Craig David discusses his new album, 'The Time Is Now'

British R&B singer Craig David talks about his new single, upcoming album and earlier hits.
18:10 | 12/05/17

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Transcript for Craig David discusses his new album, 'The Time Is Now'
Hello everyone welcome to ABC radio I am Candace net and I'm sitting here with he won in only Craig David how are you Cray plans so well how he. I'm doing fantastic I have to see it's an honor to sitting here with the U. I tennis fan since your first album in to see the trajectory of your career it's just been fantastic and wonderful C so confusing must still much of us of Coors. Some just gonna dive right and I understand you had a new album coming out behind is now and you also have a new single. Called I know you so I first to jump into your new single guy and it just how that came about a notre collaboration with Bastille. Was another wonderful artists of just how that came a ballot in what led to the collaboration because I understand it's been a long time in and eking. Yeah I mean. I met down but still on a radiation in the UK and since I then. We don't we connected and he invited me to come form a festival he used forming that would expand. Not fullness uncle fake it from their problem and and he sang the song growth sixteen which has elements of filming in and in the record which he sits me. Offer equities on it but this is so laced always sing back in the day to like might go to song an affiliate. So Demi got the first my movie going mistreated together. Pacino stars aligned to his so when we the melody when it connected and we finished we posted it to each other like eighty feet in the same with our feeling about this. Another set about every song I write but this unsalted just feel that they resonate in missiles special place us at that for walking away. The seven days for Verizon for democracy. And this one is having that same feeling between us and saying it react the same way. But the sentiment of the song is about. Being with your friends it's like you in paradise is now what the environment is the only do we few close friends he can be anywhere we have the best time. Says such a moment of inclusion for everyone on the way out. A city react this is a beautiful moment assortment. That's amazing and I did listen to the single it's. Actually Nancy canine if you really good because I know he's had these scans and eclectic beats me and most of your songs and just to hear. Your artistic. You know just your inclinations would best deals it's a really nice mix of two artists still. Having said that I want also something to these DJ sets that you're doing the right shows and the TS five lie Soes how did that idea come out of what can fans expect when he go to these shows since he upon states. What do startled visit as a house party in Miami in my home maybe for five years ago and is like ten of my friends couple drinks before he went out to a club. And I always. I know is that people messing around with a playlist so absolute B one minute be legs and big he'd like big Popeye. And then I go to like Matt Koran or some kind of crazy cannot be like. From being a little bit tipsy wavy I I think sobered up real quick when eyes when I had that gone on so I reined back in blood DJ controller. Oh microphone. And I start to host this part in a starting to some of my songs I used to DJ. From before the fastow boards due to many is so I incorporate a decision and then if you fosse for tonight. 340 a's. We Stein in the UK and we would put a few no shows on which we bill and they were selling already Foss. Then we ended up being on the pyramid stated last entry which is like in front of 90000 people and on their very emotional thinking in. This was the ten people in my home for years ago a number 90000 people doing the same showed. So it's evolved into a holding lied element to me he numbering and hits the US it's incredible 'cause I'm seeing it react the same way. Well also the crowds and you care reacting increasingly it's the last you notice any differences all in terms of just people at a shelling out for its identical in terms of like we we started a few shows Haley get a terminal five men and we weep peel away slowly but surely. Up to the point when people start to recognize what is five plus undergo a tool coming up in in January weren't going to be. Back here and in the all commitment and appease San Francisco and Las Vegas and Chicago Miami. But to see it grow in the same way with people feel it's a house party. They could be front of how many thousand people and I think that's the beauty of it because I mix and choose. All freestyle over another song I'll do compromise choose from and a big enough of the booths as an experience that constitutes torture while singer cashing up your some of the year earlier tracks which are numerous tracks is back cracked or yes a look at some exit for global walking away with touch. If I was in my band I do in its entirety with abandon guitars. In a club environment that that's so below this slows so I could take that song maybe fifty over the Dr. Dre still Dre. Analysts son and now has turned into a club track and a still singing walking away so. It's it's been outset embellish chains on the fly. Through equal that's really don't know. And I also went to add congratulations because and it's and you just one Mobo yeah for those not watching. That's called music of black origin it's an awards show in the united came down. And you want is for vessel in RB artist for the sixth time in your career so congratulations for that he's on any. Having one these awards and having such a long career I mean how does it feel to still be in the dean still be able to pump out new music still be able to collect awards and still. Be able to answer teen fans after all these years. Unanimous Mazen things that I'm so grateful for every funnies in many. Since they won. And I look back at his motive moments when the stock would want to do it all the way up to present day with a new album. And the craziest thing is I've seen like a whole new generation had only just discovered me. Probably from the last my release but a lot of people would just hated the grinding some ways the best deal I know you and that will be the first only Hashemi. And they're telling their friends and be back at least you guys coo Craig daisy. He's got his new song quote I know you and they've gone back to tell that older brother sister or the moment that who it and saying what. I don't know if Horry has seven days in Vienna. And the but if having among the ways relevant for both