Damian Lewis Talks 'Our Kind of Traitor'

Lewis appears on 'Popcorn With Peter Travers' and says he plays American characters so often he forgets to speak in a British accent.
17:39 | 07/08/16

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Transcript for Damian Lewis Talks 'Our Kind of Traitor'
This is who he gave him. No human and not only did that I refused. To my did you bring it I thought it was the right thing to do. Said that his children to kill the content you believed to. He seemed scared. He told he was a member of the Russian mafia. Do you still agree to help and hammonds hit the contents of the memory stick. Now I thought I could just hand it over and done with it so what did you know. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what's happening at the movies and there's a movie now called are kind of trade. My guest today Damione Lewis who stars in this movie is usually here when he's on ATV show laying a notably American. But this time. He's a genuine Brett. And it is one of those kind of spy thrillers where he's playing in the guide me that he and then begin to understand. And then still hey. And then maybe say no there's something more happening is that a good description but they're all pretty good belt wasn't. I know you're gonna do it anyway well got to get welcome here. Thank you thanks you're British that still read their hair I've read this if it's true it's olds for our breaking news yeah. So how did this come along. How did our country there hit you. I'm gonna do him. Idea if I just it came. Gasquet came in the door cannon cameraman of the phone I was ousted awesome meaning. Have done adaptation. Who is Moscow went out on nominee I think for wings of the dove than other. Other films and raise a fantastic screenwriter. 90 ice sport. How to act it was a wonderful pot Hector is the MI six. Agents. And he is those things you say I also think he's only carries voice. Within the peace I think there is always a maverick iconoclast. Someone who doesn't necessarily fit plows alone thorough. And I think that's often like carrying. Upset. Heat well he is. Hector himself is a man who worked in the city and left the city. The world of hype by I think. Impatient with its corruption its implicit corruption. And and the way in which the free market is uninterested in generating money. And I think he felt there was more to life anyway for whatever reason he ends up at MI six. And he finds himself. Really the same posts of that two. A voice against authority. And something of a maverick. It he's tossed there is a run in with a politician. Duke has. Done something. Unspeakable. To him and his family which is directly affected his son and he holds this grudge. When you it and then these characters. From a holiday and -- cash for their time together that marriage. Hands you woods Carrick to this academic this rather sort of if it didn't academic ease. The friend did. And seduced relieved by this larger than life tacked rushing character guys that it's God's got so good he has defense secretly these lovely wonderful satellite could Warman. And and lovable and he thrust this memories the continuance and witnesses take this to Europe by six there's a a kind of job air quality to him in his obsession we beginning this one guy he's screwed him all of where he's not really playing by the rule book you know. Well that's right there are three things there are three things going on for the moment the memory stick is given to me. We. It has a list of names on the needs to be investigated so there is an opportunity. To bring down costs of the Russian mafia. Who seem to be facilitating Russian money in London. Help. This Russian mats the island's family get out alive. Witnesses the emotional heart of the story which UN and their mis carriages. Almost invested. They want to rescue his kids because he knows he's going to be killed. By the Russian mafia. The third story he sees an opportunity get back this corrupt politician. Who he has wanted to exact revenge on the many many years and it seems as though really he zoning in the tape the mission so he could exact his personal revenge. And as you quite rightly point out. Over the course of the film becomes. He's finally moved. By the plight of this family and the children buys himself tangled. In affairs of the hogs. When you're talking about your character coming from the fine it's like yeah I have to bring up billions in costs. I'm obsessed with us army people it grew and Paul Giamatti when he was here. Told me huge statement professionally for his care yes and that's what every you were doing what is just decoration yet. I. That's that's just the idiots in. He's right anyway yes anyway but here you Wal-Mart you know Bobby acts acts of yes. The American. You can switch. And become active and I do this part of the in the view in American. I could have you ever dreamed in American. Now but I do go to the I go the grocery store in a Saturday morning. And I have no real reason to be talking American act that night I go get my groceries and an America. And I get halfway through pain I'm thinking. It's so sorry. I had no idea why he soaking in America back to you. It'll week. I just woke up in one because this out its second check it out it's a witty with today's. You really has cemented your reputation here in America. These American do. I look. I know it's a curiosity. I in my mind I'm. And is interested in me as you are not really. Fascinating back well. Let's let's go overboard about in. Well I you know American side orient. At sea we are. The band of Brothers is just one of those things for whatever reason I seem to implode the what they needed for that guy who happened to be major Dick winters who is an all American war hero. Brilliant an extraordinary man. A few words but a brilliant brilliant soldier and I'm one that role from hundreds and hundreds and hundreds around the place on those big things. Because Kubrick is such that the American. Legend filmmaker and now what does that first meeting night when you met him when you were. I was threatening it's met com. The day before. Hanks and he had played all the pot so we've done or you seem like yeah. Any civilian on this idea of this enormous fear because he's in the middle of filming costs the way. And he was it was it was great to me and Ron Livingston myself sat did a couple of scenes and and and I went out that night thinking my god this is amazing. They flown in the late. Hollywood in Iran stay senators on the beach with a view of the ocean and this is five star treatment is Belize and Monica pier I had of the Royal Shakespeare Co. wearing tights via beautiful. And that is a long way I thought it isn't the main item in and I get a Kool Aid in the morning. Just things that Stephen would like to see what 9 and I am Waco like this in my time hanging out. And I have you know I'm so sweats he was alcohol at two showers and many many cups of coffee and I. Tell but it and Stephen is that what is video cameras and video can. Like this and he just and he just does the whole thing goes hi David great to meet you in ages we chat and he just that he has the whole thing just. Hold it like this is here talking to me we talk about football soccer for you guys he asked