Boyz II Men's Nathan Morris talks new DIY series, 'Hit Properties with Nathan Morris'

The Boyz II Men singer trades music for renovations with his new real estate series.
15:17 | 10/04/18

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Transcript for Boyz II Men's Nathan Morris talks new DIY series, 'Hit Properties with Nathan Morris'
It's Candace alliance ABC radio L and I'm very excited because I have V one the only Nate then law and hot seat how are you. Newton didn't know that. You had me of course we know you from Beloit demand. Your own individual. Yeah I'm not used that Clinton the I loved the humility I love the unanimity well. You have something to be humble about it could yet your own show. Yeah coming. I'm excited about it debuts Saturday 1030 on DIY network is a hit properties. It properties. Out with Sunni and more aren't so clearly your names in the title it's odd solid Belichick Dylan. 88 is different from anybody is fun would flip and some homes in some Mayan homes and in this case. Got. 8000 square foot home that we're flip and Orlando Florida golf. Yeah an and I mean that you know my first question actually really is that. Does government interest the flippant property that mean we we know you from the local cited being so this kind of a new endeavor. For many people who are who weren't just organ tuning in it and be like wait a minute. Guidance there. I've always wanted to invest in real estate now and have done some of that over the years and you know grown above always Leno might Femi raise this does count because what I and so I was always into that. Construction and design kind of thing and I'm. We started to listen projects will we brought you know that creative design side into the real estate side and now I'm kind of investing and two dogs and I. So you know you mention your ad there but what did he did your family and friends really think when you first -- look I this is where I'm really going with. Leno plans at any rate tellem a lot of people are really in I'm like really proud it would I think led to a my life as I am most collector that you keep my personal life personal and private you know is whatever is so. Is a sum that loved to do like I said I'm president robberies homicides I was doing that in. No my free time I would design and build and stuff like that so. There are some things they're probably lunacy for the first time in you know obviously my my family knows that I am capable which is being included just in seeing me do it is. Yankee expecting on a Texan called written. I'm resisting how many million a lot of opinions whose was was his good possesses about. That's funny. And of course you need and other employees the a year we are your comrades when there's lots have you. And he does his this is new for them and as far as he's concerned I mean they know that I am I am. Do a lot of different stuff from my own among those couple guys good. This was introducing them as well and I went for excellence that I index showed of those who clipped to himself I was doing and new excited about a so that that's what made me you know feel comfortable that could step a lube and tries. Yeah and let's Kansas City Grady because a lot this immediate introduction because you know when every they have. Someone like yourself who is such renowned artists and in your involved in something that may be a little bit different. For the talk a little bit about this whole kind of flipping houses they patsy start for you. And and howdy it becomes something that you would that really is sustaining in your world. Well I mean I'd like us have always going to do what I've done on different levels of the a lot of investment and properties and real estate so that was that was at and handlers have been doing. The design and structural stuff when aside so. There's been quite a bit but this is recently in the next last you know years and so we've been. Trying to bring both of them together and one project so. It was easy transition for me because news is similar to music where. You know is now producing the songwriting that is still creative way when you're doing construction and designing so. Still another creative. Atmosphere that I like to be in the sums always did when I wasn't homeless man anyway so is it is not. Abnormal for me to do something there's. Yeah and what does that process. Time wise how how long it take for you to get a property and then officially flipped it because people are going to be curious about. I can do it in its billion piglet couple months of mean is that's not realistic yeah. We're really depends I mean sometimes you can political muscle in the size of anonymous work you have to do to an army missile was really long recently said it was over. 8000 square feet and you know obviously yes my job in Las Vegas so I do that weakens them back and forth so. Between doing that and any large home that we pretty much renovated every single part a house. To this little over here to do that so we normally I mean it doesn't take that long. But again I guess it really all depends on the size of the home and and the property and how much really have to do to. Right now and I imagine it could be very lucrative as well. Yet this one is this one will do well for us if we're able to sell or for what we want to I mean even if not we. What the house of one point seven million dollars and we we put in about one