Columbine Shooter's Mother Speaks to Diane Sawyer

Diane Sawyer talks about her interview with the mother of Dylan Klebold.
7:24 | 02/12/16

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Transcript for Columbine Shooter's Mother Speaks to Diane Sawyer
Imagine if your satin was responsible for one of the worst mass shootings in American history. Well this is a reality that the mother of Columbine High School killers Dylan people has lived with for the past seventeen years. If she's finally breaking her silence to ABC news anchor Diane Sawyer so ever won please welcome Diane. And we've seen the Promos this looks like it's going to be such a powerful story not just because we haven't heard from her for so long but also we're gonna talk about the warning signs but. First and foremost as soon as live with the story for seventeen years she hasn't spoken publicly invited she would speak about it now. I think she would say shame. And grappling with the truth that a two for a long time to face the reality of it. And it also just try to find some way to turn this agony on the part of the frequently use them. Which which is unsurpassed. And ongoing and internal. But to try to bring something that might be useful to the world so she thought what if I can teach something about what I missed. What I would give anything on the face of this earth to say and do differently and so that's what she's doing she's written a book. Proceeds go to mental health and she's written a book on the mother's reckoning and as of reckoning. Find out that her son had killed thirteen people how did she is at the office she's. Is that I woke up in the morning. An ordinary wife and mother of loving mother who thought she was a great mother and 24 hours later I was the mother of hate crazed gunman. And that day she's at the office she gets call from her husband. Who says that's an emergency and let her know that they think they suspect they think it's their son. It was completely shocked like she. She didn't recognize the kid well she had seen only spoons over time that she now looks back and said could they have. Polluted need anything could be warned me of anything but seventeen years ago. There was no com but no one was thinking this way. Now prior to the shooting what was their relationship like at home what was going on even days before the shooting at her her husband work from home. In his home every day. She said that she had seen something bothering her son but she broke things off adolescent depression. She allowed herself to be reassured by all kinds of other things. And one of the things she wants everybody to do is just let it cross your mind that things are seeing. Even little picture sing me not just be a face that could be something for. We want to talk about some of those morning thanks but I want to show great land at very powerful cliff you asked her specifically about being. A mother to the sad that she dearly loved and then about the people that her son would later cal take a look. I think we'd like to believe that our love that our understanding. Is protective. And that if anything were wrong with my kids I would know but I didn't know. Santa. It's very hard trip that. She says not a day goes by she doesn't think of the victims and their families I just remember sitting there. And reading about them. Only kids. The teacher. Yeah. And I keep thinking constantly thought. How I would fields that would the other way around one of their children but sharp mind. I would feel exactly what they did I know I would. I know it would it. Diana following the shootings and many public officials politicians blame this on. Bad parenting does she still blame herself and how she color it. Well she does for the things that shipments which no one thinks of what to do tonight there have been 79 and to our count thwarted. Watts high school shooters wore him. So there is some way to prevent it and you're going to hear tonight the way some of these were thwarted in what we can all do together what everybody can do. To try to prevent this from happening. There have been so many school shootings since column might we heard on the news this morning that there is a possible. Shooting in Arizona. I'm. When she hears about other shootings what does she think it's higher it's agony. And again she wants everyone to know about the new systems that have been put in place. And the new ways if you just. If you just take all the pieces of the puzzle and lot of people had a lot of pieces of the puzzle in this case and column until. And you put them together maybe something can change. Has she been able to make peace. With herself he saw so many people are casting stones and take buses were faulty rep bad parent had she been able to reconcile any of us. You know I don't think you ever. Gotten to can get out of the hell. Of the reality of what happens and I sought to shift in you know she. She says that to her a happy moment is just this in moment without suffering. And that she has really dedicating. As much as she can of her life and her hope to the families to work be done for the families because she knows their suffering. Is internal. And she says at one point that Tom. That in the prayer make me an instrument by peace. Is the one that has on her heart. And they were so many. Families of the victims that came to her after. After the tragic shooting and forgave her son and holder that this wasn't on her as an ounce. Yes we we reached out to the families were going to reach out again because we want to know after they went with them to say some of them are. Feel that she has not come forward in time for the ramps they have. They and their anger is immense it hurt still true but you're right. Others of them have come forward written letters there's a posting to tea FaceBook posting about her. From one of the girls a column I'm an instance a column mine who was paralyzed. And wrote a letter about forgiveness and another student's parents in the parents of takes an outbreak causes and the parents. One of the student senate at that we're teaching forgiveness because without forgiveness. God can't flow through you to help anyone else and so we are saying. We are seeing this. This. About six deeply moving. Did the move an attempt to as I said make purpose of this. Diana I have the utmost of respect for you that since it's such an important story we haven't heard from the mom but a national conversation a conversation we should be happy with our children at the dinner table as well for so. Looking forward to this story tonight from Q thank you we hope having enough people think that's why we're here and we hope house. There's no one better that doesn't mean Diane thank you everyone act thanks to Diane Sawyer silent.

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{"duration":"7:24","description":"Diane Sawyer talks about her interview with the mother of Dylan Klebold.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"36895731","title":"Columbine Shooter's Mother Speaks to Diane Sawyer","url":"/Entertainment/video/columbine-shooters-mother-speaks-diane-sawyer-36895731"}