David Tennant, Danny Pudi and Ben Schwartz hug it out before Disney's 'DuckTales' reboot debut

The voice actors behind Scrooge McDuck, Huey and Dewey goof off with ABC News' Amna Nawaz.
22:44 | 08/08/17

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Transcript for David Tennant, Danny Pudi and Ben Schwartz hug it out before Disney's 'DuckTales' reboot debut
I'm on in the lie in New York we have a tree for you this morning cocktails. Is back all the animated comedy theory has been reboot it. On the cats all new adventures all the characters all take a trip. With some of the new voices of those characters. Right here with me got David it. Please Scrooge nicked up. Hi Brian short and with the Dewey. You think he's over to being in any way you play. You lead Hubert agreements and a rat bait you for being here. Uproot. Them or get on got it in business the way if your mind every when the Disney is the parent company at ABC. You have to sit. Every woman is. And find out who. Implement routes. Like I guess if you wanna so go to it again. And and is is way. And it for now. And there was inquiry. On I can't wait wait for. The image but by may thirty years old now with palpable when it out there. By apple that he realized I hope that is the rule drive on him that. I. Be the story abduct through the actors went in and we've put oddly. Scrooge make dot misses him he had based amount of criticism. He is the richest duck in the world. And T is the and who the yeast. Well he lives in you think doc eight. He has gone we believe you I need to be. Any he's a grumpy old. Thing so and so. Wouldn't when our story begins. His nephews come to. If Harrison is great yeah yeah and he says that they. I played you mean I think you read our apologies do we on the right I'm on the middle child were triplets but Huey is bored person I was born in the movie and yet won his second that and three seconds back respect. Actually. Yes yes that's right strip it has. And a character that I always have ready in the first one to go out the door for adventure classic Middletown rowand be seen by everybody. And yeah I am getting breaking news and yet when I am getting breaking news right now. His appointment my feet I am well response about Ralph's. Those. I think news. That's a what. Yeah it's. I think he's them. Oh and I admitted. I think should remind you I thank statement at the very beginning and you that the two. We have our control room some of the most concerning levels of comedy talent ever assembled in one place it didn't do any edge to make them laugh and it would make it you can manage to make the last. You'll get the wounds. I was kind of yeah. I think his statement Schwartz doesn't stretches my future. On the bottom hospital and lets me. I dated briefly I'd like stretch a lot. Rightfully Hubert Dunn field is by 12 overdue. I'm the most responsible winds and very logical facts and law maps I loved being a triplets. And eyewear rat. That's a part in us and personalities have not that the colors we don't the way that we act. So different and with respect to watch the series Oreo Oreo logos are. Guys this is important breaking what we've been open for you from subway. Tell them. Insists it out that later. Must convince them it can't start until I don't know I don't know I don't know. I will tell I'll tell I'll I'll I'll promises cousins just came and and yet be out of business at this point with an elephant act and be so it's a great joke so magnificent so at least it's a sell off in. Head under an insulin really confirmed none of this isn't well this seem. Very very I'm are in their Cadillac. That crime and others missed they then. Very high bar. You listen I was saying for folks have been asking original what's. Different direction haven't won a catch up with the read what's different story lines that any interest payment in the characters and the bald I'm wondering. Sure I think. Things that we've kept true and we're no different is that the idea that it's about family and the huge adventures yet I think the difference is like it must animations out and mixes the comic blend of Khobar Sweden though old TV show and it's just. The difference isn't I think would bring a little bit a comedy to it because these two people are very funny. And a lot of the people on the cast at least we doubled and absolutely. All but let's I think it's it's that but I think in Estes is so that they only for any show that people our age. Some kind of it. People like Graham I hear that right so it's like 88 kind of works for every generation hoping that. That our kids are cherishing it one Lawton. How quickly different. And it's true it looks a delegate edge Ed and I don't okay guys have been in there are. To the clip of David Sharon this morning. I'm. Today. Let it evolve I'll read you your take all of and we degenerate again. Different elliptical. I. Yahoo!. And. I'm backed Biden Chuck Todd had a bold your desk other and route trips I got snags a playlist the traditional sea shanties acting fairly road. I appreciate the enthusiasm. For the genotype. But according to travel itinerary. And venture isn't about planning it's about doing shop and what could be charged under the bus and no electronic. Hybrid and zero what are doesn't compare this kind of yeah. Those things are real flings think she should first expedition and should just stand back and watch an old girl become