Cameron Douglas on adapting to life after prison: Part 5

Douglas talks about being a dad and how his girlfriend Viviane Thibes was his "rock" after his prison release three years ago. He also asks his father Michael Douglas a question.
6:02 | 10/23/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cameron Douglas on adapting to life after prison: Part 5
Reporter: Cameron Douglas walking down the street. I love that breeze, right, when it's sort of warm out, the sun's out. Reporter: People passing by have no idea of the road he's traveled. He spots a street artist, sensing they may share a story. How you doing my man? I'm good. What's up man. Just chilling man. Just noticing your art, appreciating it. Doing a Dr. Jekyll/mr. Hyde. Basically like my good and evil. Definitely. Reporter: And now, for Cameron Douglas, a new life with a new baby daughter, Lua. In seconds, pulls out the phone for some dad stories. Look at her with my dog. It's her dog, really. So cute, right? She gets on top of him and you know bounces on him like he's a horse. Reporter: Lua's mother is Vivian, a Brazilian former model. They first met a long time ago in his hard partying past. She decided to write him a letter in prison. He was, like, slowly creating such a strong bond, and also I started getting to know him in a whole different light. She's kind of my rock, you know? And she's just -- she's a yogi. And I think anything aside from a yogi, I don't think would have been able to put up with me. Reporter: Three years after his release, he is taking acting classes and some movie parts. He is also still on probation. He has regular therapy, he says, and people to confide in. Volunteering in a homeless shelter. He says he has regular drug tests which show no heroin, no cocaine for five years. The idea of going back to a life of drug addiction is repulsive to me. Reporter: But still, do you worry about it? It's always in my mind, if I know one thing about addiction, I know how crafty and sneaky it is, you know? And as soon as you lose sight of that, I think you're in major danger. Reporter: I told him long ago I talked to another famous young man about to begin a new life after drugs, Robert Downey Jr. I asked whether there would be a signal if he started using again. What is the lie everyone should watch out that you'll be telling if you're using again? I'm fine. I don't want to give away my secrets. No, that's the addict in me right now. What it is it that I would say or be doing? I'd say, probably -- if I start falling away from my family and my loved ones. He's found a really good life. He has a good lady. He has a wonderful little daughter, my first granddaughter, Lua. Reporter: Just another granddad gushing on "Entertainment tonight." Lua, bubba! She looks at me like I'm out of my mind. Yeah, that stair, like, I don't know. And what do you want to be, Catherine? Zeze! I'm zeze. Reporter: After all those years of constant worry, how does Michael Douglas feel now? I think he's been through the system. He's an ex-convict now. You know, listen, all you can do is hope. Reporter: Hope, still a word on Cameron's mind. I wondered if he had a final question for his dad. I guess I want to know if you -- if you truly gave up, if you truly thought that I wasn't going to make it out, or you -- you held onto some hope that I was going to be able to pull through. Oh, I mean -- hope? Yes. Hope, yes. But -- if you're, you know, asking me -- yeah, we always had hope, but no, I did not think you were -- I did not think you were going to make it. Reporter: The path that can be redeemed by the possible. Tonight, Cameron's prison friend Mo is happily married, working at a job in Florida. Talib is at Georgetown university business school, part of a program for exconvicts who want to be entrepreneurs. And a little baby is sleeping happily in the arms of her great-grandpa. They are, like, 101 years apart, and so it's just -- it's really special. Reporter: Imagine five years from now, what's the dream? Well, we'll all be on a cruise together and Cameron probably will have another child. Generations are going on and enough male douglases around so that the name that dad made up will continue. I'll dive into that fantasy. Reporter: Send me a postcard, you two. We will. Reporter: We're ready to wrap it up, but before we go -- in the book, you show him how to do a movie punch for his documentary when you're 9 or 10 years old. Do you remember it? Yeah, I do. You have to show what I mean. Ready? Yeah. Reporter: This could be a ka at the tros free. Oh, no. Am I punching -- You're punching. All right. One, two, three. Oh. Reporter: Wow! Wow!

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{"duration":"6:02","description":"Douglas talks about being a dad and how his girlfriend Viviane Thibes was his \"rock\" after his prison release three years ago. He also asks his father Michael Douglas a question.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"66457659","title":"Cameron Douglas on adapting to life after prison: Part 5","url":"/Entertainment/video/cameron-douglas-adapting-life-prison-part-66457659"}