Coachella installation creates music from plants' biorhythms

An art installation at the Ace Hotel pool features plants hooked up to computers that use their own "biorhythms" to make music.
2:54 | 04/15/19

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Transcript for Coachella installation creates music from plants' biorhythms
Let's talk about all of that could tell buzz over the weekend you had eaters held apparently. Arianna Ronde she brought out in sync and people are trying to see if Arianna or beyoncé was better when they performed. I don't even know why people are having that debate but I wanna go to Gabe letter from Radio Disney because he would that could tell this weekend checking out an art installation. Musical plants that check it out gate. They don't mind me I'm Joan it's me and gave thanks to media did so you've created this. What we have going on you have you have a quartet of plants actually playing you think. What yeah you can see we have give you back here and each one of them is a definite. Brown. What did tonight they've translated. Plant by Everett it's now. Control synthesizers. And then I designed downs for the plant the play big east plant playing a different instruments creating its people's dignity. You go about starting you can think about this is crazy. Yeah you know it's funny Nowitzki as some people the they're really getting guitar and went date when he played tired of it like the university speaking through them. I've never been that getting its cards that for me I wanted to connect directly to the universe through needs here another client day games and music. You know people can appear very talented experienced this for the first time when dealing you want him found an excellent care. I just want people to feel connected in the jewelry box. About connection Whitney here feel how. The music is not only being generated by the plant it's also being generated by the plants responding to you by entering this game before admitting being. We're all in this together. What's that process like when you first start thinking about. This whole thing together. I like to look at that data than getting from the plants and I like to think about the the plant is really active you know maybe that flake billed lead. And then at the planet less active baby is filling in a play a few notes that their playing days and then I design the found specifically for the data I'm getting from the plants. And then I just want to make it so it's really. Harmonious. What plans Santa personally are you drawn into the most of all these plants again like this. Won't believe this laundry here but the data I'm good guy. Yeah how'd they get really likes that cod ten. Little spring leagues haven't found the make sure I get the pool. It's being here. What's this of them hit him on the runway. Oh that's awesome pet hot hot hot. Hey guys are just plays into the whole female characteristics of the hotel is going is relaxing after. This news in the plants very fluid levels but I love it. So nice to meet decade thinks of IA yet the F death.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"An art installation at the Ace Hotel pool features plants hooked up to computers that use their own \"biorhythms\" to make music.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"62408931","title":"Coachella installation creates music from plants' biorhythms","url":"/Entertainment/video/coachella-installation-creates-music-plants-biorhythms-62408931"}