Check Out New Toys From 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story'

ABC News' Michael Rothman plays with new action figures from the upcoming film.
20:49 | 08/31/16

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Transcript for Check Out New Toys From 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story'
On the draw than. Today the UV anything day I'm very excited if you can't tell. I'm joined by some as the income. Yeah. Okay today is art and the news wrote one Star Wars toy line. You can see whenever I'd do it here. So we're following table might we have the big theater gets in Ers though we got something called death trooper you can speculate on what that means. Oh. If we're gonna actually. This is my my boss you. And it went everything there. Later I. We it's amazing die cast the greens and there have luck. And then we have always fun. Falco bubble. Slash vinyl figure implements them where even further. And sorry. And yes he's toy these toys are out in the month on earth there and now the heat that's enough. Rarely get them through the second big east yeah. This guy's actually. What I annoying you wanted to hide the new moves out. Yeah. And and and when does it take place new movie. Yeah. Or. Very good and it was releasing the trailer that yours and Nancy. And yet so. This is a well educated start lords it over here while seven. Right. So he's going to be seven over the weekend and be worried if I can give Mercury present. I. Diamond until again. Army and air play and junior play. It like up close and personal yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. Did you blood around what is that I cast blank what do you like about it. What is what's up with came to us. Yeah. I. What is that what you like. And heavy. And is the jury or. He knew that you what's coming. Use in case. The that. And magic. Problem. Yet. And I'll get it and even people looking at wondered what the heck are you yeah. I. But it's always heard that they were and felt that at no name yes. And they Gloria in a teaching video that was made by him a question and I start was fans and they mean to stop motion videos his ethics opposition media. A scene that they that the ads picked it from 01 and it's all part of this. Contest that. Star Wars Lee's films putting out and AMR and it exhibitions from. From fancy screenwriter on films. And then ultimately the winners this. Evil to Putin and three. Room want him. Yeah I was and who wrote it just went with on it was getting back talks about an official heels. And it's not our style and goodness. It's really these are good candidates in that ABC news is also part of the his knee. Code which is also. Includes its. Target. It is good there. There is still on. The cool thing about the switch network and it might handle a bit more about your street. Where you read about them and which is on the box I'm reading. Because he's don't want it no spoilers. Hartford so for the viewers here annually and others irony. And we can't. Intensity even on the head it's incredibly lining. Chinese characters hi I'm fine samurai warrior. Not departments the staff I mean that he felt costume and arms. Yes. It's really legal. Personally I'm deserve. To be holding any action figure of a you two mama tell me and character. Very rarely. When I saw that movie I ever think people. Are. In action for uniform. And our own was and is there. Identity is stepping on money isn't enough and there. Is I have a question reviewed. It gave my boss. Do you use that you had debts humorous. Please tell me. Where. Are. In making your mind me. Line and some beautiful and storm trooper. And who were detonated an. I couldn't help but like Nathan illegally and army's more fun with more death. In any inkling on any unwritten. And. Full disclosure I am is that. He's not just for a I'm understanding. Yes he's he's very dangerous if you look at the the answer that you can do that existed and the masters will live I don't know if he's as a fighter like a fly by owning yeah isn't a platinum and he's got a little shoulder guard and Jewish children trucks or something crying Alina. Yeah eighties social pants. Each parent and then they Kenya rumor on Britney leaving pet. Even in the inning and Rupert people. Herbert immigrant advocate. And I. On killing the remnants parents and they're turning to I earned it. Who's your you'd lose your fair character. The new band of rebels that are trying to steal that the plans that start. Then we got Jim blow this one's being used as that I older handled perfectly normal fairly normal party have. When and where guys embodies. Yeah Beasley when they come out as of September 30 you can do that as well there. Multitasking. And a janitor there. Well I think in recent elections only got a blaster herbal also look at. Eighty. I didn't know. I don't wind and nuclear. It's. A. That's violence and. And animal. Apparently you know. Slightly all digital. It. It's it's worth noting that these figurines are for ages three and because they think you could. I might still lawless and ion in my thirty's it is. Just we're. He's don't have he's like locals can't. Enable a lot of weight and it just. Are not yet equality equality and into it he thinks. It. You are happy again as veteran cannot come back there. It's clearly a borrower's royal rumble if you I really intense gun in the east. Yeah. The Zardari and the really good didn't and I. Didn't like slogan Simpson. Yeah. He had been in a plane. You're very very humble winner yeah yeah and the president implement court. Many name. Let me ask that wouldn't. We have then metals and character over here I broke earlier got good respects you've got. And there's a lot of mystery surrounding. His character. He may or may not completely get along with Darth Vader but durable on the imperial side. He's reminiscent of life that dark and and a great actor. Yeah did you. Oh will now. Well on our dear friend Jeffrey over here but remained quiet throughout history and and their car now. We're asking earlier about someone that's missing noticeably an eighty for reasons so there's no spoilers. For yes source leaders there there because he's here. Is changed in the trail in recent years as much longer. There are. You're grading and planning for. The president tells us. Final partners analyst remarks. For a new one opinion that you have the original. To a if you have an agreement sure. And weekly. It doesn't mean it's okay it's your old yet given Newt's going. And is listed you guys are an ad acts. It featured. On that day reference NA and other aid Disney property marvel film