Chinese Lantern Festival in California

A behind-the-scenes tour of the event, which features over 1,000 hand-crafted light sculptures.
4:09 | 12/03/18

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Transcript for Chinese Lantern Festival in California
I'm the luckiest man for the east and he's live here in our culture Chinese lantern festival where morning Atlanta housing and capped it. Clinton appeared and they all get brilliantly bright pack right bring it reduced Georgetown in secret joining. George yeah. Its return another plus with a walk through attrition over 1000. An entrance. Molson different. It is. Laugh and the theme is that why this year so we're. On. This story time now happening again he looked very bright and more than a thousand throughout the park here in Los Angeles. And on one of them right now yes. It's called John and and on the track and Phoenix in the pantry just. While time. We're off dragging out in the fourth. Actually starting. Each art and it. Comment on a boxy and I'm just walking. Now Braintree. The dinosaur world. How how how he once created Phillips or electronic. Horror artists will build the shapes but this film. Metal framework and then. Use the old convertible body. Cover them up. You got. Governor. Would songs. Are companies where also evident never got yeah. And bandages a final paying. For the service. Okay favorite eating dinosaur. Theory yet to go in T what's next. Here in this feed them and doing Knox notice for hours. And grooming those. Right right paint. They're like Ron. Golden monkey. And that the tigers. That he. Tensions with The Beatles. On the. Now. Larry. They apparently happy at the tour the why filled. The hand arts cultured Chinese lantern festival. Write anything past him for not Pomona California. Think he's so much for watching. I'm oblivious Mitt Ricky each evening is live.

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{"duration":"4:09","description":"A behind-the-scenes tour of the event, which features over 1,000 hand-crafted light sculptures.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"59584096","title":"Chinese Lantern Festival in California","url":"/Entertainment/video/chinese-lantern-festival-california-59584096"}