Clive Davis documentary director on how the film came together

ABC News' Rachel Scott and Michael Rothman talk to director Chris Perkel about working with Clive Davis on new biographical documentary "Clive Davis: The Soundtrack of Our Lives."
4:36 | 04/21/17

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Transcript for Clive Davis documentary director on how the film came together
So congratulations. And I definitely an amazing accomplishment and ailing feet later and into where we're start. Start with a question at midnight accident how you narrow it down it was going to be part of this. And I never let it be interviewed but it's yup but there's dozens and dozens of people and yeah I think it will let you would die to have your belt that averages didn't have. Rumors based to do it I think it is like top line gains have to get him as they have there just instant. A certain period of his life and work around ten minutes just I was a little the first come first serve you don't tell you. Now we started working on a visit one of the challenges that there's been so much material so many people so much news. Years all of the greatest music popular a lot of music or like over a hundred new 125 plus business. I mean obviously got lucky yet I don't know dirty music news is sort of like indulgent. How to get a 125 and one bill the duchess. Yeah it's back and realize that it is a blitzkrieg of music it's it's a trap. You really travel through time everybody has connections and large periods of the matter who you were what you do whenever period of time around. We were saying that obviously the documentary filmmaker you get to know that the subjects. It was what anybody we're taught as an earlier Tuesday at high alert after thirty years knowing Matt Leonard. You so much on the what did you learn he was alert but adds honestly it's a measure absolutely. I obviously no plot going into all out like I don't pretty pretty well. Extraordinarily funny and. Personable guy and it. A lot of people might I don't know going in because you know you have an image of Mike Davis. Larry young talent. What are the reasons he's been able to maintain the kinds of relationships. Regardless of the reason we had so many artists to sort of network with the G com in this project. Is because you connect with them and. On deeply humor in them. I'm very very very empathetic god. That was something eligible I opening quality but also you know a pleasant surprise make me the whole experience really enjoy at least nice god. Or some. The highs in those that at its end at the documentary filmmaker you really cover. Their entire swath of the languages grants to cover all the highs they also covering a submitted that the rough spots. But with some of the tougher parts to kind of I don't Whitney's that obviously helped chapter. Exactly that's at the Whitney chapters was one of the toughest. That's it's it's tragic it's emotional. You know talking to him about it trying to figure out you know what he wanted to communicate about it just trying to understand that relationship and like his experience was like you know during during the more typical. Party and the all of it was just to talk to top job. You know he was extraordinarily proud. Open the dots and an emotional you know I really appreciate. Very open. And I do something about back to get notified Davis story you read and company aren't had a blunt about. It's an excellent working with off the table don't know he was XP was it was very very good very important to him to us that everything was on the table. And he didn't leave. There was no one we couldn't talk to the subject even talk about all the touchy in India on the firing is very touchy to sore spot for him. It was it's a scandal that sort of followed him and they know it got its support him try to set the record straight in terms of what actually went down as you know the exoneration. I've seen the headlines as the accusations. Pound the bmg conflict with a god you're pushed out because. At the age of eighty. How much money was making its actors there Jim. We ask but found it's all of those things we aired it of those challenging periods like exit we had to explore and he knew that appreciate. Get a big one scene one moment in there. And they probably have. It's kind of physical babies that it what's what's the top. I think my favorite scene is a happy home. We see britney's first television apartments. Clive is watching it in his home theater but watching her on screen watching him introduce her. On screen while and then we tell the story of how he found during sign injured during during that scene but it's really it's emotionally secretly. It's the birth of this transcendent star you know and get the opportunity to see him reliving that moment very viscerally. You know in the scene and think it works really well.

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{"id":46939729,"title":"Clive Davis documentary director on how the film came together","duration":"4:36","description":"ABC News' Rachel Scott and Michael Rothman talk to director Chris Perkel about working with Clive Davis on new biographical documentary \"Clive Davis: The Soundtrack of Our Lives.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/clive-davis-documentary-director-film-46939729","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}