Comedian Lil Rel Howery talks 'Get Out' movie

The actor spoke with ABC Radio's Candice Williams about his role in the upcoming Jordan Peele directed film.
5:43 | 02/20/17

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Transcript for Comedian Lil Rel Howery talks 'Get Out' movie
It is you know what about cab. At least you won't be given to the new because Kevin me that I'm humble about it you know me. And what can I love about Kevin he let me do with the will want to do you know because he produced this issue. And that they would separates map from everybody else's that I was very and is now. He moved from a directly Arroyo market directly wasn't known county director blew it. I want to make sure as somebody who knew my material. When editing audits I just beat somebody that was really must and who was. Dropped often right in no mood Kevin. Given a green light me up like Kevin Gabriel at Nashville specials. And if this terrible you read in the Sony. Is on the way to stage loot the you know it was things idea behind the scenes outside it would in no way and to produce and into that not came out my pocket to do to make it even. Things pop even better from the cater of this it was that ideal model and into the theater idea that he and will. How would this season hill Maloney and constant Larry. Two years of what it must mention Alison. In the the the balcony and obviously. OK and she must mission. You know me like this it was it's it's the it was old school it was that he. I want to feel what she's filled with this place. Don't count and who is its Reza that I was able to do it. Well I like one weird emotional moment it was the day before we shot and I deceptive about myself way. How to portraits. It was there at that spoke. It was. An of this publicly what cavities it was a scene another great artists. But as well even liked estimated and ammonium Miller Lite and proud of it because. To see with these she's doing that like you. Sound like you motivated needle even you even. From just costs an image yet to what is I want to be about whatever she get all that is great thing about it you know me and the and elsewhere lately Kevin Kevin. Is doing some things that I think his dope as far as light. Opening new doors for a lot of young of the comic meet and I think peace he said in a blueprint so when I didn't have position. Where he's normally do times team. You know I'm me even doping even big even better and among one of them very observing a bit like demo Korea. And have arrest anything because I always want to see. You know what those steps woods and whack a do batted in my old appears to be and you know is is is this funny seeing. Artist though come to light Elaine what does moving in his TV like. I networks economists crazy to somehow lacks sitcoms on account TV in my. I'm all NBC Natalie is goat locally hotels and Jessica. So it is. Of electric commercial might. And that was one of the best moments of my life could it was like he was watch and almost like it wasn't me he was looking you know mile. The body is fun and let us. And he Yu Lin and expect. So I know two. I want the kinda get people excited about in the coming up when you sat down you mention at this very exciting time for you talk about if you can't anything else that. He gone because you know you imagine day breast though I expect that these ideas executed. Very Munson. Let me get get out we know about that comes out Friday Carl my social season three we. We have really at so far out of season thirty of shooting and has been there it's in my village around one else can you do it is doing is he's he's just he's right or man. I'm a minute history channel's bill yesterday Kevin hands. Is is is stories to need that we haven't really are people tail in his talent from a cabin. It's a term that annually to mice by it is like I play myself a couple of kids ran into also play. When it historic characters it is funny that Bob we know you reads that let it go to these at least due to illness of Houston. Mailing is very deal delay is due is there will read his can be funny and really could be the real stories right. I'm excited for people to see and at this one of the things and in. You know man family's idea now the mood Charlie's and it wound Charlie Sheen and his I don't crackles original crackle film that is very funny. Now did it would homegrown Tiffany had it who plays my ex wife was so so is. I'm always working and it does make special bakeries. In do some dates were Chris Rock who. Call me out of bluenose metal like three weeks ago that the real funny I am in. Does this. Someone do some dates would homeless to a so. Ma'am and I are working. Out here working and thank you so much for a given as all preview because we're excited for food or get out. Friday yet it's going now yes. Marries. The very. Fact that it. The radio always here with the interviews. Pace the pit work.

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{"duration":"5:43","description":"The actor spoke with ABC Radio's Candice Williams about his role in the upcoming Jordan Peele directed film.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"45618284","title":"Comedian Lil Rel Howery talks 'Get Out' movie","url":"/Entertainment/video/comedian-lil-rel-howery-talks-movie-45618284"}