at doing those scenes because the two of you together are home kind. That I can't believe what's happening between two we had a blast we had a blast it was really good. Kind of Frazier Ali kind of to go it was really fun to be her Frazier. Via. Who's really good times she's a force in nature you know she's John Wayne in the movie she's incredible. And it was a blessing in being John Wayne in life to some time she's she's a Boller yet its he does a mistrial. At the eulogies that she's a sweetheart and she's very funny reaction it'll collapse but you all our deputy. Anything didn't think lucky that Dixon. But whenever he hit him and you get re endowed by Frances McDormand and constantly yet but I what you need to do. Before we just lose control or this control of everything we're doing it's the disc run. White in a very brief way what its movies about. Well it's about a a woman who it's a very dark topic. Considering that it's actually got a lot of laps this movie. It's about a woman avenging the the rape and murder of her daughter young daughter and she takes on the town that the police force in the towns for small town of having. And basically says you not doing enough. He didn't do enough to solve my my daughter's murder so get on it gets these billboards to publicize that. She rents and she rents these billboards and says some really crazy stuff and so. She takes on the town share Willoughby. Woody arrows woody heroes the threat and you are his dedicated deputy I am his one of his deputies and I am. Pretty much. Barney Fife 845 was really really angry. And you know violent Barney I'm angry and violent Barney Fife I think yes if this is kind of a dangerous boring fight. And then he transforms in the something a little more complicated blunt I don't wanna go in this boiler yes Victoria because of a series of events. But he Afghan. It's to me what makes this performance when in the best that you've ever done what but I think that's because. You know you've done so much like that thankfully as I'm concerned that I can look at human moon yeah forever and she said. Look at how did this happen in Canada all working in ways that it shouldn't but it does in this case. He deputy does show another side into the wood bad guys that you might think yes. Aren't always bad dumb guys aren't always dumb they all have something else going on inside of. Absolutely and you know as you know you've I mean you've seen some of these price of these smaller movies that now a lot of people see that. You know at lot of these movies prepared me I've done a few anti heroes in films and nobody saw that. Like snow angels and other things. In mood as a people is a movie that people did see but. But. It's it I think all that prepared me to play date. You know sense. Because it's it's got aspects of different things I've done on stage and yeah. Well because you worked with Martin McDonough reports and you knew that was happening. But yet we in this context. It's this this kind of explodes of surprises. There. Yet it really hit any in Prague that goes on in the movies like this when it's done by. A plea right a lot. Not a lot with mark you know really needed if there is any at living it's really garnish to the main meal it's you know there was some. I had the luxury ad time on my handsome went down so the misery and its research and that's right along cops and kind of judgment Colin and kind LA at this Marlins went and a gamer and I met with some burn victims I'm I guy's new this doctored its skin grafts for burn victims and so. That's kind of a spoiler roller but I so I have the luxury of time to do a little bit researching you don't always get that luxury that amount of time so. That helped a lot I was just it and it's yet whether the port cops who were riding along with that saying that you Soviet every. Taught me is in my performance in this. That they don't succeed at hid it well they do watch him stretching my yes they knew they knew what they were the you know jot they read the script in the new television goods and they news or racist cop and they knew. That that was the deal. But Tom. They were more educating me on. What what it what it is to be a cop you know but there were studio he read my lines because he had a good accent and Wrenham. Recorder and you know he did a couple that lives that are in the European movies Martin like you know but usually with a mark McDonough script you don't need any. You know you you really know it's all there it's all or he's like you know Pinter Tarantino. David Mamet rolled in the one you know he's one of the best out there it's like Kenny lottery manner and those guys. So here it is people will go now yes again this is happening. People are saying Sam Rockwell needs to win you can be. That's a nice thing I hear in that for years and yet the academy hasn't listened to me. Yeah and I hope that could this be it to you allow yourself to think about it. I think it's an exciting kind of thrilling. Thing that think about I mean again it's it's kind of overwhelming and you can't really picture head around them like you know it's. Hi I'm gonna some of these award things and really ultimately. It's just the Big Three party you know is that where Ike and a look at and you get to see friends and get this. You know see movie stars and you know some of these people are your friends and some argue to meet June denture whoever and you know it's gonna hang with dame Judi. I don't love to have their activity and I'm just that I hear she's while we look at outlaw life I'm down. I want to feed that through view now aware we're Andre Ward circle where it dame while targeting it not okay. Even if he. And should you win me ask you can take it with you on all job appointments. Yeah well yes with a brilliant addition which I didn't know your partner on a popcorn should I wish you would and we can do it thumbs up thumbs down kind of thing. My no I don't like because you are real movie examiner for the film are you really are I think what we should do one day. Is do something about classic something will pick a genre I would do it the second and then we'll have more popcorn and we have here today. And will just thumbs up and thumbs down. I would do with his second the films in the seventies you know I was talking at. I was talent from what. I thought Wonder Woman. Yet we did a roundtable with Tom Hanks and I told him I thought Wonder Woman was splash with fight. Which is very clever and it I love with that the record did with it was really you know Chris pine is essentially. The Tom Hanks character and she's the girl actor except. She kicked and did did you think that training believe I think he I think used to eat away from that at applicant and went off at. I I think he I think he dug where everything but but I. I don't know if he'd seen the movie year but. You saw what you think I didn't I it was all I. I never thought it's black eye but Alex like Goldman. Which was in in this city our soul of what was happening yet she's been overwhelmed by the you know the revolving door and everything peddling the mermaid I thought it was very when we do our special. You know these things are gonna come up where we're gonna make people look. At say decide bias that the dinning completely new ways yes exactly you know. Yeah it this mark side effects I think like Unix Mac in a district