Say bye bye to Bao Bao

ABC News' Jenny Hansler stops by the National Zoo as the panda prepares to head to China.
5:31 | 02/15/17

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Transcript for Say bye bye to Bao Bao
I think Jennifer hand here at ABC news alive we're here at the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington DC as they prepared if they've I've. You about it now dipping your behind a tree but I am here at Marty theory on the animal keepers primarily in charge of the handed scare. The Marty's. Out so yeah I've worked with her basically for four years she's the firsthand account that I was around so I have a lot of passion about being with her. She needs to get asked a lot what does her personality. She's. A very independent Ayers he's always been kind of our own animal she likes to do what she wants to do. There we're lots of times that we would try to call or off trees are in and she didn't wanna do that even now we kind of jokingly talk about her like she's a cat. Where you know give a cab it home your cat most the time they do what they wanna do not. What you want them to do now is very much that way shall walk right by some days and I didn't stop and other days she wants us in Iraq they're so she's a lot of fun to hear around. And she peed ate its it back cius yet it is her little brother. And I've seen hugging back to tie. And right. So the main reason she's going back is that that's part of the loan agreement so two adults Michelin intent on loan to us. And the line stipulates that columns once being. Up to about four years of age they stay with us. And then they go to China. We typically like to move or animals and colder weather this is a cold weather animals that'll be shipping them in the hot summer when Herbert that is so it's better actually send her back a little earlier. And the other thing I think about is that. You know. We sent we liked it's in the back. About this age because. In a couple of year's election reach reading habits could get them back a little bit early so that time kind of settlement their new environment before she actually an of the reading. How unexpected. Car it's a sixteen hour nonstop flight from Dulles to Tom. Let the very long trip Brad hand know what is she bringing in her suitcase through this long plane out of Iraq. So she's bringing fifteen pounds of bamboo. We're also bringing sweet potatoes apples honey sugar cane all the kind of things she really likes to eat. And that I will be there as well so that we you know she has someone on the flight that she knows that I'll stay with her for a few days in China swelled help kind of bridge that. That gap from moving from America to China it obviously there's going to be some change. And I think she was born here at that they that they obviously hurt her time on an airplane how do you. I do you get ready for that play. So does the big things that we've been doing there is actually getting read her use of the crate that you'll be shipped and so we actually happened in place a parachute system and every day we walk her through it. You start out by having a great wide open both doors opened she can come in and out as she wants. And now we've actually just in the last couple day's start shot here in the creek completely says she actually sits in the rate with both or shut. And she's totally fine with it we're giving her things eat. And making adequate space Versa she is showing no signs of any discomfort about being in the crate so we're really happy with her progress. Now it's. Have been thumping her little brother paid mayor for the rest of her panic and hear it and it about it that that something they've been spending a lot of time together they get away from. Right so giant has a technically a solitary air Sissy and speed are sorry since Bab Al separated from her mother about a year and a half ago she almost two years ago now. She's been living on or around she does not ever interact directly with any of the other hand it's so on. The last us a lot sort of thing and miss each other you know I don't leave any anybody's gonna miss anybody. But they will definitely know that she's gone her samples slowly dissipate. They're actually here that I can see here so yeah they'll know that she's gone but there's not going to be any like. Trauma about her leaving for the other for the other mayors. I think the public hearings probably gonna mr. and I understand they get a chance to say goodbye to her this week he needs a little bit more about how they can come in wish there. Good travel through our. Right so yes every day we're gonna have some in Richmond I believe it's at ten and 130 we're going to be tossing her something a tree so people can see here. I'm we'll have her on exhibit obviously all day lawns and we'll get a chance Cummins and steer. You know I'm not I'm not sure about all the other things that are going on that's you know might my main job is focusing on on ballot make sure that she's ready for this trip. But I know that there's going to be ample opportunity for people to see her ample opportunity for you know for the that it does in Richmond. Activities will be there. Any chance of Allah come back at sea and not that I'm aware of we again those decisions are made way above my pick paid. I'm not involved in those discussions. I don't know why she would but who knows you know that's way down in the future. I'm not anticipating it in my mind she's going to China and that's where shall be. But yeah witness. And how many and that's what you achieve that. I don't know which facility they're sending her to suit and she won't live with other pandas in her space that's not what we do. But she will be in a facility that houses other pandas but again I don't know which exact facility isn't coming and Ezra. On the ads about at least for now. I'm made sure to check back at EV it live next week we will be at about departure. When she takes off from Don airports and make her long jury needed China. Think you so much retaining and I'm Jennifer enhanced wearing gray BC news live have a great day.

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{"duration":"5:31","description":"ABC News' Jenny Hansler stops by the National Zoo as the panda prepares to head to China.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"45515396","title":"Say bye bye to Bao Bao","url":"/Entertainment/video/bye-bye-bao-bao-45515396"}