Meet The Broads Of 'Broad City'

Comedy Central stars Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson talk about their hit show "Broad City."
3:00 | 02/24/14

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Transcript for Meet The Broads Of 'Broad City'
-- center has struck gold with -- newest comedy broad city it's an odd couple comedy that follows two young women are on New York City who managed to make. So hilarious moments. -- -- rather sticky. And comfortable situations -- -- missed it starts the Coke -- pricey. -- Jacobson an -- laser lazy late ladies. Thank you so much I get my T been congratulations. -- -- -- -- -- But this could happen I thought that was you're so in saying it was an -- that talk -- And at the same time -- it like it doesn't bother me but it does me. Plan mean outside around the average citizens brigade rated emea and taking classes there at the same. Like at this and haven't -- never had a class together. And them. He joined as they're asked to this. Indian have grouped together -- only two girls on it and me. And -- clicked and we did that for. A couple years just like sort of paying to perform around downtown New York. And Dan became -- this point where we wanted to create material for ourselves and certain things. I think that's one of the most -- -- one us overlook things mentors coming to town it's like. Yet there's a statue of liberty and yet there's the evidence store in Times Square I don't love three floors of evidence memorabilia and -- -- -- -- -- have you ever had in the I know that it now go. Eight is an amazing -- it's three floors you have to imagine how much -- come I've been wanting -- -- go right to go right ahead we'll be getting later. I mean how can you -- three floors of Eminem. I gotta say -- really -- and never in nineteen management of this -- -- idea that they have lake's show. Of the -- -- light colors -- -- picked up. -- like my my mom did my niece's baby shower and had like. You know not normal -- colors in this -- past while long. You can get your seasonal assortment reaction to court you tiny opening. Mimi and regular it is but pain and I mean there's a lot of Eminem's this -- there's no color that they won't make. The truth the truth that there. If you're about its diversity in the candy Annika again but what but what it -- as is that UCB upright citizens brigade is like one of those overlooked jams it again York city and its people is asking what what should you argue and go and you pay what what light. I thought I spot but a lot of them are free and and -- -- -- I think some of the best acts of the best shows you can possibly finding its. What exactly what people visiting New York want to be seen running Wednesday that's that's the ticket point it is an overlooked spot that -- You know I feel like it's like a certain level of -- in the know that people get -- but tourists should know about it it's it's her. And now that you have your own show it you never talked to socialists. Ever go back to back a flood watch the candidate given me hard hats. She's doing two to three minute the web series right yeah and -- and idealist and he picked up and often times like. You know actors would do things just kind of for their own this is kind of my expression as my creativity but when he gets picked up -- I can actually. Make some money. Yet that that transition until like making money off of our company was huge. Yes -- do we start making us as we realize we can't we have been trying to get on. House -- ECB and we were just trying -- working general. As actors and writers that we could pick commercially couldn't get on these -- are the only two excuse for us to make our own thing. And we thought our friendship and -- dynamic was instinct to us and not like any of our other friendships like this is funny and that was a switch for us and likely could it be about. -- -- and now and it's like it amplified version of us. Which is finally get to play. The parts of ourselves that are fun for us to -- mean -- get to be our extreme sound like the extreme versions of ourselves you. -- to say maybe what you would like to save it don't always do. Right yes and however elegant but but yeah I did and it's -- -- Get a -- out like this I don't yourself madness. Yes. But will we started Webster's is that we did not think this can happen we were just like. You know this isn't making a link weakens and our parents to prove that like we're actually doing comedy -- actually working for an as a huge part of the renovation of like. Jenna and her parents it was just -- -- Weaver working day jobs and we hated. And this was this a fun thing that we did it on nights and weekends and then as like it's -- -- -- a little bit. More exposure -- -- in the DC -- -- coming things like let's. Like take this really seriously read and make more and do it better quality yet really changed our mind -- at first it was you know it's funny now we talk about -- like this percentage of ourselves blown -- but like back and we weren't thinking. About that -- tickets makes you know but it became more strategic fit but to -- seasons and became our strategic. Trying to make it a professional product -- that we can make it professionally organic. Bryant that's that's that there's a need a product that can suitcase at the sound. It's now -- and -- are trying to make some extra. Bucs move two that gets you a little green concert pop up secret concert which happens in New York lot. -- concerts again and alana has. Yes -- stolen. You know when you're in the corporate child neglect in this John that a lot of shot on the -- -- off on offense and you have access to you know office supply. So how. -- -- is our whole group let's take a look at the you actually try to. Turns going. And so this is -- -- It's next -- Yes it -- its -- -- -- the black community that went on the world is like a sleeps mad at a totally crappy electable said the whole black community it's the thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- By Catholic and I think to myself. That angry about it if you -- was ever talk about is black people and sleep very. I would like to return these items and went on them personally but I -- Your total -- -- 135 dollars and 67 cents and -- house. You know we'd -- to get that in. You know liquid cash had. Liquid cash at the -- And analysts to be Robinson being Robinson walked out of ten of the preakness and it says that -- -- -- -- Easter eggs if you call it. Yeah and my -- -- their lice expert and Elian by the people in China you've got eight colors the EP how to that Obama. Mean she isn't. Our finale the web series. And me answer to do that and she did that which was amazing. And then. We eat had written a pilot and had had been planning to go to LA in -- picture and we asked her if she of -- -- -- -- and we're like this is what our plan is would you ever considered being an executive producer on the project UGC. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- back with his. But like this right -- reading -- I think -- So is like -- -- The -- Oxford. And her drinking heavily that I actually go to the -- And and an animation but we have gotten along. Really well unlike something just clicked and -- that when we shot that finale -- SS. If we head. You know we've been thinking -- for TV and at 35 -- sits at that point pilot written started like -- seeds talking people threat so it just like its timing that we couldn't have. Even -- you know. So great because -- space of two women in New York City -- -- -- it is to New York centric and that's one of the things that you know as kind of the islanders as we get concerned about the fact that we're so insulated her little bubble that. Someone in like say Paducah Kentucky is not going to get. Sometimes. I mean we're both transplants. Where you're from I'm from outside feeling OK and I'm from and -- -- -- really transplant but I'm not like I am from New York like people like when when they get to college long -- sometimes accompanying -- night. Come on yeah right now on the -- that really -- any. Speak -- -- come but I think -- like. It's easy if you live -- -- -- took mr. like only adults like us. My train -- -- I go like that is how I deal with 100 year whenever anything you don't live in New York it's it's a little. Eat any kind of like. What. It's like it's better in the -- -- our point of view that try to make it like. -- quote for -- and also lake and just as freighters I think the more specific you can be. Actually the more believable can be others it's not just this like vague thing it's like this is the New York -- maybe somebody Kentucky is having their -- version brought to be today. Which which was sort of accessories are so that the success that's that's felt happening site that was fair in New York centric there's a lot of very specific things and if someone had never you know even. Gone through Times Square because of -- -- -- -- they've read about it Wikipedia. -- -- Do we shoot so much outside -- we believe that was at one of the best parts about productions like we were like on the application and it felt so much like what it feels so much like the -- -- -- that TV -- I love every part of that. I look I I I love the show continued success -- you guys -- savvy thing Roswell city Comedy Central Wednesday night 1030. Ladies stop by again -- get at a -- and he wants Allen. -- -- Not shy away that you are a pleasure thanks so much for having --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Comedy Central stars Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson talk about their hit show \"Broad City.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"22650948","title":"Meet The Broads Of 'Broad City'","url":"/Entertainment/video/broad-citys-ilana-glazer-abbi-jacobson-interview-2014-22650948"}