Casey Affleck won't attend the Oscars

Affleck won the best actor honor last year.
0:22 | 01/25/18

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Transcript for Casey Affleck won't attend the Oscars
An Oscar know to report tonight after Casey Affleck last year's best actor for Manchester by the C has withdrawn as a present or for best actress. At this year's Oscars a role traditionally filled by the previous year's male winner. The decision comes amid an outpouring of support in Hollywood for the me too movement. Affleck was previously sued for sexual harassment claims by two women he worked within 2010 allegations he denied the suit was settled.

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{"id":52616546,"title":"Casey Affleck won't attend the Oscars","duration":"0:22","description":"Affleck won the best actor honor last year.","url":"/Entertainment/video/casey-affleck-attend-oscars-52616546","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}