CMA Awards: Lauren Alaina

Lauren Alaina talks about celebrating her 23rd birthday at the CMAs and what it would be like to win best new artist.
2:15 | 11/06/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for CMA Awards: Lauren Alaina
My movie can that Friday on CN TIE. And nominated for the first time ever for best new artist and the awards are on my birthday my attorney third birthday is Wednesday and now I have my first Evers CMA nominations on my merit bank. My whole families coming in town tonight to celebrate and have a piety. And this is I don't know if she's been the best year I've ever owned land to and I feel like I need to celebrate it with the nomination on my between their very gang. In grants. Hopefully get a win fingers crossed and I don't know like. Meantime B ball. Last year I didn't have seats with this artist's I had fancies and Tom. I went home. During the show and watched it on TV and in went out to the after parties because I didn't wanna be sit enacting anti trans in the stands so this year I'm nominated then. What would it feel like to win new artists especially since you don't real Clinton. Yeah well I've never had a nominations I think that's how they base it like if you haven't had a nomination. You're still mourning the new artists sound. And I feel like honestly the first album I can't really count it an entity technically counts but it. Wasn't Lauren Alain and it was like the American Idol Marlene and I had to. Go through like all these life changing things that parents into divorce my dad went through rehab for alcoholism. He just celebrated for years and be in Santa wearing them very excited for him and proud of him in. Both my parents every married my mom and famous brand my dad married a thirty year old I overcame an eating disordered. And all of this like things that sound like heart aches were heart ache but they gave me this album and they gave me this year and they got me this nomination so. I really do feel I can you artists because I feel like. I found my message I found my voice I found you laugh and as a singer songwriter and and I just. Fell like. I'm not deserving of the other awards like I feel like new artist category is their act category for Maine. If I win Howell passed out if I don't win I was still be proud and excited and eat cake and pizza and all the things he and you read thanks.

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{"duration":"2:15","description":"Lauren Alaina talks about celebrating her 23rd birthday at the CMAs and what it would be like to win best new artist.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"50967908","title":"CMA Awards: Lauren Alaina ","url":"/Entertainment/video/cma-awards-lauren-alaina-50967908"}