proposed generations. But they're discovering himself and I think that meet Kobe in the most exciting thing for his. I have to lean into the unknown to become relevant to he a younger generation to his. He just tell them on so many as a requisite of handlers and number one's doesn't mean anything until you actually step into the lane of working with the opera come increases. So dependent feature not or my album gold Lincoln Allan may and Lee's upcoming us that people not. Though all look and the discovery of me says this current. Yes and I think hearing a lot about teacher not only leaves this kind of blowing up what was it like. Working McEachern honesty I don't if you guys were and where how yanking out he says like. So many the Soviets in me and he gets on a wave and he is gonna send you lose a tracks but then golden inquisitive in the UK with seventy huge success in the US at the moment. And he jumps on the track and in the souls who live in the moment and it kind of very much is how lamb and in my way I'd love to be very present and join. The music contingent on. Police look for Rell like on the come up is that he isn't fully blown yet if you know about hatred on his like. Wow you in the next eighteen months who can really get to know more about him. Absolutely absolutely and speaking of living in the moment and being president your next album its call time is now it's coming out next year I'm. Why time is now why that title. So that the time is now was wasn't so much about like this this is my time that's gonna come full sun goes more about. We tend to always be rushing into the feature about things as always like. When I get this self be cool when when I get that I'll be complete and then when you get that thing. It tends to kind of fall into not maybe not insignificant space maybe not what it was it meant to be when you if you get that thing. And I realize that you can easily be like. The define yourself from the cost which is telling everyone a story about what east today. When signing into what you're about to go rather than actually being here with your friends and you'll and you found Nina and people closest he enjoyed. And that's why this time around unlike us clinical stage to perform and sing and be a time stamp and people's lightening. People got married to muscles that they've met on holiday they went to the they would in the universe teal college and how of that from a new generation who have there's a kid it goes to school only one of my songs we like. This the first time hammy that's what music companies about now from morn top positions and Mina. Yes yes I mean going off to that end and this was in a release that I stated and I wanted to bring up this quote because I thought it was so profound. You said it the last few years have taught me anything it's that life can change in a moment and you've got to meet most of this or of it Ratner sorry I'm just wondering. Why does that quote release step outs me. What led to that equal in what you were thinking about at that time I don't know if her lead it's your hiatus because you're older fans definitely news you know we were. Bumping your first sees us area. Three years and then it just seemed lake you know you disappeared from little bean and went off to do your own thing in the kind of just live life so just wanted to know more about equal. When it means he went about your hiatus is Welling and coming back into the freight rate now. This course. Fizzle about authenticity unity is like I was on I was evolving as an artist and as much as for me I've always been recording and releasing albums and writing music. Some of them haven't been on the radar as much as some of the earliest stuff. Which is fine this is which goes back to like if the last song you heard from me was maybe seven days and that's far and we can jump. Full breath I know you and I'm cool with that we can literally take off from west seven days left and go at nine A we had a period of time is a moment of evolving and it gave me a chance to recognize what is it I really want. Like in them in the even to go through moving to Miami in having the Hundley who was wanted in the car that you always wanted for the new a relational what I really want. It to because some friends and family and make music that plausibly impacts people's lives. And that's my Pappas and write and I get it now. That's why every day I walked in and he we eat today and I'm sort of so grateful for these moments is not a mom here in new promotion and real people have that that kind of hassle and contour and another shut. A I can put hopefully inspire someone would want to must also want some analysts say today and that's whistle about absolutely. And for those watching Casey hasn't realized the tightest moment that Craig is not from United States he's from DUK and and I'd I'd. I'm very fast needed by the music industry in the United Kingdom especially R&B and hip hop. I don't know how it is right now in its when he seventeenth so I'm just wondering what your thoughts about the speed of that's onward to astronomers are in the United Kingdom and vs what's happening in America and if it's. You could. Possibly compare to two just from your artistic perspective. Vehicles. I'd save it. If you look at Cha a lot of the the songs blowing up in in the US are very much the same in the UK pot farm. They'll be a style like grime that's in the UK. But really if you listen to is gonna sound as close to trap music that you have of the he's sitting you'll see. The likes of Drake who perform with a not a school gigs over in the UK. On a track record. And that collaborates you know mourners seeing Kanye kind of jump in on our reckless and and I think the me. That's the UK scene is now have and his mother in the way. I feel that aren't be an armed vehicle in late 9060000 yes he's so right for that now and that social media in the way that people connects. Discover music is you can find out what's going on in any country now it's not so isolated. But the R&B is ready. Like genuinely liked it does feel like pieces they Shelby to meet with his. Known as the production means 2018. You can delve links with the music that was so good in those days when you grew up listening to RB. You know weaving TLC loans you can coming out with new albums and it's it's really beautiful to see. I don't answer any artist on from this country specifically that you haven't ever worked with that you would love to collaborate with either in the studio we're going on swore. The so many well I mean. To get us having grown up listening to be on say we dissing his child and an. That could be unsafe that would