point three and is on sale for 49 so you know we could make close to me in on this thing we really do it right. And even if we have to drop that we we've government property still make a nice nice piece money. How can that's a major boo Koo bucks there. May partners. You know in Myanmar imagine another guy we all investment properties and and I go oh my partner and we construction guy and and we do all the work. OK I get it but here here's my other question for you is that you know. What what is this team that actually hands on because I see in the clips that you're very hands on cool who did you recruit. Well my my partner and introducing the clippers name is Brian Gibson is he has. Company and he has is guys you know we all work with together so I eat we came in. We kind of dictate what we need those guys to do and and we do stuff that we need to do we improve agenda. And an accident I am break not. Genetic anomaly you know obviously we run into the you know listen hiccups in the construction whether be whether or. You know natural disasters on the stuff like that but we we weren't working. Absolutely and do you know. Because I assume that you're the team that knows your blow boys memento. Any at all kind of is itching to do any of that or help you my friend at yet known him close that's considered sodomy. I get up there is now they do well in have talked to him about possibly of no we want them getting in of the season socialists of I'd love to bring him in on Kabul project is that into the hands dirty and maybe jesus' of the don't know. I mean I had a bad assets accent and added his weight was aliases and that. But I love OK well you know I I I love the concept in this idea of the show what of course. You know we we love you as a singer and and in love hearing your boy he's. On and I'm just really excited about you know that this debate is residency you've been Killen it one thank you pick it. And the little bit about the residents CNN also your recently got her recently added to Bruno Mars is. Or how how how did you know how did that come to you and your thoughts Kazan honor on them and who's. Reached out we found out that he notes or you know he couldn't do with the way wanted to doing these Mars and we called himself a lesson we got. Few days over the Soviet used to come through we'll do it it was is really that simple and he was like oh really got a new guise of elderly I mean whatever so. We are we putting together that was that was is that simple. Wow and I mean obviously he's he's a class act. Always he's one of the I mean he's a throwback to what we'd like to you know classic music and that is musically. People who entertain Israel as you know most days awhile back and forth which is. They are turning to watched by. You know he brings OPEC. And being an affiliate. RE NR's great man I mean two shows in Philly man's me you know going home and in. On home to a crowd that you know it's going to be really really good show overall notches brutalized it was great. Yeah and I mean people I think are very reminiscent of the act how many hits. Your catalog. But you know it seems like you're growing growing new fans did you did we think the national and it was. Social media went crazy for. Here it earlier I mean we talk about his slate. We didn't seeing any different than what we've seen the last 27 years and people I was actually as. Well that we don't they would sound that way because we know is greed though but. I think that what happened was I think it was it was one of those time capsules it was one of those moments where. You know if it in certain timeframe was the only NF game on TV it was beginning of the season we know what everybody went through with the National Anthem and the players in the million dollars and we just happen to sing the song at the right time and the results that most people expected it happened nobody kneeled in and it was great so I think it was Issa. Microcosm of the moment that kind of took on his own life other than justice on the so. It's it's amazing because it's like in many ways you were able to bring people together. Yeah and who in Unger again has. Uneasily what was at war asking us like you know you guys won afraid to be you know the black groups and National Anthem and my theory was no we we're singers were performers as what we do. You know in our personal life you know we we we do whatever we deal went as far as our opinions politically you know whatever we do. But you know we believe that guy gave Russell voiced. To bring his masses through no matter what song is in. We just went out and saying India what we do in and and by his grace everything kind of worked out. Yan any lawful I think assist in paying homage to bills before you always. Can we talk about her reef and attribute. Yeah man it was I mean we get again we got that Colin it was it was a no brain trust me you know we we come from an old school man parents Thomas and on a supplement music man and I mean we we we sit around and talk about like people like a reason this. Those of local you know most houses is don't exist anymore army and people like her in. And even let loose like people were Google soulful singers who. It's sad that this generation will never really be able to understand what we talk about we talk about souls there are no. Modern day soul singer I mean ELR eighty error of the nineties and wooden tablet. Moving