initially I was nervous of the war I don't defeating that I've had anything to do it. Guys. And the children. To these guys just look at it. Ever there's almost shot school. This reminds it. And I'll in his prime back in the transformers the game it was black holes that became only on robots. That. There. I. This would storm troopers here's the peak and that it was now and I think that I am. It was dark craters. And Jenn won when you know. The officers. Vicky. Yet to be just that the backing. I. The vote and they had an in there. Enjoy for the mannequin skywalker and my recent interview with Google. I'm actually the new higher in the violence that is a new. Animal. But. And England that level I can't tell on the new ones and still feel like Germany through the same material. And money so things and they still. News and our elbows which is an end but tonight there examined different ministers there's more definition they look let's stick figure. Yeah attention. And make. It. Passengers I just joining us we are. Well the old toys meant that whenever we are laying. The new line of broke one figurines die cast. Slaves Bobble heads. All debuted this morning on Good Morning America. And we're having a lot of buying Judy is creating his whole inner doubts the we're going on and I think he's winning any schooling us on all the route one tips it was very as you Pratt he's very humble Jensen down a dancer her. He. To not brag hood at all now. Just thought it out. And a. He. And it. Well and that's when in the years he's got them have angered that. Night he actually. I. He's won just one glove with him. Is that a Smart there is one I don't know as the woman there's an addict you can truly yours mark. And at the nerve blasted this is an though I believe from. An act act. CTV assuming. So this isn't as dash eight Q yesterday. And we hadn't had I don't the united seeing as he's there as well let us. Had added here for empire this is ruled nation now at its. It. Still silent. Play this one looks pretty high tech name is happening so my original and then over the years apartment first or so from now looks at one rate. Yeah. Other analysts portion out of his kidnapper so badly. Neither justice the fact destroyed you know and gone event that home that was not as well. No matter if smoltz is what you do behind Seattle since he definitely yeah and that's just you have a year ago the article Obama looked at. The things I once the life as their means that you're able to make. It and the like Korea movies. The men like it's an awesome competition. They're putting together reverently AGCO road if you will and either on she's there and move means it was agreed not which movie. And yet the moon and Ireland today get the initial. Offering from. Disney film and he. Estimates put together. Using these figurines it's really funny. It's also entertaining ten hours bands. Any innocent bands play a lot of these check it out July ABC news. Dot com and and watching. It's stunning rise. Actually I want definitely it's really really counts and I have never been and I think that's how. And they thought they even poke a little to have fun and mission at hand is that it's really really cruel really. I think you can any of them even in bay when he gets an identity as an ethnic establishment here. Summit here at Edmonds neighborhood for us we'll happily it's still got to get edit out. Having hundreds of them together growing pains you can Angela yeah. These things itself as an analyst at participating yeah. We'll get him in fighting the easterners yeah. Also known as a jokes and sorry if you got an Ronnie has an amazing absolutely Gatsby who is also activists who kind of kind of resembles. And TCU. With his long days and in the ass crack at. There was like others of that was then you over the and went through Earthlink. How doggedly. Front legs in the back aches and additives and when. There's like Helen Helen EDT where yeah. Says would be on our flowers on the back and they just the zero yeah. And their parents all over apparently went what they porcelain. Art spoiler. Deterrent that's coming empire. The Daniel Craig's with the you know who's the might rent and rebels got. I'm yeah. Why are you selling tickets to a judge to declare that really interest. I was this will not only that included talking about this event that but it's not. And Steve the pilot but he's a voice and as the enemy knows how to. Frozen so you figure six rooms and Sophia he's an old. There is a great music was great I I I saw him for the first time in nice. It has no amounts that then and he ultimately fireflies in China yeah. Ultimately. He was also an I think. Quite. An eighty station this. You have where he and his together on the other. Horse do the yeah and the release and on public display of her as a Reagan library yeah that would. Ultimately have you I agree this is going to be the most yes. This suit. That the audience character and it's really really. Eagle like and that's and I'd. So cute from what he's seen so far and gonna wrap up the network these days here Adrien and toys away this Jenna. Oh. I. Yeah why. He's had an impact on van. And she got bigger than other boy. What kind of adventures and she would go on. So. Paying. Morning. On them. Ending up in trying. I'm so let me ask a question jeered and she obviously is the leader. Rebels off its. Guru. He steal the the death star plans but she doesn't appear nervous or force a what do you think happens to our. If she dies we can only hope she doesn't brain and kitchens like a very brave soldier. We can only hope it. Clinton weakened his will in the light district. He. Onion and. There. Implies that. Hall. Got yours right human and and here's tricks. And the that rehearing. Which observe. I knew. What. He would urge you posters who room. Early in. And it. Under close. He. Amateurs are you doing anything cheering needs and listen. And witty wonderful golf only a handful of. Oh. And a quarterly review that or towards bit they answer joining us to recap it quick. This is the news line. The line must resort to ways. He viewed this morning on Good Morning America. We have all protected figurines toys Bobble heads. Around September 30. And Ronnie look and fans do. These fans can I go get these toys and and and they can like totally just make their own and films with the toys submit them. This larger contests and you'd fix it and you'd. And and then ultimately the finalists and and what has its own tournament screening. Broke why can't start our story. Except. Real issues. I think yeah.

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