Chris Pratt on gaining weight for future roles and being insecure as an actor

Pratt appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" to talk about his new role in "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2."
3:00 | 05/05/17

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Transcript for Chris Pratt on gaining weight for future roles and being insecure as an actor
It it's done a bunch yeah and answers are much I. Because and I why did you know. We're even talking about there's four we just had a little mad savers by blowing up at these ships food. Nine. This a little one inch man saved us well it's eager closer a jury be much larger if it's helped eyesight work she's stupid reckon. Art. I'm sorry. It took two for. Amid trash into. They're better. Of course. If so which works. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers welcome to popcorn we we tell you what's happening at the movies and come on people. There's no moving the summer has begun even though it's just early Monday with guardians of the galaxy volume two. Starting my friend here Chris Pratt. So it is great to have you here again thank you Peter seemed to have you with every due guardians and hey it's just it let's do that suit up for the next ten guardians movies like you know that whole first movie changed. You complete yet and I understand from you what month that asks that you must be addressed this Star Wars at home and recently. Write to us by her just by her and anyone who enters our house the ethical start now before we year old does he have to do well minute he didn't he call me mister Starr. Islamist to show has so much better daddy talk yet of what my certain could care less it's so funny I'm star lord. Kids all around the world but to him I ask him. Your favorite superhero Spider-Man. Okay. But after Spiderman star lord now. With or maybe all. So it keeps going audit notes are that Iron Man like. You think guidance in Rio doce S to carry a gun that's it. Yeah he wants me to my and so cooler in that way that's how that was my end I got like Tom Holland. To do it a video for Jack reducing I don't really do yet he tilted it and subject as Erica you know he's like. Brags about having. The video from the real sway you at some degree of cool yep that's it got out that if you hate you can be not nearly as much as I would it was and it will teach the young righty is what he's not he's idea he's just about five but he he's seen he's seen all he's seen the first guardians the galaxy. And and he seemed like Jurassic world and support that. Now this is since the last time I saw him yeah huge thing. People stop you on the street they throw popcorn and ensure typical what happens now when you do in volume two when you have that is their pressure because you guys. Snuck up on office threat when I heard about corn into what is that is that like. The bastard child of the marvel universe exactly and then we also underwent its. Right I think any I think wisdom. Will tell you that one key to success is. Lowered expectations. And so. We did we snuck up on people and I think we benefited from them not having any expectations. And there were there was a lot of pressure because. For all of us we knew he could be a life changing event for the director for myself for all in the cast members. Relatively unknown group of people. This this was an opportunity for us to be sort of catapulted into this next stratosphere need it worked. And so the pressure was there but it wasn't expectations. And it was an audience expectation pressure this time around it is different there is there isn't expect people are really excited. There really thrilled they love these characters they do not want us do anything to dishonor this what's become this franchise and and so. That pressure is we feel that but but the script the idea was so that the script was so good. We hit the ground running we knew exactly how it played these characters. You know James Gunn are writer director. Wrote this script with each of us now in mind the first script funeral before ever casting let's hoping he had a bunch of other people well did he got you that he got out safe yet but we were trying to we were trying to tailor ourselves to fit these characters as you do as an actor. But the second time around we get to tailor from both sides he got to right with our voices in mind and so in that regard. It was a much easier process that was much as we've felt more pressure it actually felt users do. Well but also you have and it does change it becomes I think I know it's funny but it also has emotional right. Yet it cuts you know well I don't know if I always have to calling star award yes you do you were already so Peter Quayle. Yet we go we don't Peter proposal users who and the don't be elephant really you are quite a triple nobody ever came to call you that. Yeah all the although nobody calls me Peters go more. And that's reminds me a little bit of my relationship was it like at home my mom my sister my cousins calling Christopher. Known called me Christopher because they call me. Pratt or Democrat or factor rather like rat Italy Chris Pratt. But norm calls me Christopher except for here you people so so yeah the more is. Is zone she calls me. Here. And he does that and and a lot of things