Comedian Patricia Williams discusses her memoir, 'Rabbit: The Autobiography of Ms. Pat'

Ms. Pat opens up about her transformation from selling drugs to headlining comedy shows in new memoir.
15:27 | 08/30/17

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Transcript for Comedian Patricia Williams discusses her memoir, 'Rabbit: The Autobiography of Ms. Pat'
088. I think each year they keep anatomy and today talking about it this wonderful book called. Yeah that was. The that. I think people. Get it kicked. It. Learn more about Hewlett story which is. A story because overcame so much in your life. To be sitting across need to talk about it she. Eight. And people ballots available at Curtis it's an Amazon Barnes not Warner books is so. Absolutely though I want McDonnell is eco I speak when people pick this up. Their day. There are really need to be. A surprised by how can out do you are. Of course to use humor to tell the story which which is what you're known for its own big name one little rated didn't pick up. It was important. The fact that you grew up. Your life was. You bring you didn't have much of health. You know each other at a young age 141415. You get that fifteen hits in key exactly and you came from me. Talk and act that you bring it can others she was an alcoholic yet. Are there children also really abusive but he merry. Europeans liked when he 21 he married me. So my up processes. What we're after with bells and many other things that she goes into those who are going to be picking up island giving little way. How what was two point for you why did you wake up and say you don't want to keep living like this because. You you. All went on our own Richard without. Have been shot and what's not and I. Ever the actual life to hear what that lets you. Each state you don't let his and a. You know I continues at the scene I'm in the ghetto. But you grew up in the ghetto gates darkened again I'll. And I just started to realize it was a cycle for my affair in a little make it out but also hit two key is patty young looks aren't a young so let's say. My son is not going to be America think you'll thank me is out there looks and Dunn is in people who go to jail a lot of times. It's just the right to resonate went up at deep attachment to Helen I'm this. And it Housley and how do the same thing to my key Islam a moment the it to mean and it's like 1718. Years so still you know how to get out. It was just until mentally into honesty count open mamma I'm a little bit more you know its army different Peabody Obama my little more. Mountain relaxed I was losing my keys India that is say. If my my you're selling books and I dat. Whose parents taking Mikey. I didn't know acted legally could not name one person who could do a better job doing. And I as a starter cardinals a new way out. A student O'Connell is going to get out as an lowest time in history. Alice time this abusive mayor me and she didn't hear like eighteen Q1 our relations you. And whose no look ought not be in also studies and I am not allowed Monsanto. And for my keys. Now and you know this experience. Specifically this book and local local writer who's also means if you didn't remember it hit. It's when you order kind of recounting. What did you find it therapeutic and he did you find something. Like I don't know actor. Richard any hesitancy here. Jeff the spot with hard. Now let's go in any way matchup temp files me muscles to seek. So wouldn't you know wouldn't be in the right when Munich already get together in single entity everything. And last year step that I didn't electoral in an attempt made incredible. It was armed. I started to heal you know me in this lady crowd. On file. We really deep sleep he also made me run as that the people hurt meat and models. Even me in my late thirties early forties oust Steele protecting these people. Announcement Norman on two night used to go to stars who go to what meanwhile consumers night. On aisles and don't put that in the last animal commit Lopes who might well. Her to pay is so candy. And I can help me heal a lot you don't write these boot because I was a bit low point. While still protecting my mom amount for skis father. You know and I let go a little bit more. Talk about this wonderful co writer because I was reading a little bit about you guys connected it was like. She was just moved here struck. An anti union story and then it became. Angry that you can't let them air Pippen. Is. Here is no denying these it was right. OK first let me echo when we admit that the apart pocket arch of fear and she hurt me he can't see me do performances like. Her younger friends like at the Keck you know each rentable canals like Magellan energy. I gotta do laundry and I mayor aren't right noble Coca as his opponent journalists I can help you I'm a little enamel. And it turned out he could help me. Is that if you know America spoke he's been here most she went to college years. Melodies like eighty. It was like when Al comic so it an X people and she's so important amusement bigger Parton and not cook and. You see why. They want to talk to us but queued up with The Beastie Boys robotic correct England's and Anita Lewis lining U board of people hang. Nobody wanted Felton a we'll talk to white people I'm actually the lineup he should exceed play. And think he went. She you know start. The conversation with you and specifically about your mother hips she passed. And you know wasn't T. OK well at what point Latin EU. Alan powerful. Stuff there's some feel like. You know if you say it's all right. Is there are parts that we don't eat he or. People were like it read this book are reading this book Wally. All the fault. And if with the Fort Stewart we now move. You believe it out you know you can make it will not more in the you know took took the part. Apple content it is great job with take concerns stories let me give let me go in the hole newspaper story so of course you always leave something now. Yeah I think. Because I was curious that this continue patient we see more from you on this because you're still think you're. Whole. Amin. How loved him. It wasn't easy sale while. It was great you know no one is apparently cut out along the way. And our they've opened up a lot more. And I are real things won't just like so many people I mean just that refused to Amazon and unemployed people Almonte Gandhi. You give me hope to tell my story you know Islam has opened it people just take away from his book. That they will you know. Kim not connected anger out there hate couldn't won't you know. You open up about final act on the people aren't our animals thank. Far and away either an effective pain in your life when you can lions that you get control. I a couple. Were