Country stars who got their big break on 'American Idol': Part 5

From Carrie Underwood to Scotty McCreery, the biggest names in 'Idol' history reflect on how the show left a big impact on their lives and the genre.
6:42 | 11/12/18

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Transcript for Country stars who got their big break on 'American Idol': Part 5
Reporter: In just about every single town in America down these dusty back roads past those covered bridges are young kids with big musical dreams. How old are you? I'm 16 years old. I'm 15 years old and I'm from rossville, Georgia. I'm 19 from albemarle. I've been singing country music my whole life. Reporter: And every year tens of thousands of them line up around the country hoping for a shot to be discovered on "American idol." So you're 21 from what part of Oklahoma? Checotah. Checotah? Sounds like a very small town. I loved "American idol," I mean I truly did, and I loved watching the innocence of the American dream unfold. People were all over the country get in line, they're chasing a song, a dream. The show definitely has a deep-rooted connection to country music. ??? I walk the line ??? Reporter: And as we've seen for decades, when country music and television team up, it's a powerful duo. ??? I'm here to tell "You" got to lay off my man ??? Reporter: So many legendary country careers were launched on TV from dolly. This is the pretty little lady that's with us each week, miss dolly parton. ??? What else can we do ??? Reporter: To this adorable young aussie. That's a 16-year-old Keith urban. To Miranda lambert and Chris young on "Nashville star." Today, "Idol" is a bonafide starmaker for country talent. And it all started with Carrie Underwood. ??? On the stereo ??? Carrie is just, like, the queen of country music. Reporter: But before her reign, she was just another kid waiting in line, aching for that big break. ??? Oh here in the dark ??? Okay, that was very good. Yes. Carrie, you're through to the next round. Welcome to Hollywood, girl. I'd never been in an airport before. My dad, on the way to the airport, I was about to cry. And he said, "You know, if you wanna go home, we can go home and you don't ever have to think about this ever again." And I was like, oh, but I will think about it. So I have to. I will make a prediction. Not only will you win this, you will sell more oreos than any other previous "Idol" winner. Here we go. That never gets old. Standing on the stage, having a card that says, "The next American idol is" and the history that comes with that. The winner of "American idol" 2005 is Carrie Underwood! A lot of successful people have stood right there. Reporter: Carrie's "Idol" win inspired this teenager in a tiny North Carolina town who was working as a waitress, future country music sensation Kellie pickler. I went, "Maybe country girls can do this too!" ??? I'm always walking after midnight searching for you ??? Kellie, tonight is the end for you. Reporter: Kelp -- Kellie finished sixth. And proved you don't have to take the top spot to come out a winner on "Idol." ??? I've been sitting around waiting too long trying to figure you out ??? Reporter: Back in 2010, I visited her after her first album went gold and she had just purchased her new home. She confided in me how much life had changed. Do you pinch yourself sometimes? I do. I cannot believe that I've been blessed as much as I have. Reporter: And now eight years later, she's got even more blessings to count. Wooo! Did you see what happened? Reporter: She's in her second season of hosting a daytime talk show, "Pickler & Ben." Made my dreams become a reality. And I will forever be grateful to have been a part of the show. Reporter: A couple years after Kellie's star turn, a 16-year-old boy made a huge impression at his audition. I'll never forget Scotty Mccreery. And I can still close my eyes and see him -- ??? baby lock them doors and turn the lights down low ??? ??? put some music on that's soft and slow and baby we ain't got no place to go ??? It was so signature and so perfect. Scotty Mccreery! Reporter: After Scotty's "Idol" win, instead of heading out on the road 24/7, he headed back to his high school to finish his senior year. Somebody told me, they said, "Scotty, when you left, you were Scotty Mccreery. When you came back, you were Scotty Mccreery. You haven't changed. Hollywood hasn't got to you. Reporter: And now seven years later, he's gone from walking down the halls of his high school, to walking down the aisle. ??? So take my hand ??? ??? take it in this is the moment we won't forget ??? I'm pretty sure 2018 has been my favorite year. Between getting married, between having my first number one single, putting another album out. I'd like to think that I haven't changed too much as a person. Ah, I still have my same friends that I grew up with. Ah, my wife, I've known since kindergarten. My life has changed tremendously, but, you know, inside, I'm the same guy. Reporter: Scotty's runner-up that year, another country singer, Lauren Alaina. Today, you can find her at the top of the country charts, too. ??? The boots and kick off the gravel don't be afraid take a road less traveled on ??? ??? rock me like a southbound train ??? Reporter: As "Idol" keeps churning out country stars, it's only natural that one of the judges is one of the biggest names in country music, my old friend Luke Bryan. A true thing of beauty, I feel like I should have paid a cover charge. When I meet a talented person or when I see like somebody has a god-given ability to sing, like I become like -- I just melt. You just slayed it in my opinion, bud. He's blessed with a gift of being able to perform, but he feels grateful that a boy out of Georgia had a shot and made something out of it. And I think he sees that with other contestants too. Auditions start now! Reporter: Now take a good look at the faces of these people lining up to audition for the next season of "American idol." Chances are, some of them may be the next big names in country music. That's what I love about "Idol" is it could be your next-door neighbor that's the next "American idol." I was the grocery store bagger in high school, baseball

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{"duration":"6:42","description":"From Carrie Underwood to Scotty McCreery, the biggest names in 'Idol' history reflect on how the show left a big impact on their lives and the genre.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"59128287","title":"Country stars who got their big break on 'American Idol': Part 5","url":"/Entertainment/video/country-stars-big-break-american-idol-part-59128287"}