CMA Fest night 2: Midland

Midland talks about life on the road touring with Little Big Town.
1:33 | 06/11/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for CMA Fest night 2: Midland
It was wildly at a good time little big town. They're like. This them that the crowds were incredible lineup was graves' case he had. And it's little big town and we have a lot of family and friends come and England it's pretty pretty incredible way to start the year due and in retailer. With a bunch of friends so it was awesome. And now I'm gonna bring it down but tell you what little big town set about it actually is pretty funny. She needs he was relieved that you finally to concern off because you never do. And Kimberly said she did know who's she'd seen more in her underwear in their underwear. View or Luke Bryan of real lip so I want eras are lots of nudity on the little items producer. Cameron is the king of nudity and is usually roam around Lou. A lot more exposure them pretty much anybody else in country music he does can you buy will line gets little bit out of hula. It has greatly marketed him accuses him yen in weird movie we have a lot of fun and there's violence there and thank god that little victim gets her sense of humor and yeah it's it's easy I mean that's one of the best things about the whole myth and mystique is it's a good tight it's great music and it's a good time. Just as it. Well if you buy a good time you mean. And amazing and ago there. There always always it was smiling through the tears.

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{"duration":"1:33","description":"Midland talks about life on the road touring with Little Big Town.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"55807121","title":"CMA Fest night 2: Midland","url":"/Entertainment/video/cma-fest-night-midland-55807121"}