are happening there because there's a lot of sexual tension. Between there is there's some yet we can we continues for the tension between. Go more and quill Annan's you know this really is. That's that there are several threads civil story lines going through a lot of differently she should we explore. There and we explore Peter and more we explorer quill and has his biological fathers eagle living plant equipment since. How bad is the coolest things right yeah that is whose. And and also we we explore you know good more and ambulances sister that the sibling rivalry and you know. In much like families. If the first movie is about falling in love and finding a family. This movie's about maintaining. And and maintain and so you know the relationships. They're little deeper and does result in something for more emotional. And I think in the first move that this two through it's right it's argued that Michael Rucker played all right so well with the yet it really is a contemporary. Parent to child tale you know about absentee father and and and like he said the search follows that sort of adoptive. Father figure and how. We build up. You know relationship we build up expectations of her mind it was something could be. You know an absentee father and ex girlfriend or whatever we oftentimes building might be something that could never possibly really be because long furthest thing that doesn't exist. And oftentimes that forces us overlook what we like story so we explore those teams with as well when your father's an actual plan you know I think that's pretty much. It's every really bad yeah yeah right yeah I agree that it is now high heels this is pretty cool rush it turns out that was pretty odd as it in many way yet I don't wanna get into you know Hillary to territory about that but I remember less than you were here you'd talking about the times where you had no outs you was there and why. Yeah you're in a tree. Right. Yeah man they have it was a band so when the minute trading him duties with this little they weren't they thinking why. The England where how what am I going to be what is what is this world I think there was a certain freedom in that moment. That I wasn't really thinking about anything. Very much is the zen of banned me that's right I'm book. Zen and the art of van maintenance. I was just kind of enjoyed a moment I was about about. When he. I had just finished a career and door to door sales which lasted about. Two years sported towards you know I had heard you've done yet when the best ever. Which was waiter at but what comes from that's right yeah I was you know later. I always love to go there to get a free lunch. Win I can answer the questions about force now you all off all you'd be dreaming hatred. I would if I wish adamant what you're waiter when. Because at a try to stomp you they really weren't hard questions yet we we kind of throw but we've throats and real soft walls and the epidemic you can pretty good so what you do in that -- let me ask you now OK so. Welcomed of Gump and company. Get Diego you know that's an entry and drink cattlemen that the country out of its self Margarita. Reopened bubbled up Forrest Gump trivia what type of soda was forced him tripping drinking when he met president. I would've completely. I think that NC you know all that fourteen doctor Pepper's yet I'm. When you hang with Tom Hanks and yes you can justice in just nail him with Bubba them term. Structures yeah I'm sure he would I tried to me and go with me. Santa Monica you wouldn't go that he just wouldn't want us a sense of humor about man could have been yeah you could have been. I will go waiting I will vote about him from company. With you in San Monica but we expect job that helped form to be the Chris Brent. Which of these very strange jobs. You know I think I'll just talking however about this yesterday I think probably door to door sales was was the Greek the best training ground to sharpen tools that were. Wired to go out and hit the ground to audition and to face rejection as an actor. Over and over expose yourselves here's what I got you interest in mind no cool man see you tomorrow. And then walk up like there's a whole process to years and years of people. It's telling you know and and an attitude that's required to face that understand we regret so you know that was the route there's a reason I was good. To order or sales and I and I think that thing about me carry over and acting in so I'd say that was the job. And that is walking into a roomful of strangers and and and selling yourself that that's a big part of of act. Israel's getting jobs as an actor that helps you when you were auditioning for something where you could tell. That they didn't think you would that person with a 420 every yet which is every audition you use you audition. I don't know what the reissue would be my guess is somewhere around. 