CMA Fest night 4: Florida Georgia Line

The duo talks about how their new single, "Simple," came together and Tyler talks about his new baby, Olivia.
2:34 | 06/11/18

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Transcript for CMA Fest night 4: Florida Georgia Line
Great party this weekend to celebrate what I loved about the party is that you had Backstreet Boys you had DB. And the star of the whole show was Olivia she's really really well adjusted to being in crowds and meeting strangers which could be intimidating for a but not offer. If she's she sings of a pretty outgoing. Like to be around people but she always has grants lovely of the bed and sayings and yeah she's like she's telling me an alien a way we like we're social they believe them. The only thing that that can be better than having big number one hits like you have with Bibi and The Backstreet Boys is that youths feel like I feel lucky guys have really formed relationships and become friends because. They show up for you guys that. Out of mentally really have there there really is a brotherhood you know and we've we've got to hang out again apart a little bit together we've gotten the chat we've gotten to sit around and wait on you know sound check in and serious Indus that are on waiting gets talk and really get to know each other you know. Pass just as gunmen had your day you know talk about life talking about. The good the bad in the everything so and we when you get like that with somebody in a matter New York there's a brotherhood and they're just great people men their energies infectious. You know and it's inspiring to see them just keep keep freshening so you know we love those guys. I love the new single simple. Just tell me about tell me about writing that song. Yeah man started. On the two rebounds books which is a a bus that we bring down tour with this we'll dollar riders and about a year ago actually we wrote us a little over a year ago so. This has been a special song I think that day we were just trying to remind ourselves to get back to the basics of life a little bitten. Keep things simple and you know keep our priorities and on and make sure stamp president knowledge type stuff so. It's definitely been a great reminder of the year of you know record Newton what's in the song come alive and I feel like the fans have really connected with it and oddest thing as. It's perfect timing for us and it feels like he can be more rush right now and colors excited to have any single ounce on in the fields Phil spawn fills Gooden something we're proud of. From the pictures I see and I feel like there's a relief fund retro video coming 40 come in real say in the 1930s. You know. Peace there timepiece. We're super excited it it's really cool to see. You know the song and the leaders really comes alive in this video I think our our guide Justin Clough. Our director he crushed it. Wrote an amazing. Treatment and all the actors everybody the band we got everybody in there and it it looks beautiful really true the time. And there will soon see at whatever thanks.

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{"duration":"2:34","description":"The duo talks about how their new single, \"Simple,\" came together and Tyler talks about his new baby, Olivia.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"55811607","title":"CMA Fest night 4: Florida Georgia Line","url":"/Entertainment/video/cma-fest-night-florida-georgia-line-55811607"}