nine it's what was the first thing you ever did on the screen. Oh I did a movie. Cook clown house which is crazy movie and then I did let's takes the Brooklyn and did some TV stuff in analog TV stuff. Teenage mutant ninja turtles. The first is that. That he could have meant so much one way or the other at in the book yet if it means a lot to a lot of what I advocate is you wanna you every Romeo. When he saw yourself though on the screen yet for the first time is yes I want what's your reaction. Well if it's good like it if it's a it's kinda like if you're playing like this the violin or sex for and you heard a bad note. You might kinda cringe area you know but if it's up to something or there's a missed opportunity. I saw like it could've lifted that moment up or something and make and they. But if it's a good ally occasionally like it and I'm pretty objective usually when you've seen yourself once green for the first time yes it becomes there's more of ego and anything involved isn't it. Had a white look by look that let you that it mirrors that I get past and then I just critique the acting but I get past the looks thing pretty quickly but I I don't really. I'm looking at more like it like a constantly Halloween costume because it's a character so I really think of it. Some characters are Bain and some characters are like the character trackers guide. The galaxy that was on it and I. And that's a very vain character so I was enjoying the vanity has the very specific look is very heavy look at him. And I was also noticing that I was pushing the envelope lunch Mac thing. Barometer quite a bit me that I got out only is it them yet should act the but let's get to know me and it's actually police. Got a few tickets. It's like about race that was really presenting us try to be Jim Carrey and. And now though. You're playing George W blinds and the day that he Chaney movie I have addition bail has the change. Yes what a what you re search for that stands out just the Internet. I've been on the Internet all the time had never met via I've never met Deb Goodman's daughter briefly. Issues very nice. I've just been on the Internet watching George constantly listening to on mom and iPod. Sort of vote loop and work with a dialect coach what yet. I I have a voice you know. Not weren't up I'm not warm I'll leave you with a lot of etiquette I gotta get all warm and but but I have I've been watching him I have a dialect coach was animals the union and acting coach turned Victor barker. And they help me with all the stuff and then at a McKay is a brilliant. Writer director's dream have a lot of fun. He Christian Bale as. Critically do and it. He's getting up into the morning go to air Emeka. Yet he's game wade and he's got that it's a whole it's like a Winston Churchill's. Times then immediately looked at it yeah flat. He looks somewhere between he looks like Phil Hoffman Dick Cheney had a Batavia. It's really something of its wild. I've got to see this one it's it's it's really something so in the end if somebody was saying to you yes Sam I've heard about. This three billboards. Yes I'm the way you know why should I see what is the thing that should make. Meego you know I don't usually pump movies rarely do I pump my own movies and but I've been pump in this one because I'm really I just think it's a really good movie whether I'm in or not it secret. I was get that question and Elsie Goss the three billboards yes that why. I and I just can't just because it's good and I like yeah he got heavily excellent write the reason. That they'll go well. I'm getting to be this stupid and Korea right heel labs. I try you'll laugh you'll write your left right but I mean it's true you you will cry and you will laugh it's it's coming up both he really does you know. No I just this damn good movie oh. And I think it but what is very timely some of the topics are very timely and and it's also. It's oddly moving in a way that you it's very moving I can't put my finger on. The other though with the the magic trick that I think mark McDonough this is thing. He infuses humor just when it's about to get like. Sediment. And just about to go there and puts in a joke and I think that's why. The movie Carrey so much like Greek tragedy kind of emotion because. Otherwise I don't think the audience would be able to digest. All this dark deep stuff in and have a few laughs. Because it's too have V. The process you can't process that kind of happiness so I think that the humors what's key there you know maybe Mancini obvious. There's an open ended yes to that is what matters is seeing that you have with France's. Near the end that is I don't give it away yet it is. I don't know myself what actually happened the scene in the car to car yet yet but I I wanna know I wanna take it home with me. And talk about it to people you know what his inspiration was for that scene. Is the last seen on the boat and some like. With a guy. And it. Jack well. Well you know I'm Mo I'm a man dominant right now. That's what his inspiration was you know nobody is perfect nobody's perfect threat that's what it that was Barnes inspiration lasting a crazy it is never what. It's right up there with you telling me about splash. In the hope and wonder what that I think to have the now. I really do more honest about it last shuttle I am but it's time we do our special I'll have that then we'll have the clips to you know get a seat next we're gonna see. But we that is a positive I mean hasn't yet we're seeing it and it is positive. It's good to. That's the fun of movies talk about you take them home game you disgust you just meet one. Maybe the year that is ready to do that. Yes Kia and you can't wait to fund but to printed talk. So congratulations. But now we ended song hazel. Yes we do that once you didn't dance when I got a happy dance in the chair which will think short if you can't yet every movie. People you could go on YouTube and you can find Sam Rockwell and at a stretch along. He just does. It what is this thing which you in the Dan is the big ham bone I guess now you actually good at. Well I'm no Justin Timberlake Michael Jackson but I but I can blow if I can buffalo yeah yeah when did that happen with it. You know I just I China with a certain ground and I and I it was a way to meet girls you know and so regular advance. Someone will start with the song yet has been give me a little some okay today what what congress well you know you have millions on. A case oh man she's. No come on really. Nationals them what would get well deputy. Be listening to. He would probably well. This line. Weavers I don't know why they act unacceptable. And un access. They simply have a spa and how they have beat Bucs have at a. Lauding Larry allotted out anyway like that on the amount caused trouble with all but nobody asks. Good now a little bit of the Lonnie Lonnie. Allotted and it. Just to see a smile and enjoy yourself 'cause it's cool when you're. Causing cozy condition. So weaker because that's ommission. They go okay. Are right then I'm. Fit that that I wanted aren't. The Ed any igniting it and I did meet privately forget the up there I've. It's what it. The truth camera while dancing managed care at Aetna and beat a top. President nice thing that always has seen an excellent.

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