CRS Day 1: Walker Hayes

Walker Hayes talks about how his Costco days, breakup and makeup with Nashville.
1:46 | 02/05/18

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Transcript for CRS Day 1: Walker Hayes
You know my last full Tom job outside of music was counts still own stock from produce. Of the head of the cooler. Yes I mean it was rough there was there was like four to 1030. You know in the morning and in the and I would go and write for a publishing company always thought that was best case scenario you know maybe a big artists. Those may have bone cuts one it's a single maybe acting afforded to. To do music for a while and so yet fact that on the artists now. It's a miracle. It's it's it's crazy that I have so much artistic freedom its space in my journal. You know puts a music and Iran's ally. So yeah I mean Tosca was the last job hopefully. Hopefully that's last hour about need a law ever have to give it outside the house out of the Ambien and singer it's been. It's been right over two years. Since my last days yeah Shane Mack can now only sound to me he made it so wacky quick counts goats on the last day it was a mid January. And then we began you know right furthest project and that's actually one we we wrote. You broke up me as soon as the whole town found out. That same Mac in it was making her record on me tons of people you wanted to reconnect that headcount vanished. On one l.s work and accounts which understand. Bound boat when they came back. You know broke me in and I was is this a lighthearted. Idea and that's where that sound came from. If at all in Itamar be really sad but I can say. You know we we hit that topped them or against pretty pretty outstanding.

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{"duration":"1:46","description":"Walker Hayes talks about how his Costco days, breakup and makeup with Nashville.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"52853233","title":"CRS Day 1: Walker Hayes ","url":"/Entertainment/video/crs-day-walker-hayes-52853233"}