This day in history: Jan. 8, 2004

Queen Elizabeth christens world's largest passenger ship "Queen Mary II."
2:00 | 01/07/19

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Transcript for This day in history: Jan. 8, 2004
Finally this evening going in style in the British port of Southampton today Queen Elizabeth. Christened the world's largest passenger ship the queen Mary two. And ABC's Mike Lee was there. Queen Elizabeth the Second today met queen Mary the second. May god bless. And ordered Hussein. Officially naming the ocean liner after the crash. As the queen saw today the 800 million dollar QM two is more like a floating city generating enough power to light a city of 300000. People. The ship can carry 2600 passengers and a crew of thirteen hundred. The Q and whose owners are gambling that luxury travel will be in demand. Some passengers on the fourteen day maiden voyage are paying 2900 dollars to cross the Atlantic in a room without a window. Others are paying 37000. Dollars for a fancy suite per person. There's a ballroom planetarium fourteen restaurants of 1000 seat theater and 24 massage parlors. Because of the size of and I want to recreate the drama on the aura of the ships were mounting such as. This is the largest longest tallest and widest passenger ship ever built almost as long as the Empire State Building is high. More than twice the length of the Seattle Space Needle and longer than four football feels a quarter of a mile from bowel to stern. Ships are getting bigger for two reasons number one is economic but more passengers per ship. The more revenue per sailing and marketing side surveys have shown that people want more things to do on board experts on terrorism say a ship this size is a potential target. Some people see it as a safe options yes. They scare us. And the bigger the best at this that they get the safer so how big can make it according naval architects we're nowhere near the maximum size. Mike Lee ABC news Southampton England.

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{"duration":"2:00","description":"Queen Elizabeth christens world's largest passenger ship \"Queen Mary II.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"60216288","title":"This day in history: Jan. 8, 2004","url":"/Entertainment/video/day-history-jan-2004-60216288"}