Chelsea Clinton on Friendship With Ivanka Trump, Malia and Sasha Obama

The former first daughter discussed life after the White House.
4:23 | 09/09/16

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Transcript for Chelsea Clinton on Friendship With Ivanka Trump, Malia and Sasha Obama
Chelsea Clinton. I just want to say I love the fact that you and Donald soldering bond that had been friends and I think that friendships are really. Built up in strengthened by a not only are similarities but our differences. But I was like so recent rat magnet said. You guys. Stopped being friends is that true or how does that election affected your friendship. Absolutely not we were friends long before until action we will be friends long after. This election our friendship that didn't start in politics it certainly is not going to end because of politics. Am I have tremendous. Respect for I. Love her family she is it working mom like I do we have so much more in common. And then we have disagreement about music if you mean her children and her husband. Then I'm. This sister. And I think they're relying on our I have you any chance yeah so now yeah I didn't want to use their rented through the gambling and. I just feel that Hewlett we'll see your everywhere. You know one of the biggest critiques of your mom made by. Let's people who don't know or all who have not matter is that she is on trust where. And as a daughter when you hear that knowing all the things at you this sort of had to deal with with Europe. Parents but particularly with your mom you feel when you hear that little to make sense to me. And it's probably not such a surprise. Me with my husband there's no one actress more than mind. Mom I sentencing cap publicly yet shooter is a hadn't said before. But is so deeply deeply true that if after that anything that happened Tim mark and he my mother. We take care my children mean there's no greater. Then acts so. As a daughter doesn't make. Since to me. I also think assembling Hughes has also repeated PE and have at it ringside seat to my mom's public service career. It's not in news criticism it's on my earliest. Memories are from my dad was running for reelection as governor in Arkansas in 1986. And he's right is demanding Frank White who. Truly represented the worst of architect past he'd been at. Governor of Arkansas before he was an active segregationist he opposed brown V board of education. And and even though he's running it's my dad he's been a lot of the campaign attacking my mom yes and attacking her and for not being trustworthy because. She's been so much time working outside the home mint as she must therefore be a terrible mother. And thankfully even I was six that was crazy because they didn't have any sisters joined weren't my life now yeah. And I knew that their only child I got the first and store word I have my mom is in mob. And soon you for me I just heard these attacks were so long and my mom just keeps. And of pushing for and fighting for his standing up for what she fundamentally believes that until every child our country has the rates went up to his or her god given potential. Our work is not yet time. You mentioned sister. You have any advice to be a bomb went to the Obama daughters as they prepared sent to leave the White House. I think president was Obama at an extraordinary job we Scott Shanle. Fat. Malia and assumption deserve a lot of credit. For having done extraordinary job leading their own lives and becoming their own people I do feel an incredible amount. And of affection in sisterhood. Now with the two of them and I just wish nothing but the best. Formally on her cap here when she goes on to Harvard for Sasha. In her last couple years a high school and I just so excited to see what Everett but an accident in their corner if they ever. Need to call me and gathering to support them and whatever ways again. I treasure in the White House usually leave anything behind him there gosh I don't know what I having knock on. Last played at it that my mom. Wins in November and it will be moving back into eyewitness and I hope they do me a trader at the end of Chelsea you have to go out so much I think he's come by again we will be right back atheist.

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{"duration":"4:23","description":"The former first daughter discussed life after the White House.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"41978972","title":"Chelsea Clinton on Friendship With Ivanka Trump, Malia and Sasha Obama","url":"/Entertainment/video/chelsea-clinton-friendship-ivanka-trump-malia-sasha-obama-41978972"}