a safe distance. So what is this summer in a quick wit that. She builds. I. We don't get along at all. We you able to be in the same room to record things like most of it happened completely separate. Complete I was in London the whole time we thought guided me anyway. IBT I I did see some very bleary eyed faces on sky a couple of good news. Morning the and that we do hold all done like that you guys worked together. The act of violence and allies in is really fun but that you get in Euro boot because that travel day. And then Buchanan is do you think the good thing is when David regain your records they can put their their recordings in our ears and so were responding to exactly that perform. Is it that you've seen the clips before I would like to see. All the voices come together in its could be yet you don't really know what's coming he is he recorded before the pictures of ever started being drawn into. So it's great to see you by I haven't seen hips again absent for took it in bits. Yost excites you hello my goodness I can't preventative that there breaking news let's not. All my goodness. A snowman isn't happy with his suit. That's what I heard a snowman isn't happy with his soup. And out there. Breaking about it please hear about what will bring you in it yet mean more. He cut across all Brady act that means the critics' choice award does one prepare. It that here at the. Twelve of them are. I believe that the. What I and one is television wealth but when an actual global. That's guilty inordinately. Through. But and I dividend. And I mean you yeah dates back. If voice and Star Wars. Oh was it. She. Lulu. That he celebratory I'm not and I family loved me. If you know an idea to noon then twice as that is rooted ethnic. Oh so what was the question. Last but not with a stove and general revenues. Yet they yeah. Air the planes Heidi and eat it you get writing project yet question they got an earth. There proposed. Each of us likes to kind of on an individual journey in an inventory that characters. Thank you think it. We look at ducks spirit ducks went into the dock mind I try to communicate with X ray went went. Well. That I run. And I go home and it take all that energy with me. You limit annaly leaves the house for awhile wouldn't and then return them rated it up 10 did you. Mixed with ducks until yes India yet. Asking if heated I did well Holden what's. Hate hate it you know. If we had. Quote but any relationship again a relationship like any relationships it was a very close and. On which new. Leno isn't what Hitler did learn and grow from unmanned or rose snout ring Horace. It's easy to watch the previous show and but took off my pants data recorder because real witness. So much about my hands and walk in the city for a little bit I think. Think about how can that be the best person that I can be. I get in according to Newton. I'd wait three hours. Look into the microphone I'd slap it said don't need this and that I set talk. It until you try to resolving the whole. You can't an. Improvement and is that rates are holds up we all happy by the way. Let cartoon character maybe you guys can tell me if you agree that you have to be like we're playing kids so we get to be like energetic and excited and it doesn't mean you can Scrooge is. Now yet there's a lot of shouting and jumping right I it's very select yes there in the book you're due yes what is a small Rutan. And you do it won't maybe three of reps at that time on the of the Japanese levels are quite high. Particularly its serious venture into. And the world games. Regularly cited close to the end of civilization in most instances. The law chanting and screaming and jumping rhymes in yak it yet all of this business as the. First I did it ever took a picture. The press I'm David David. I didn't like why did you know that it would and I knew why did this past the camera world wide. The camera was headed because of the London it and see that we deeply that you guys of this parade. The screen behind you Google my name was a food to coping seventy tons wall. You can go back and. We have to stick backdrop to recommend content that under the Capitol Hill directed. It's really. That and it at a breakfast. It's their rented Villa. And you continue playing it ain't it. Right yeah and you keeping in mind as you're playing these characters something one. Absolutely my kids always asking me everything that is on TV if it's appropriate as I is that appropriate that a particular I would I think in five girls were amazing didn't you know. And is excuse for me to watch the show so it's I'm very excited they want to comic con men they at to meet these guys it was some. They love the clip so I'm super pumped for them to seize. And wineries yeah I think some of the that he'd be financed on what I do you know advocates of property gauge that fuels their previous work. Necessarily all of that but. Or Abreu and think it. Is jeopardy right the very existence of its stake in a lot of it as. The Japanese of ABC incidence of initial yeah he probably plummeted Ravitz what I think a lot of the story. Well they what happens is that when the when they'd been nephews come to stay the real weakened Scrooge is sent to ventures in the USD. Cabot Indiana Jones take out any. They arrive and get going again so the accident. They had a front while the written you know there. Ancient artifacts and as a