be the Foss melodies see her own bills real bills will sign my name in this kind of Ramones took his. Like now we know he beyoncé the vote he she's just so in our own wild and an element when she goes about it's an incredible. But that fox kind of throws at you haggle your best they sought I would love to be something like that would. These economists have been like incredible success to me that streaks of this world to take calls the Kendrick Lamar zoning. Does a good time for a the musical field and I think it is so embellish now that's like being back here in the states it feels like you know law. I understand the music now and I I come with a wealth of knowledge but recognize it's just about being relevant you've got to leave and you know nine. Absolutely and I understand you know you're going to be touring scene and so new fans and all fans will come together and see riot. And on possibly you know for some of them for the first time ever so what can fans expect from your upcoming tour. While going to be finished his five council and NAFTA means is being give me a whole new lease of life but like a set ice that. DJ and those in my mind vinyl my tennis top tens back in the day before boards do it. What is salami to duties is to give a performance that I can interject between some cheese I love listening to all love listening to now. And if the crowd as they leans a bit more hip pop pockets and millimeter free scholars honor. Beaudet yellow Cuddy beef for a minute and just and people we are all okay but could fit onto a more carriage climb by the fuzz in the UK and that for me is was given me this whole new and issue an almost state and that also seventeen years. Catalog of songs means I can fit the new ways are amazing solo home coming back out here and I've seen TS five connect you know is the most beautiful thing with me music as well. And you speak of L I mean that's honest and accidentally would you ever collaborate with Carty he's accomplished. None I mean yes thoughts but you know I like about how does that. She she's very aware of C Winona is the ground and on a social media the way that she's. Recognizing the issue she's now the voice of alone would be younger generation of the things that she says and trying to uplift people through what she's doing so it's not just. American owned recklessness and I think that's was beautiful Baja and more enlightened people like that with such big voices. What the world needs right now to no means so yes I'm really happy that axle and grace it's absolutely and what it can't expect from their upcoming album like are there any standout tracks any featured artists are you know any tracks that you just like you have to listen to this you know when you get the album. Yeah I mean I don't some bias by this billion to go to the album and in its entirety and time is now Armey comes on January 26 and some pre order now. The songs on there for me it's an arm the Taubman is Han. It reminds me of when I'm may point to the fast time or the first so much time and on this until Russia's confessions of those who next hour I'll look. Yeah and for me is but it's almost like live in the moment with which produced attention on don't go to link. Is it an honest with JP too prone but considers an amaze you from means is the next wave of R&B artist that's gonna blow up. AJ Traci he's a wrap of from the UK youth against a lot of attention and here and in the in the State's well. So it's it's R&B feel good with such positive foundation I want people it's time this Mona feel like you know. Whatever troubles than on the life Levitt Evan negativity may become an and this is the album to come and go to dispute like. I'm good for the minutes 5560 minutes from an annually go get them. Love it and also I mean we're just gonna end Don because anyone watching this now that note of UN has apology from the beginning. I'm sure they're gonna wanna know about the first album and what it was like to make that first album because to this State's when he seventeen people still talk about it he still talk about filmy ending. Still talk about walking away I mean he still look at music videos and it just brings a sense of of no stalls it's people don't know. Relief powerful and potent way side or do any fans come out he winner display automatically fill me in that was my favorite son hug you know back and it daylight what do you think about that. It's the most the cum so grateful flattered by that because it's like. People who heard film in a seven days a walking away and they said that that was this song that was a song that they lacked college. They knew it they were guns they universe Tito and the school claim they won't holiday they. Music for me is a time stamp in people's lives. And who knows that seventeen years ago that album connected with so many people and as a cent million albums solo record is crazy when I think about how many there. Boss for two around now with that in hindsight it makes me wanna get up an hour early. To think you know what I can create music that Krista time stamping your life that you go away and in ten years time he said I had some for the first time when I was doing base. Mud is this is pegged it just gets me so gassed them so hyped for his son. Everyone is human me from day one I'm so grateful we and it's amazing in this Chinese allow me to be here today. Feeling a lack of 1617 years old again and full of enthusiasm so. Love sweet son if you have any parting on statements were fans can frank Russell some media and to grant FaceBook Twitter all of that in any. Last word sequencing about your album yeah of course. You can find me on my way is to Imus that Craig David's much which is a -- dated my Facebook's Cray David. Is simple crate and her you can then you'll you'll find me. But as far as the album goes it's like a citizen RB record and it's something that I had these meet all the fields and my fast them and the thing that's anything to go by. Usually a nice fastow missed the one that they just. They went thinking they want to there was no statistics it was just feel and I think that this album from me Hassell of those elements again onto seaside community here right now and just enjoy a time out loud let me be of the gun buys was because often. A sense of the sun for us and these because steel co four home to close this out he's turn on top out tonight. Us and will thank you so much we can't wait to hear and think you guys for watching and remember to pick up Craig gave his new album coming out in January. Think he once again and this is ABC radio think he.

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