into the new millennium they're just not axles. And what what would you like to see happen with singers of today if or do you feel like there's space for new acts to kind of come up and be in fill that belief. What I think is I do but I biggest stars were in the beginning I think these are what we're learning and schooling I think one of our biggest problems is you know we've taken athletics and we've taken music out of schools so. Being able to teach kids what real music is axis of where it comes from the structure of an all it all stars and possibly some men came from and we learned in school and we took it to another level in mostly skis as his learn and on the Internet or somebody that they heard and no they have they're not really putting in the work and understanding and learning and and enjoying the craft over dollars. I just want to get a song out and see what happens in celebrity you know. Turning into you know a full fledged artist or musician I really digs in people what they you know what they want to put out. And I think education is key for air for some. On the talking about distributes I believe that you're you're also part you guys are part of another treaty for rates often asked. Yeah I think we do that that is next week actually we do it and ratios Tribune again another another one of those singers man and this is a guy man who. Might be one the only artists who had hit records in every single genre country. Jazz side armed like he's done every single star record or possibly has to do land and and sucks because. You as saying you know we pay promise of the people before us because we know the ground work at daily. And I think the other part is listen in today's. The day's music is that a lot of these artists feel like the first ones to ever do anything so. Ours before them or you the old don't really matter that was olden days and this is now so. They don't really have anything to two to drive them forward of them and what they all do which is the same exact thing. Scariest time is is is sad man name really is I mean because we grew up universally where. Always say he could put ten of fifteen artists on the walk those guys and E'Twaun singing you can identify vocal skill vocal sound. Were brought though Tony you can pickings artists nowadays you do that you can they all sound the same you've never really know. And. I and and can't it. But you know I I I think he. Every time I talk about. I'm of the Greek singers of our time I think your name your hat urine voiced amended the and that rain and young even even recently on Dancing With The Stars I think you know. It's been strong that many times that what are your thoughts on this new season people you guys we. We seem to be irregulars on that show some kind of way assumes somehow when that was one and notices. Often obscene and I mean dance with the stars kind of kind of goals with. Boys humanism mean we're aware. Where were. We're not older singers were classic singers and it's a classic show and no weapons to dance routines without Alfredsson whatever I'm music tends to fit a lot of stuff that they do. And I mean it's also just feel good music yet that's what an Internet and ask you know and that's what that's about singing and musical lives and I'll let coming together that's what social. Absolutely and then of course you know we know we have release an album from you guys will will will there be any guys saying you know what really enjoy their biggest threat residency in Bergen. You'll keep doing these these wonderful shelled. Or is there some are you guys hung grief to get back in there with. Reuters I was so must hunger army we'd we'd we'd love to do it made him work we do realize that this is climate for the avenues that we do us now now what we will do is you know if there is you know a project that comes along parts all persons Ambilight. Charlie pointless a song that we felt was incredible we jumped on and we didn't do wonderful so there's opportunities for us to do stuff that we to do it. Go into the studio and putting together and a woman and and and all that months of work and in putting an out and either people stealing you know not relieved by avenue because now what today's music is Lou but it you know frustrating so. We like to pick what we call specialty projects and will still always saying some stuff but. I grace a guy 27 years and it doesn't float us financially so we have the option to do when we want to and we all have to do. That's that's the less you very much a blend. Well look I I know we have to go blood I definitely want people to check out this theory starting Saturday. He I widen and words and 10:30 PM. PM the first week in the next week in a week as the three weeks out center. All right it's it's going to be amazing I can't wait to see you get on an American male made these deals change your life with these property Klein. They knew Morris thank you so much different value by ABC radio that it can't slam signing off.

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{"duration":"15:17","description":"The Boyz II Men singer trades music for renovations with his new real estate series. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"58292690","title":"Boyz II Men's Nathan Morris talks new DIY series, 'Hit Properties with Nathan Morris'","url":"/Entertainment/video/boyz-ii-mens-nathan-morris-discusses-diy-series-58292690"}