warm lose their time and space is about I think they'd. It's good point that make it. Well. I'm. But look at the age. Premiere episode and slicked up you know yes the August August ILL yeah. On the or any. I taught me Arnold tell you can't certain of the statements. It's. Our on the or August 12 normally don't even have to say on W cannot. Eat a lot that he threw that when it's. Through it through it. A television. Which is so like that when a littlest. That fool you make that like these settings the beach. On because it and that's a lot of the tax. It doesn't know that could do it yurigan know there that it is. A court in the that. At the dot cocaine. They're not. You know this is swimming at all about in the water so often hold you and me. An incredible. Needs gas where it now adversely. You'll hear here. One in the plethora T Lewis and from behind Klein's secret grand street there is. He will be absolutely sure utilities and. It's of me right he had a great person run secret the bird yeah in hitting on every other shows that I'd like to see him on. It is. I don't use no I. That it minority. Hires. But they didn't like cattle breaking news Ryan is suing David. I know I came running Eagles haven't how old saying I have this. Text. Below the snow that is about the suit. In Virginia now. So what is happening today that adds if you pass this cycle. The site. And eat you ever picked up whatever what would it me. Request if you've been met with questions now and hasty use. Them as of literally it accurate and you. Not a proper and as a bird so later on at a very specific meaning it wasn't just the sort of capsule that would that would be screwed me ducking or what yeah Puget Sound. It would be a night. Along an we actually serious about its commitment to hop. Museum in London that would be rhyming line and that would be backed yes that's not not it's at least ten years. Obviously in the UK always considered bad yeah well no that was just what that would. Letters that it's and we're not going to happen this is the yanks the record date August well on hand and a friend. Equipment that would that would be all out all your key in all outspending all the money that person that race but that I was right. Taking all the attic wallet spreading out. And whirling around one yeah Holland who. London and Italy and giving it away because no news groups he did not know more now he who has been on me now. And okay yeah that's kids. Right what would you tapes alone was dated Rudy Rudy says. I think that they were being witty and charming why. And why breaking news you're wrong that I haven't heard. Those. And I didn't. Have. Well. Not about and it's and these that at. And oh yeah and Evans. Had eyes seem to know each other really well I'd -- minutes or less returned to you think something about that agreement had yet again and again to wanna get in on the month. It's applause. Human beings. You vary. Yet again. Your fairy and I'm not afraid. You vary with and willing to play you openness and your willingness to play is is wonderful so. In Sicily. And thinks that. The way. Lee who live tonight. The way you Wear clothes. Things like you know and when. And the manner in which you speak to other human being. McDonough before. I think David is very time. Incredibly talented. Not and that. It's your first. If you that's the first one if his first when he's roughly. It's like he's done it before its NC but very. And no ego by the way every want to do you know we go to wonderful. Something to dial activist both yet. It's tricky higher business yeah I just like to thank you for welcoming and they you know because it was difficult Iraqi move. You from the from the country kept us. It didn't that we do have. These lights in the we have everything yet and that we use plan through this. Can get a holiday yeah yeah is currently an article in all about who didn't and with the wheels yeah yet. I just want to thank you for helping me and explain things to be too kind and generous. There's this is so let's get back at me you man arrested mr. Last that hasn't outlined last month you know that she recorded the theme song. He has cast a person do you still. No. We left them help we could just. And we continue to get here not a you think here. And always it's very high it's Saturday on every down yeah we did not mine and oh yeah any New Year's. As heroes and he. Today here. That are raised. I mean it's. It is the or your ideas to me to. What. Do bad. Yeah. They have. And I. Yeah. OK yeah. Yeah. It was all with our. Yeah. Good OK but it has been in agreement and I live. I'm. Rarely. But the bottom bottom bottom bottom and. And then in the. Okay. There. That's fluids that Cuba be in output. England don't all of. Poetic to let if you believe for the whole animal. I'll recently. You are poses. And whenever opposing lines of any where's the four way that it. Month to do yeah I that's where it. Also. You know they ducked and I'll say August 12. A little early in the act. The new Rita and ducked out. And August and it but he puts it to you heard of us yeah its so desperate now I get the fact that there but that you hate pocket and sports and they think the thank goodness. Watching it well. The re good at that tales from August up on Disney fuel 24 hours on our. Watch it and I think that continent about the packet and now.

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