Brandi Glanville & LeAnn Rimes Do battle

Rob Shuter has all the day's Hollywood Headlines
3:23 | 12/06/12

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Transcript for Brandi Glanville & LeAnn Rimes Do battle
-- celebrity news we love it we live for -- and we to have -- estimates of that we turned up a celebrity's rupture. To give us our satisfaction that we need -- in the video that this is our holiday -- holidays all right Leann Rimes Brandi Glanville. It again this is not going away any of those -- that. He was married to -- anti. When he met up with the citizens have a going to be a cousy relationship recognized -- latest. However I think we're all surprised the -- -- that this drama -- -- -- they are really not -- -- each other. Brandon didn't infused with meet the Huffington Post I'm with us weekly where she really said. -- had some very serious eating disorders she even claims that hosts on The Who was with the Leon for the weekend took one of the pills think that it was time today. And ended up in a laxatives. She's been certainly -- the loss of allegations. What happened next is -- center a private email. And he certainly told -- -- in the body Manley was leaked to the press Randy retire any amount that was equally. Shaw. I'm not she has put up on her FaceBook page I'm -- And so this isn't -- -- so -- -- obviously caught the middle of all this mean when this whole feud started it looked like it might have just been bitterness but it looks like it's getting. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- these kinds of accusations about someone's help -- is any such as eating disorder you know she's told me that she thinks Leon rhyme is asleep she path. That is a veteran very -- -- to be putting -- -- on constant this morning if she regretted any of this so she said things in the heat of the moment she told me. Some eighteen knots she couldn't help herself and she's actually quote from -- that she's -- saying these things that this isn't done away when he gets really difficult. She has two sons when she says custody with them ran into the -- And 55 day so the the children with a husband sometimes. I -- Leon and his new wife right on the with sometimes so what worries him about the children you know who I always have to see where they're doing is Demi Moore I think that it every woman I mean listen if she -- -- younger guys she's -- -- -- snag younger guys. She was seen in Florida just a couple of nights -- -- dancing away with a 26 year old -- friend. He's 26 that was seen kissing and making out of -- Not the policy to enable who's not a fifth day. Was done seeing and shaken -- like that -- I. -- hear is that all of the years. God that's amazing that nice work if you can get in -- low -- And yet after that awful trouble she had in New York last week that we covered and talked about. She was arrested here in -- -- she disappeared -- a lot of people while hoping she was taken this time. To really figure out what was going on in life. However she did -- Wednesday night. In adult level places she was on a concept that the one -- -- that's the British pop buttons right -- we're performing got. Not know what has been alleged is that the -- actually happened in the nightclub and he you'll. Oh not since one of the hunky guys from the once it's I think we conference. Lindsay likes Obama people I think that the well maybe that helped -- straight and narrow than it she wants to get into that. Roger thank -- so much are always -- -- see -- -- very happy holidays.

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{"id":17898826,"title":"Brandi Glanville & LeAnn Rimes Do battle","duration":"3:23","description":"Rob Shuter has all the day's Hollywood Headlines","url":"/Entertainment/video/brandi-glanville-leann-rimes-battle-17898826","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}