really important. Part of this book was people who affected your life social worker it's teacher. It's true yeah she get it all started. Mr. Bush Islam a teacher in my English avenue. And I'm you know I was support key you know poor keys DP down. And yeah I'm dirty hair stand on my he would you know some weeks you didn't really didn't have meals. So she took it upon herself to you know change Michaels call my hangover it's my teeth gave. You make your do not hate wow schools and teachers can't do that anymore but his stump them all always stuck with me Nielsen Larry was. Really was the first and only finger in my hand in my other news Zhang Cleveland only defeat the so she you know as he stepped Ian had a rough time Allen's game. This elegant brilliant but I'll give peaked. You know accuses both fourteen an outline. And has many you know who make sure and the owner or any state any inhale it helped me solved because he finally there are both great Q3. And at most times. You know I'm forty by the separate keys bank and they hit AB group in his CDs and CD group nudity was a donkey an hour always and they siddiqui who. And when I really wanted to beat beat grew. And she would take her time it was a program caller tipped. Are tired eyes she would teach you tell me how to three. Denton imagine 200 feet they're great battery a can't I don't know how to read and I wanted to outlook at. Sell. You know it was just it was is hollow eyes she was fair as she understood me. And I felt safe with this eighties. I mean I was at the school full copy you're just Aachen go to school and escape everything with one alone in my house where I really felt like. They can't secure debated at the school cared more about me in the Canadian house which was my mother. And then how fast form you know you you are successful in your own yeah. And who was also very. It's helpful to you gift giving apartment. What do you do with. It was a great honor at time around you know. He admitted in I was I was still Dillinger looks canals a drug deal. And he never Jared you just talked to Meehan saying hey you know real people get a job and I'll light now lamb come from wheat whole slew. You know almost count humiliated want to make in the money Dallas Macon a date to 7057000. Physicists now inmate Donald hours blown away ass like. Who worked for the eighth. What do you take right at 200 dollars a week academic -- true man is. So you know at that time manages gang because the muscles to four key is now lights when he is all with four key isn't. And who I knew you know and in a renewed relationship and he steady. So I gave the gas excuse throughout the making heating Lara. Any man who didn't run out and he's hated me help me raise those keys in their own teen years later we have now altered keys. But you know or not he told me a lot he tell you know. I can say this I really found true love he told really respect the only man elected they'll violated me never did suspected me. And I and that would be in the give over twenty some years and I still have no problem liking Google cheeks a look at how slump and. Talking about. Up. The most argue about ways so that I don't wanna line at a I think people be inspired that's an earlier. You know with this book now officially Powell and you know you at this plays where you who are content I ICI feel that you yeah. Kong. Obviously one oh I believe that people get something obviously feature their story yet but for those who are still at pat pleas of uncertainty he beat her that are out there an 880 were in the rabbit and her life. Any words for now. It never give up. You know learn to talk about it don't be ashamed of what team went through because a lot of selling you when you've been abused him in history needed instill. You know a lot of time we feel like he's you're a fall lock up when my cues like his finally sat me. In America he aided. Any used to beat me a lot I always thought it was my fault because he told me was it was my fault. Then I just start it's and then go oh no you eventually you will learn to lobbyists start making an amount tube. Honestly to get to get over his name is in the book I don't mind these one in Sinaloa. For many years of age you detained him with today and assists and profanity. Excuse to change me and I woke up in did not resign him. I mean his got to believe. Never give ample use of cause nobody is and I love you liking liking Solovyov CO. A. Well this pat I before we go I want to ask about what's coming up for you obviously did well. Now rabbit got to check this out but I know that you're busy you're you're making people laugh across the nation they'll talk a little bit about anything that's coming up that we should be checking you out for as well. Well I just I'm enemies them I'm in the process of working on. Have policy com comedy windy day use and more on Howell company imagine. Flores is I didn't convert but this is citing. So we Soto put pilots who fox place year sold as the big project and is just tooling you know. Thousand all of you ready to going to blow to a for the book in. Just a lot of Smart thing you know mayor Oklahoma delighted when nothing is talk and use it kicked back. Ruth stuff in my life but as the biggest being a market. It's always the gang is so is there is cited McCain wait to see my life play animal TV. Why. I mean I know it's probably in the works he can't talk too much more isn't works we and hopefully magnitude of the TV but it will be based usually mom Debbie. My current life and an abiding was rained out. She's gonna during the to be not turn like you were using the new grand babies and Holden a pathetic Keisel. Does my current life and comedy and stuff like it will you be starring some passing pig nobody of the news that would meager Farouk I have I don't and he tied it. Soon enough. To check up the bulk in the memoir and gets in view from the beginning until right now you know thank you so they are most please pick of the blue please go take and the reviews it. They say is a pace tanner. And yet. Think and make it. It's a mental make you laugh as well I I had again I Twomey oklahomans think you made me crap that you also may mean they have been and he was not ease the make of me right. It. Takes it's to me and by radio ads against Kansas seems.

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{"duration":"15:27","description":"Ms. Pat opens up about her transformation from selling drugs to headlining comedy shows in new memoir.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"49517412","title":"Comedian Patricia Williams discusses her memoir, 'Rabbit: The Autobiography of Ms. Pat'","url":"/Entertainment/video/comedian-patricia-williams-discusses-memoir-rabbit-autobiography-ms-49517412"}