25. Fifty times before you get a job. In each of those times you walk in there. Thinking. You're the best for the rule if yours mark that's that's mine members opened orphanages. Blissfully ignorant like I was the first in the Hollywood news that and I just had the the benefit of being foolish you know I had hubris I was like of course hire me. You didn't score technique sky will they didn't it's going on here before god and later these days is gonna work. We'll like when he didn't like when you auditioned for star track. What is the reaction I get you know right away did their thing not a view yet. And when I was I think there was that I mean I can you tell you the number. Things went out for that I didn't get. That I was certain I wouldn't it in the moment while I was doing it medium low wage. I'm feeling insecure about the way I look or sweating Apatow the addition Norris stumble lines there. You know. Select your camera here and this is gentlemen here's operating the camera. If I'm doing an audition I see that guy's eyes is frankly he's over half my audition like. Going so. That I have is all the time it's excellent. Yeah. But you know it and you build you build these relations that he cast adrift but often I mean I'd even meeting the casting director you mean there assistant. And so you have to press there assistant to get to the next level a call back then you meet the cast and and if you're lucky you get a call back from their and you meet the producers and you know here's all you get the next Levy expects level each one as a tiny victory. A law on your way especially your it was just a waiter. Why Lebanon and these are all exciting those victories of the pictures you your anger at what I don't think just do not know I was in a band and why exactly X number of months here. I don't really what's wrong with you people. So was that first thing that you dot. That was. The first was it all would that seem beyond that was like once after I'd moved delicately is getting a job that movement LE. So then after I moved LA the first job that I got. Was. Was a jobs be very important job for me because it was. It was. Got me my sag card and it was you I was a guest spot on USC shall call huntress. Starring Annette O'Toole. Annan's and Georgia NS bureau and I played a character named nick. Who was like a runaway ex boyfriend. And I had no idea what I was doing. Some I remember when I got mine all got off to a bad. I you can tell that at that point in my career I could not afford a haircut at the baton and Ben and Hollywood probably. Eight or nine months and I got this job and that was my side cart. And it won't Wear the resume I did this seem at first CNET walked out. Stood up I delivered my line cut practice they nailed that and sweet camera operator walked over just. It's my shirt pulled me about six feet over to my mark said. Your once stand there when surveillance of action film had a and now I don't know Alec everything you know what's going alone if they do that. Aren't well you know. Chris because she been here before that we and that song now the last and you were great because she said. You know this is a movie that. The first guardians of the galaxy we had the awesome mix tape on more right now we have volume to yeah. But I told you how when I had it Chad Bozeman on who was playing James Brown that he would do James for so. And you went right into a geographical good you did not kidding me and it just went viral it was didn't fumble and loved OK but what is on that Pratt Pratt Pratt. Awesome mix tape what Miles Austin next thing. I'm innocence a lot of Chris Stapleton lately whose numbers to Alter yes he's so great that he can really sing. So I've gotten the Eric church Chris Stapleton and what can you give all of arm and then been. Use spam. It's out in a bar room. Bush had my guitar boom boom. Whom and it's a real real slow song this thing without guitar we ask you was the only the they've been known. The new boom boom boom boom. Where you rescue me from reaching for the baht. And. With the order. Nailed that that. That there there's your viral net net. Oh it would I was you know I've been in London 70 how about we all in any. Marine. He analysts marine. He submarine. Difficult as we're thank you yeah but I think it's it's and then today and it was really good news electric Disney and he wouldn't love that yet we've been unbeaten change. Yeah yeah I can't syndicate that's another thing it's a musical it's like these not only Lee richter so if I have my apple banned. I don't know that I really not now time of the park and he's here who artists went there Peter a well. I don't know how this happens to fear this act really yet. It's it's where it you know it's acting is embarrassing. Acting is embarrassing. Aunts and in an hour good acting so singing is it's actually embarrass him not good singing. Out month that's not always true dance and seeing you do the whole of an analyst at Bartlett BO auto tuned in in in and I. I have the benefit of of care of the mindful director polishing my performance in that had been. I'm counting on your editors to do. Might receive them together as well Grammy Award winning book at him come on and be with you anyway secret they think piers sellers aren't here.

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{"id":47228392,"title":"Chris Pratt on gaining weight for future roles and being insecure as an actor","duration":"3:00","description":"Pratt appears on \"Popcorn With Peter Travers\" to talk about his new role in \"Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/chris-pratt-gaining-weight-future-roles-insecure-actor-47228392","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}