How Brandy Gets in the Holiday Spirit

Singer-songwriter Brandy Norwood and her brother, singer-songwriter/actor Ray J, chat at "A Classic Holiday" album party.
3:11 | 12/18/15

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Transcript for How Brandy Gets in the Holiday Spirit
And you yeah okay. I'm happy to be here without eyes and be paying all of them maybe aren't sitting at night. On the holiday yeah. That it you know we're ready you know. State police was Obama. Hello to be here where America are that the blizzard. I thought he'd be here bright happy it will do. McDonald's I'm here at the holiday classic holiday and by and EK. It would mean in real women. Actress singer songwriter Randy no way. And then we are long though I mean come race time I'm art. This out you know how I'm. Yes the I have to say I. I couldn't hold the phone video art and remember Randi. Appreciate it made me happy is on the this is something about the album I visited him and oh yeah I was. And it's you know Miami and injuring his entire. Label island is artists on the mountain and it wouldn't mind and heart attack. And in this song I didn't do it song. Caught. On the other artists that they gadgets that use they want it so. You felt that was the present mistreated that's yes and that's it got lost in the settlement in her albums so what's the reason on this holiday season. That's wonderful saluted as a family yes you got at last our. And I think the holidays and yet that we're always again on holidays it we really don't like. We do. You always gathered. All that matters that we won I don't do that 45 that the house. Is he and in my homily cooks twice you think that we look or her own right companies you are. On the all of Atlanta's Grady. An immaculate English and pat. It not act on the bar and he are based. But sixteen you a new release BT's only an hour after yet are you excited I'm very excited. I'm very excited on it and that the company. Is that they accomplished me. Weasel words that they believe is right January that he yeah newly albeit biggest usually. On. We see you haven't seen a promotion. Local and T. And. Then we. I'll. Take you Thelma thank you and it yeah you. Happy holidays and pay. Up.

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{"duration":"3:11","description":"Singer-songwriter Brandy Norwood and her brother, singer-songwriter/actor Ray J, chat at \"A Classic Holiday\" album party.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"35851565","title":"How Brandy Gets in the Holiday Spirit ","url":"/Entertainment/video/brandy-holiday-spirit-35851565"}