to go off to what she sobbed placed sock Tom. Informs me that stevens' son is very good at Salk so we have a conversation about that. And then Stephens says. You know. Homeland is we did talk about half that which had done on Broadway with ready for Eaton. Tom said. Come so I saw that show. I said did you like these have news he said where you had batch. I said yes I was I was late niceties that lately it is it. You early thirties said. And said Ed retrospect to a battery. That that was a very glad of of getting at Dave. Perrier Zelaya out of his situation where you into show that's yeah items that are hits guys that yet thanks you're the guys that get them off for an ally and I got a bit. People just see straight through you. Oh this is what makes years billions Kos pulled an equally angry that he LP protect kind of taking over. He I am I bitter I have some sympathy with him really I have subsequently. I would say is. Com. Because I'll address that seriously because it. I think it is with addressing leaders Hollywood has always been. The global. Cents a all of the English speaking film industry. Yes it's America's. Home. The film. But it's you know since it started in the twenty's since chaplain. Who was a Brit and and carry ground and others and and then they Graham Greene's in the PG would houses in the old college in this that is okay. Wrote film film scripts you know they. It has always been an international cents a it wasn't always iPad and Americans he. And it has the calm that because TV as I said and I asked him fifteen news. Has changed and aids mobile has changed the way and we TV is made. Has changed and by that I mean when they came to make band of Brothers. In the UK. They snapped up the tax incentives meant they were beholden. To those incentives they had to use and how to produce critics said Robert its cost. So they were forced to do that. And ordered to make the money well. That's. They then put it together like you putting together a movie you go shoot on location somewhere across the world used local talent. And and in that process. I got lucky I was one of the guys costs. In that role and subsequently. As TV has become more more ambitious. As filmed people have come into it film director's film righteous film actors of all coming his way. They started putting it they started putting get a TV shows like movies so they continue to go abroad find tax breaks and they don't she. On the back anymore it's not ships going up about the for a fly on to motorcycles. You know it's not the dukes has it driving car through you know very good American reference like Morocco I grew up what I love them. Allot them that's what I that's what I what I watched fellow so I think that that's what's happened yes 88. The net widens. The ambition grew and they started bringing in. Active talent proved just from all. Paul Giamatti this is for you. He will release. I don't know if he's buying any do that at all because after Dick where you can come through they have Brit you. Starting a second season and Jillian is now just arrived here to do this week you know it was sick of them. To play ability axle rod who is a wonderful. Again he's an American he's and again he's a blue collar Americans. Who grew up in Yonkers. Born. And I can Julia percent. While allowed to go full Yonkers and I are Arabic actress and call it when you found it out yet United States. Do you have that Sandra may yet it's damaging act that's to do and it goes yet yes but your character that is a little too. Well he's not pots in. Or you come from. An educated. British annaly via apple ward isn't ladies of the round you know this is one thing he really. You want to the purple. Just what is not what we stay in the race but we bought the couple are development. It means you have been born with royal blood it's ball really. I could tell you right now I happen that I would have greatly I had. Weren't there all kinds of ward mayors and things in your kind yeah but those. Those of you know dad doesn't trades men. I would trade positions. That Gilles Gilles did them the medieval guilds you know were was set up like. They were thirteenth century unions. Essentially. So the buses the division and as they Goldsmith. The Draper is however dashes them action Taylor's. All these guilds which now still exist. The the what rule them out coming trade within them within this square mile of London because. Essentially have a little pot saying you know your goods you'll. You produce use of high enough quality to to trade so. That's your background. So that that of light that you still might who are excited at EU and this is had an education I yet actually want it what you used as a strictly. As a became a broader and very early did you say. To your parents aren't going to stroll. I'm applying what I was I was a terrible day dreamers schools when I had a pretty good not coming down lending by. As state he's going to sound that the university I was looking out the window and dreaming about things. So. And it was then really I had a little. Put on a play had a small theater production company I say that rather grandly basically got together with six guys and we put a playoff. And we loved it and it was then that I just I thought well I'm gonna wanna wanna be a professional actor I would like to do this advised. And I went to theater schools and to drop schools to what. Would be equipment and fuel. Of Julio here you know one of the conservatory type places that three years who was exciting is that was doing the job of acting. When you were growing up it too good to look at and say I wanna be like that purse. Well we used to. We used to go to the theater lot I would have to say probably my favorite act. Who's GAAP bomb. What is Michael gamble and I still remembers that he Cobb view from the bridge it is stunning. Frothing just so proud that I like performance. He always excited me. We would always go because the guild what I visit from a school was is attached to the Republicans and the public at that point most expect companies. Life was its London. So would come into the bubble could use the main theater in the studio theater. Who was going next or does he Simon Russell Beale Rafe fines. Whose. Like what was subsequently a couple of times. And they wish they would just ahead of us. Doing the stuff we would look up to them you know one. Company. Wearing tights to. Poetry. At least I got to interview him read it to and you just he and I. Tights and thigh length boots and a code case that's Roscoe are we end always in song as you know yes. Yard done. What is that song. Menacing US compile. I financed and I it and could sing like Hughes. It's seeing Moxley. A two. As you broad news. To me. Use. All. This thank you thank you so. You can have popcorn and you think it. I'd love. The musical has to be next maybe you know nick.

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{"duration":"17:39","description":"Lewis appears on 'Popcorn With Peter Travers' and says he plays American characters so often he forgets to speak in a British accent. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"40436365","title":"Damian Lewis Talks 'Our Kind of Traitor'","url":"/Entertainment/video/damian-lewis-talks-kind-traitor-40436365"}